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  1. +1 those bank fillers are handy
  2. Would it be sensible to add a POH portal, a range or eternal fire, ability to do presets at dz, a tanner, and tradeout chins maybe? These are a few things I had thought might make the DZ a more enjoyable skilling area, obviously we have 2. However, one is really only used and the DZ doesnt get much love it would seem. Hope to hear back Chillin
  3. +1 please please please
  4. +1 Despise overdoing Runespan, tho I feel like the slayer points would have to be higher to counteract the 5k cost
  5. +1, very annoying to get stuck. maybe fix spawn points a little as well
  6. Anything should be able to be dyed black +1
  7. I would definitely take you up on the lesson for PKing Sir Enic haha
  8. Honestly, being with people you genuinely like being with and having good conversations works wonders man. Myself I prefer a joint with genuine people. The stress just seems to roll away and things seem to flow better.
  9. Yeah, pretty much how it was. Now as I play, I find myself needing upgrades or some cool looking shit. So, I guess I have to start. I definitely like this server a bit and hope to stick around for awhile
  10. It may be hard to hear for some of you, but I honestly havnt PvMed almost at all. Any RS I played I mostly skilled. So for my time on here my goals shall be... ChillOrigins - Max, Learn bosses hopefully from you guys Just Chillin (GIM Legend) - Eventually max and the original goal for my buddy and I was to take the top spot on leaderboards... well past that. Hopefully be comfortable with bosses by the time I max on here I would love to try a Default HCIM Tileman if I were so able. And of course my overall goal is to chill and play games
  11. I'm not sure what plugins others are thinking of, but myself, I'd kill for a Tile Indicator and Tileman Mode Im not sure what it take to add these sort of things, just a thought
  12. It would be nice for Ironmen to have this functioning, just wondering if it can be fixed. Ty

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