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  1. I got meds that were supposed to treat how i was feeling, helped for about a day which is why I was on and then everything got worse. Also seeing the lack of "respect, care" some people have as to throw out the "Hard R" word (2 staff members included) was not helping me mentally. If you have a problem with black people thats your issue but I take offense to that word and I don't like seeing it. Hopefully that changes but its been almost 1 year and noone seems to give a shit about that word but me. I'm not name dropping any individuals because you know who you are but I hope you can find a more intelligent, mature insult to use. With all that being said I wish you all the best of luck and as i right now I have no will to play any video game of any kind so i don't see a comeback in the near future. I wish no hate on anyone and I hope you all have a blessed day. And Kyle, with all that shit i gave you, you better be comped by the time I come back nerd. And thanks for all the kind words that you people said to me.
  2. Hello nerds, it's been a while. I um, don't know really where to begin but I will start with this. One day I did plan on coming back to this game... However... I have recently been in out of hospitals for the past couple of months. Why you may ask... mental health issues. Even writing this is fucking with me because I never thought a day in my life where I would feel so low like how i've been feeling. Ive been suffering from depression, anxienty, and panic disorder. This has been going on for several years... I've been pushing things in my life to the side and using things that will make me "feel better in the moment" so I can forget and move on. Well its all caught up to me... unfortunately. I wll say this, I never planned on taking a "break" this long. I just haven't found the energy, motivation, happiness that I once had, NOT ON THIS SERVER, but in life in general. I hate getting too personal especially to alot of you because some of you don't really know me or care about me which is totally fine. However I can say that I thought I would not be on this earth maybe 2-3 months ago. I have been lurking on these forums for so long aching to log back in one day but I could just never bring myself to do it... I've made some good, excuse me, great friends and had really good times on here that really make me miss playing. I don't wish for any sympathy. I don't want anything I do not wish to gain anything out of making this post. However my doctors have been pushing and pushing and pushing me to go back to my old roots. Go back to happier times. Go back to doing the things you used to do everyday that you enjoyed. Easier said than done doc, but this is my first step. For the ones that do care to read this and happen to still be ingame and don't see me, this post was more of a "warning" for the future. I do plan on returning one day, but not TOday, so I can relive those glory days and catch up on all the shit ive missed. A huge part of me really hates making this post because most of you are complete strangers to me, but for the ones who aren't this really is picking a huge weight off my chest and head. And you nerds know who i'm talking about... :^) For those who actually cared to read that all the way through, I thank you and have a blessed life. :D #StillMyWild
  3. Haven't bumped in a while
  4. Gravity

    Buff Dung

    Username (ingame): Gravity Suggestion (short description): Buff Dungeoneering Skill Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Skill very repetitive and slow Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): Right now the skill is boring and slow in my opinion and i'm sure others agree. I've thought of a couple of ways to boost dungeoneering in different ways. Before I explain a boost want to suggest instead of clicking on the ladder at the end of every dungeon and having it take you outside and upstairs. An option to just simply go to the next floor rather than having to do a bunch of unnecessary clicks. This would indirectly boost xp as you could get to floors faster and more efficient. Boost group dungeoneering experience. The way dungeoneering would work in pre EOC, the more players you had in your party, the more expereince you earned. This of course made the dungeon itself a little harder but you would receive more XP as a result. On here if you have more players in your party the "dungeon" (boss) gets harder to kill (more hp) but you don't receive any bonus for it. You would also have the option of having the floor not count EVERY player in your party if you wanted to make the floor easier. For example, a party of 5 has 1 maxed players, one at 2200 total, another at 1500, and the other 2 are less than 1000. Before you start the dungeon you get an option to set the number of players in terms of the bonus you would recieve at the end to 1-5 and this would directly affect the difficulty and size of the floor. In this example you would might want to set the number of players a little lower because of the 3 players who probably have a hard time getting through the floor. Coding different bosses into the rotation. Currently we only have 3 bosses in rotation. Theres nothing wrong with these bosses themselves but seeing the same 3 OVER AND OVER AND OVER again when there are almost 30 different unique bosses that aren't being used. This can also be tied into boosting the amount of experience gained because some bosses at higher levels are going to be harder to kill as well as unlock. One way I thought of to rework our CURRENT dung would be to have bosses tied to the number of players in the party. As in if you are running dung solo you would get one boss. If you had a partner you would get two bosses, and if you have three you would get three etc... Each player could spawn in at the normal start and doors could be added in similar fashion to the way it is now. (Click on the door to unlock and behind it is the boss). You could boost experience this way by calculating the number of bosses killed on that floor with the number of players. For example, I'm in a party of 3, the current floor is giving 14k solo exp for completing. We all three kill a boss and end the floor and the exp recieved is 42k. (3x my solo exp. 3 bosses, 3x bonus) Another way of reworking our CURRENT dung would be to have the NPC's HP or level tied to the number of players in the party. Same way as before, all players spawn in at start but how it is now there will only be one door with one boss. Lets say you run a solo and get Frostweb and she has 2500 HP and 14k exp for completing. Now let's add a partner and now the boss has 5000 hp. Finish the dungeon and you recieve 28k exp for completing (2x the solo exp) One last way of reworking our CURRENT would be having the Skill requirement level of the boss tied to bonus XP for completing. As stated before we only have 3 bosses in rotation that can really be afked. This one is pretty straight foward, harder the boss, better the xp. And lastly another SUREFIRE way to buff the skill is to code the skill itself FULLY. Realistically everything I've stated previously is coded into the actually full dung itself with even MORE ways to boost xp you earn or to make to easier/harder. Party experience, complexity of the dung, level of the floor, amount of deaths, how fast did you complete, did you use auto guide, prestige floors etc... This is all included in terms of boosting xp and on the boring side of our current dung, this would add doors that have a requirement (skills, kill all monsters, key), slayer monsters with unique items, bosses that drop dung items (primal), binding weapons, etc... This would also be very beneficial for skillers and the economy as you won't have to do any combat to level up dungeooneering as you could be the person making potions,armor, weapons, opening skill doors etc... And for people who don't like dung or aren't that experience, they can buy floors (leech) which would add another money maker and incentive to do the skill.
  5. Gravity

    Recent Revamp

    Username (ingame): Gravity Suggestion (short description): Buff/Tweak recent Rev Revamp Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): To make revs a viable money maker/place of interest Details (a more thorough explanation of the above):I know it just came out and the revamp is great a step in the right direction, but I think it needs to be tweaked abit if the point of doing so was to make them a viable money maker. For one I don't believe certain emblems should be locked to certain revs. Any rev should be able to drop any emblem at any tier. Only the level of the rev should matter.The lower leveled ones should obviously have a smaller chance of getting the bigger ones and a higher chance at the smaller ones and vice versa. Also the rarity of these I think needs to be changed. I hard camped them for about 10 hours and didn't recieve a single emblem. I know RNG is a huge factor but I manged to get almost 10-15 weapon/armor drops and 10 brawling gloves and still didn't get one. And I was told that they were on similar rarity but it doesn't seem so as I hit that table a fair number of times. I was thinking about using the system similar to statuetes in RS 2012 where there were several different ones which were worth different values with the lowest being 35k i believe and the highest 5 or 10m. But the rarity of these were alot more common than you think because just about no matter what level rev you were killing, in about roughly 25 kills you could get a drop and that made going to rev worth while. The "random" (common,uncommon,rare) drops need to buffed as well. The rarity of which i saw "alchables" drop pretty much the same as a weapon drop, it wasn't even worth bring alchs with you because at most in a trip i would alch like 300k worth of items. And this would be well over 500-600 kills, and its not just because the drop rate was so high, it was only rune items so you weren't getting alot for them anyway. I could see why rune items would be in there but I think dragon items should be in there as well of course on a little bit of a higher rarity. You could make more doing theiving @ home or slayer. The skilling item drops are a nice idea but I feel like there needs to be more items and more of them in terms of quantity. (Apart from the magic seeds, dragonstone, and crystal keys which i think are fine).The skilling item drops are similar to the "alchables" in that they feel way more rare than they I feel they should be. Id say in about 150 kills i would probably get 1 addy bar drop and its only like 20ish bars which I could go camp avansies for that long and get way more bars in less time. The pure essence I feel like doesn't need to be on the rev drop table at all or nerfed abit. Pure essence is on just about EVERY NPC's drop table and its not even in any kind of demand not to mention its in unlimited stock on the grand exchange and I was recieveing this drop just about every other kill if not back to back. The uncut diamond drop should be noted otherwise i don't see a point in this drop w/o having the amulet on. And after 10 hours I didn't get an amulet either so I assume its pretty rare which would make wearing it a big risk already on top of being skulled. And i'm not sure if they are but the higher rarity emblems should be on the world drops so it adds that danger factor and the emblem trader should be moved to home or edgeville but not next to the cave. Another point of having the emblems/stats added into the game is that it gave pkers incentive to try and kill people for loot as they would drop these emblems and they could cash them in. But if the emblem trader is right next to the emblem they could just cash it in right there immediately with no risk. I'm not saying its hard to teleport out of the rev cave but there isn't much risk in having them be 0gp (always dropped on death) but have the trader right there so your probably never going to be caught in a situation where its on you and your about to lose it. But this is speculation as I have never recieved a drop so i don't know if theres like a delay or something. In regards to the PvP items/armors, I think they need to be buffed but not like before. Now I do agree that they needed to be nerfed from what they were before but not this hard. At this moment they hold no value as they don't last very long at all. I believe the drop rate got increased which made they more rare but who would want to buy something that is going to break 30 minutes later. It probably wouldn't sell for much and considering the rarity people wouldn't want to camp revs as such. I think the corrupt items need to be buffed to lasting at least one hour WHILE WORN (not in combat) but their variants stats' should be nerfed and drop rate increased by about 5-7% so they aren't on par which non corrupt which makes getting non corrupt worth more. And non corrupt to atleast 8 IN COMBAT. I feel this would make them sought after not by everyone but by the people who would actually use it for what it was intended for, PvP combat. And it would give it a decent price value so even if you aren't someone who enjoys pking, you could sell it and make money for it, An addition to the Forinthy Bracelet This is a suggestion not related to the revamp but I think it would be a nice idea to add. It requires 74 crafting and holds 5 charges but I could also see it being added as a drop from a rev. What it does it grant Rev damage immunity for one minute and aggression for one hour. It doesn't have to be that long but I think it could be something to consider and could possible add a faster tele to the revenant cave on the bracelet as a bonus.
  6. Risk fighting Max capes Side note: Buying 100m Dungeoneering XP. Can offer max capes and exclusive Blu-Ray content.
  7. 1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? Been playing Zarpor/Rsps2 since 2012 soooooooooo :^) 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? One of the only/few 718s that are left that aren't full of rs3 or custom nonsense 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? The bots are a dank addition. Severe hatred for untradeables going to diango/collector store and the grand exchange as a whole and pretty much everyone knows why at this point. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? More wilderness activity/updates cause i'm a cuck who wants to take risks to make bank and pk. Adding Statuettes to my baby Revenants would be a dank start :D :D :D. All items that are untradeable that should be tradeable turned tradeable.
  8. Gravity

    Phat with a PH

    Username (ingame): Gravity/Off White Suggestion (provide all details possible): DISCLAIMER : There are a few bugs in there too I just didn't want to make seperate individual posts Green dragons hitting through anti dragon shield and potiion / Bug Adding Kill/Drop log to QBD to track kills / Self Explanitory Buffing Magic seed drop from QBD / Currently she only drops ONE a time as a drop. Seeing as this is not an easy boss to kill I don't see much harm Buffing the xp for crafting royal d hide leather / Stole this from Flip, wasn't much more XP than crafting black d hide and would add another nice bonus to QBD. Seeing as you can buy gems all the way to up diamond I don't see it being too broken in anyway Ability to top off a multicannon rather than waiting until its empty / You have to wait until the multicannon completely stops firing before you add more Cannonballs in there which can be uneffecient in its own way Removing the need to have 5 empty inventory slots to pick up a multi cannon / Should only be 4 assuming you have a stack of cannonballs already A placeholder all/off all function Skilling pets obtainable anywhere in regards to the skill instead of just the skilling area / Outside of construction and agility, skilling pets are only obtainable within the Skilling Area zone which isn't too much of a problem but it greatly restricts chances of recieving one as most of the "best/faster" xp methods are not within the Skilling Area (Ex. Mining). If you use Pack yak special too quickly it won't send the item to the bank and will still use a scroll / You will recieve a message saying that you cannot do this right now but it will still take the scroll A battle royale rework. Just about every items sells for 5k. The ingame BR is kind of bad seeing as you can't really make neough cash to buy anything but food/potions / I really like this concept of the minigame but taking a glance at it froma distance theres a lot of things wrong with it, could use an overall rework/upgrade. Could possibly add Team Battle Royale in which its not a FFA but you and (2 others minimum) go against the other teams. (I know you can join squads but i'm not entirely sure if it works in this way) Left clicking fill pouch for rune ess pouch empties it instead and right click empty pouch fills it / Annoying asf it does the opposite of what you click Dominion Staff/Most Staves/Battle Staves doesn't work properly (Still requires elemental runes to cast spells) / As with most staffs A Blink and Revenant pet would be dope / For the people (Me xD) Daganoth Kings attack/walk range should be shortend (Mostly Prime and Rex, haven't noticed too much w/ surpreme since hes already right there) / For those with not with the best tank gear or stats. Can be very hard seeing how you can get unlucky everytime you walk in and end up with all 3 aggrod on to you without you taking so much as a step. The level 69 and 94 Avansies attack with Melee instead of range, also none of the Avansies have death/attack animations / QOL Adding in Anguish and Torment curses (Ranged and Mage turmoil equivalent) / Would require 95 Prayer could be added in as a drop in some way like how OSRS dropped scrolls for new prayers. Possibly to a boss that is dead content like Chaos ele. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Anguish http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Torment Excressence and Mutated Vine drops from Mutated Jadinko only drop one at a time and not very frequent. / An increase would be nice for bolas making Adding in the (Hard) version of slayer tasks for bosses and to the minions. (goblins/bandos Avansies/arma *Currently doesn't count arma as an avansie kill greater demons/Zammy *Same as prev Unicorn/sara)/ What I mean is, it would be nice to get a Hard slayer task like Avansies or Greaters and be able to kill Arma or Zammy respectivly and be able to get the slayer helm/black mask boost, and slayer XP for killing the boss as well as the minions. Fixing boundless NPC's (Example I can drag a goblin in lumby castle to lumby chickens, or Tav dung hellhounds into the black drag area) / This is quite annoying as this leads to NPC's being in areas where they should not be. Fix the option to Turn taunts/intro/outro off in Dominion Tower /QOL, would shave HOURS off the total time it takes to grind out the gloves/weapons as the taunts take like 1000 years EACH FLOOR In dominion tower at 200 kills you get 2 out 3 and then at 300 you get all 3 gloves and weapons./ 100 consecutive kills in DT gives you a 3/12 (1/3) chance to recieve the DT gloves or dominion weapon you actually want. This is kind of annoying as you could get the same type of gloves several times just in different colors. Buff Burnt bones / currently they give less xp than regular bones Considering WW is on a timer and is difficult to kill I don't think a significant buff would do any harm Code Infernal ashes that drop from Zammy boss/minions. / Another way to train prayer. Could possilby make it more xp than ourg but less than ourg on a gilded altar Add the main drops (Non "custom" Ex Bandos Helmet, Arma Cross, Sara ammys) of GWD bosses to the minions on a lower drop rate (Not the pets) / Is this way on RS and having the non custom drops would make it less OP imo Adding in the Barrelcrest boss since we're reworking drops. Drops include Pet, Brine Sabre, Barrelcrest Anchor (Take off of WW), Diving Apparatus, etc.. / Would be a nice addition boss wise seeing as there are a plethora of items that can be thrown onto an NPC drop table Adding an option for the wilderness Obelisks to tele you to which obelisks you want to go to. / Could tie in with one of the PvP achivements and would be very useful for navigating the wilderness Slayer xp doesn't scale with NPC levels (level 69 avansie gives same xp as 131. Black drag gives same xp as KBD) / Overall slayer is a slow skill and in a way its meant to be but this would speed it up even just slightly and it really just makes sense when you think about it Pathing is really bad, if you try to attack with a mage/range unless it's on a square that you can attack it from your character will freeze/stop moving but an NPC that is attacking you will ALWAYS walk around ANYTHING tp path to you. /Pathing is like the BnB of runescape, if you can't walk anywhere or anywhere correctly things just feel clunky and annoying and this would honestly fix alot of things. Also the way pathing is right now, its almost impossible to safe spot anything, even things that you normally can. The skill where you kill Slayer NPCS faster (Gargoyles rock hammer) Doesn't work /Another thing that would speed up slayer, also is a waste of points as none of it works Godwars items that count as godwars items in gwd. IE I wore a sara cape in the sara room and was still getting attacked,same with a sara book / Would make the spiritual warriors slayer task so much better if you could immunity from the GWD monsters NPC's that are unaggresive that are supposed to be. IE mummies in chaos tunnel, rev orks in the rev cave / Would make AFK training more accessible, make being a Hardcore a little scarier/fun PvM points for killing monsters in the wild(Dragons, Revs, C ele, WildyWyrm, greaters, hellhounds, etc..) (Not all feel free to suggest ones that should be left out) / Used to be like this until Luke changed it for some reason, would love it see it go back to this. The stile in Al-Kharid to climb over to desert Stryke is glitched. (sometimes won't even put you on the other side) / QOL Add Rouges Den (50+ Wild) That gives more GP/XP, better item value wise than gems and a rare chance at an Onyx /Would be a nice addition on the skilling side of the Wilderness as skillers can obtain this as it wouldn't require combat unless you were to add the rouges that try to attack you for stealing the chests that is :^) An addition of KQ Heads/KBD Heads Recolor for Slayer helmets and possibly a Construction ornament / QOL Purely cosmetic Adding the secondary effect of using miasmic spells (Has a chance to slow the attack speed of player in PvP briefly. How long would be up to you) / http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Miasmic_spells Adds variety to pking Black Partyhat/Hades Partyhat on the wiki has a drop rate of -1 / Not even sure if this drops anymore or atm A separate channel in discord for announcements/server news Sanfew Flask (6) turns into vials (Sanfew Serum (3))/ Bug Alot of the auras don't work or seem to activate / Bug, could also be seen as donation/vote incentive as you have to reach certain levels to be able to purchase Pegasians and Eternals turn into different items when noted / bug If you gamble and win and the pot has more items than you have inventory space it drops all of it on the ground / QOL/bug Would prevent someone being very angry in the future AND I STILL THINK GE SHOULD BE LIMITED IN SOME WA Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): I will try to explain as I suggest Other Notes (if applicable): This is what happens when you have too many ideas lol and if you can make this post look any more neat/organized feel free to do so
  9. Ingame Username: Gravity/Off White Description of bug: In monster carnage the entirety of it is multi combat yet there are some locations where you cannot use a familar to help fight. Also when completeing monster carnage and recieving loot, if you do not have enough inventory space the items drop while your still in the instance. Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination: Multi-combat issue was str8 foward imo. For the loot dropping in the instance, it means you lose all the loot could it be change that its sent to your bank/on the ground after you tele.
  10. Lmao fuck no takes all the risk out of the already dead wild. No support for this one
  11. Gravity

    Pking bugs

    Ingame Username: Off White/Gravity Description of bug: 1 I barraged "Sin" Ironman and got the XP drop for a catch/freeze and got the animation but he wasn't frozen he just kept running. 2. My titan would not attack "Sin" Ironman at all nor spec or anything but his would auto retal and attack me. This isn't pking related but 2. I was wearing a dfs and drank an antifire and was still getting hit by Black Dragon fire breath Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination: I put my explanation in the wrong spot ^

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