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Found 16 results

  1. I shall be adding to this thread when I find other bugs; first one is pretty simple, inferno adze which functions as a pickaxe outside of raids does not damage the guardians. second one is a bit more complicated to explain, I was doing duo raids with my main and ironman and completed the crabs room, after completion I went through into the next room with both accounts, when the skeletal mages targeted my ultimate I went back into the crabs room in order to change the agro onto my main and once back in the crabs room my ulti couldn't get back through into the next room, with the message in cha box telling me to complete the room before moving on to the next. the orb was not spawning so the room was completed, I have included a screenshot of this one.
  2. If you die with any coffers in inv, they are gone.
  3. I just get a message saying nothing interesting happens.
  4. I can't add spellcaster to the gloves Cant add t2 eternals to the boots Can't add virtus to top, i dont have helm or robe bottom but imma assume its the same
  5. non-upgraded primals don't have differing stats Forlorn LS Reg LS Forlorn Rapier Reg Rapier
  6. pt 1: anguish needs a buff in my opinion there's 0 reason that a dung item that costs 40k dung points(amulet of zealots) should absolutely shit on a 3-4.5b item that you actually have to spend time grinding or money to get. there definitely needs to be an accuracy boost for this or tone the zealots down for range str. pt 2: tormented bracelet has 0 magic dmg where it should have +5% on tier 1 pictures will be included of osrs stats vs the t2 stats in ely for the torm.
  7. https://gyazo.com/2726bab1fa779279228fd95ceedc065f
  8. cant add t2 primal 2h to taeshalach
  9. Probably can't trade top-legs either
  10. I noticed after using around 50+ totems on the black stone that I hadn't accumulated the right amount of pvm points. I received about half of what I would have if points had been granted for every kill. It seems to give PVM points every other kill instead of every kill when using the black stone to respawn. If you leave the room and re-enter to spawn skotizo you get points every kill.
  11. title https://gyazo.com/3d3d26f84907e6f4fa2af9673e958030
  12. i'm having an issue detaching t2 recurve from windrunner bow making forums post so its documented besides discord https://gyazo.com/876cf05e5d982ff788bcc0f502b60d2c
  13. Sometimes Vorkath won't have the option to wake it up after killing it.
  14. so if you use t2 zam spear on corrupted blood you still get regular draconic lance no upgrade either make it so you cant upgrade it at all with t2 zamorakian spear or give us the ability to t2 draconic lance
  15. Cant disassemble bow when( t2) like other recurve overrides.

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