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  1. Would be a good fit to go with the recent spate of 3A items that have been designed and released.
  2. I agree to more T2 stuff being added; especially the more common things like dominion gloves etc.. etc.. But NO to T3. Especially with raid content having added new items and such; it makes chasing those items pointless; which then makes the content useless. We don't need to undoing massive amounts of hard work just by buffing stuff already in game. At least this is my argument.
  3. As title suggest, when i go to add a Lucky Shard to a Zammy spear is says in the chat log "Nothing interesting happens" and then exactly that... nothing happens... This both for the base version of the Zammy Spear (not upgraded) and also for the T2 version. Unsure if this extends to any other "Lucky" items.
  4. This is your life now. You live there now. In time, rumor's will tell of the void whisperer... some will say that when the server is at it's quietest; that you can be heard; calling out from the void.
  5. Hi, Out of curiosity i went to dismantle my deadly toxic blowpipe. It gave me a message saying components will be returned so it can be reassembled so i agreed. However, I recieved the Toxic Bile, Zulrah Scales and Darts only. I checked with the community at the time and people agreed it should have been returned. Hope you can help!
  6. Nice. Loving the progress! Keeps me motivated to grind out the game.
  7. +1 for support of this idea. It would be a good answer to the issue raised in topic 5053.
  8. Just gonna float this idea. There are a number of items that exist in the game, not as overrides that don't have stats and cant be imbued. Items such as the Corrupted Icyene Blade. You could expand the list of items that can be imbued? for example; you could use a Saradomin Godsword to gain stats on this item. Or you could convert these items into cosmetic overrides? So for example the Corrupted Icyene Blade could be an override for a Godsword or Saradomin Sword? They don't have to have top tier imbuements / stats / overrides; but it gives people more variation to try out different weapons with different styles. FASHIONSCAPE! Just an idea and thought it would be good to get the ball rolling.
  9. Hi, As the title says above; we are unable to alch untradeable items. A lot of people use this method to cash in on PVM points for GP. Thank you!
  10. Just a further point in relation to the aggro issue. It feels like creatures in the Training Zone are being overly aggressive. Its definitely more difficult to complete a task and get points. An example is that whilst trying to kill fire giants for points; Ankou's will regularly target the player now regardless of level and due to it being single way combat; makes it especially difficult on anyone trying to complete a task. This applies to all creatures int he area as they are in relative proximity. Hope this feedback helps!
  11. As the title says, I am unable to High Alch anything. I've tried with runes and without runes. I've tried banking items, using different items and I've done a full refresh of the client. However; it seems to maybe just be me? Opoxi was able to High Alch.

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