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Found 12 results

  1. I just get a message saying nothing interesting happens.
  2. non-upgraded primals don't have differing stats Forlorn LS Reg LS Forlorn Rapier Reg Rapier
  3. cant add t2 primal 2h to taeshalach
  4. once you make regular slayer helm you can no longer detach the black mask from the helmet and get it back. no way to reverse it
  5. I can't add spellcaster to the gloves Cant add t2 eternals to the boots Can't add virtus to top, i dont have helm or robe bottom but imma assume its the same
  6. i'm having an issue detaching t2 recurve from windrunner bow making forums post so its documented besides discord https://gyazo.com/876cf05e5d982ff788bcc0f502b60d2c
  7. phrd

    Slayer Helm

    It is not possible to disassemble the slayer helm in any of its versions, in all of them it appears that I cannot disassemble this item. Doc1.pdf
  8. so if you use t2 zam spear on corrupted blood you still get regular draconic lance no upgrade either make it so you cant upgrade it at all with t2 zamorakian spear or give us the ability to t2 draconic lance
  9. Once made, you can no longer dismantle a boss slayer helmet, meaning for all those who wanted to add focus sight and hexcrest to their helmets are no longer able to. However kingly black slayer helm and abyssal slayer helm you can add focus sight and hexcrest to them and it transforms them into their "full" version. Fix: All Boss Helmets are able to be disassembled and/or All boss helmets are able to have hexcrest and focus sight added to them.
  10. Cant disassemble bow when( t2) like other recurve overrides.
  11. Cant use dragon orn kits on T2 items
  12. When pernix is added to the new twisted gear, there's no hp bonus (t2 not tested) DONE Player cannot use an elite sirene blood shard on t2 pernix DONE While having any of the new Anger weapons, if player dies, they are lost upon death. Unable to add t2 primal longsword to vyrewatch longsword Unable to add torture/anguish ornament kits to tier 2 tort/anguish (fury as well) Unable to upgrade imbued rings (+ treasonous/tyrannical pog) Unable to add vine/kraken tent to a t2 whip, or upgrade them (good inbetween for new players not wanting to grind dung) Magic secateurs + Greenfinger auras do not affect fruit trees (supposed to get extra resources) Abyssal dagger doesn't have a special attack (i'd recommend a custom one, maybe a dds spec+bleed effect after the initial hit? or a high poison proc chance, just spitballing to make a 1/1.2k dr item useful for pvm) Draconic lance doesn't have a passive effect against dragons (as far as we know) Grae boss defence is still too high CHANGED Nex boss defence is still too high (titan spec is useless even after defence is reduce via dwh) CHANGED Greenfinger aura doesn't prevent diseased plants.

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