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  1. bumping cuz jake got a black phat
  2. Have you wanted your very own TokHaar-Kal cape but didn't have the time or energy for it? Do you have a spare 250m lying around? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! INTRODUCING, GRAVITY'S KILN SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guarenteed to get you a TokHaar-Kal OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to drop a DM @ me ingame or on Discord @Keemo Still not impressed? JUST LISTEN TO THESE SATISFIED CUSTOMERSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((((((((((((INSERT SATISFIED CUSTOMERS HERE))))
  3. Imo this minigame is just awful dead content, in addition to being insanely annoying especially if your not a patron. Also slightly buggy as our run was almost ruined by a ghost that couldn't be attacked by left clicking or casting a spell on it. Luckily it attacked me with auto retal on and that was the only way I could even touch it. https://gyazo.com/b7ebc170ab7b84c97cbe2728a3897317 Also I assume this is just a visual bug but some of the monsters health bars will say 1/1(https://gyazo.com/cde216fa7704a4c06535f963041bd85e) but really have way more HP than that. So I thought of a couple idea
  4. Suggestion: Black Partyhat used to be a wildywyrm exclusive item and now there are multiple ways to obtain it and not one has been obtained through it's original source. Can we change the black phat on ww drop table to a Wildy Partyhat that mimics the Wyrms image or something and KEEP IT EXCLUSIVE TO JUST THE WYRM. Also the drop rates of all the PvP items/armors on WW are pretty weird, I feel like they should all be the same drop rate if not similar. IE, VLS has like a droprate of 487, the actual Vesta armour is 366, while morrigans is 133. And Zuriels is not even on the drop table at all
  5. As i'm writing this I have done kiln a total of 8 times today on 4 different accounts all under 30 minutes, Not one has been ticked off and yes i am using a timer. Sometimes the crystals do not spawn on the waves they are supposed to. I believe this happens if you are too far away from the spawn point when it happens but i'm not sure. Sometimes the arena doesn't transition when going from wave 10 to 11 and 20 to 21. Hasn't happened to me going from wave 30 to 31. I believe this also happens if you aren't near the center when it transitions but i'm not sure. If you use a magic cr
  6. I got meds that were supposed to treat how i was feeling, helped for about a day which is why I was on and then everything got worse. Also seeing the lack of "respect, care" some people have as to throw out the "Hard R" word (2 staff members included) was not helping me mentally. If you have a problem with black people thats your issue but I take offense to that word and I don't like seeing it. Hopefully that changes but its been almost 1 year and noone seems to give a shit about that word but me. I'm not name dropping any individuals because you know who you are but I hope you can
  7. Hello nerds, it's been a while. I um, don't know really where to begin but I will start with this. One day I did plan on coming back to this game... However... I have recently been in out of hospitals for the past couple of months. Why you may ask... mental health issues. Even writing this is fucking with me because I never thought a day in my life where I would feel so low like how i've been feeling. Ive been suffering from depression, anxienty, and panic disorder. This has been going on for several years... I've been pushing things in my life to the side and using things that will
  8. Haven't bumped in a while
  9. Gravity

    Buff Dung

    Username (ingame): Gravity Suggestion (short description): Buff Dungeoneering Skill Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Skill very repetitive and slow Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): Right now the skill is boring and slow in my opinion and i'm sure others agree. I've thought of a couple of ways to boost dungeoneering in different ways. Before I explain a boost want to suggest instead of clicking on the ladder at the end of every dungeon and having it take you outside and upstairs. An option to just simply go to the next floor rather than having to do a bu
  10. Username (ingame): Gravity Suggestion (short description): Buff/Tweak recent Rev Revamp Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): To make revs a viable money maker/place of interest Details (a more thorough explanation of the above):I know it just came out and the revamp is great a step in the right direction, but I think it needs to be tweaked abit if the point of doing so was to make them a viable money maker. For one I don't believe certain emblems should be locked to certain revs. Any rev should be able to drop any emblem at any tier. Only the level of the rev should matter.The lo
  11. Risk fighting Max capes Side note: Buying 100m Dungeoneering XP. Can offer max capes and exclusive Blu-Ray content.
  12. 1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? Been playing Zarpor/Rsps2 since 2012 soooooooooo :^) 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? One of the only/few 718s that are left that aren't full of rs3 or custom nonsense 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? The bots are a dank addition. Severe hatred for untradeables going to diango/collector store and the grand exchange as a whole and pretty much everyone knows why at this point. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? More wilderness activity/updates cause i'm a cuc
  13. Username (ingame): Gravity/Off White Suggestion (provide all details possible): DISCLAIMER : There are a few bugs in there too I just didn't want to make seperate individual posts Green dragons hitting through anti dragon shield and potiion / Bug Adding Kill/Drop log to QBD to track kills / Self Explanitory Buffing Magic seed drop from QBD / Currently she only drops ONE a time as a drop. Seeing as this is not an easy boss to kill I don't see much harm Buffing the xp for crafting royal d hide leather / Stole this from Flip, wasn't much more XP
  14. Ingame Username: Gravity/Off White Description of bug: In monster carnage the entirety of it is multi combat yet there are some locations where you cannot use a familar to help fight. Also when completeing monster carnage and recieving loot, if you do not have enough inventory space the items drop while your still in the instance. Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination: Multi-combat issue was str8 foward imo. For the loot dropping in the instance, it means you lose all the loot could it be change that its sent to your bank/on the ground after you tele.

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