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  1. From an inventory management perspective; it would definitely be more beneficial for farming and bossing runs to have a pouch (to save space) than it would be for auto pick up. I agree that for what it takes to pick up loot and scrolls, most people do this naturally as is. I support a pouch that is well balanced as above recommendations from others.
  2. I have massive support for this as an item! Proposed by Jake above) Either way this as an option would make long farming / bossing runs more manageable.
  3. As the title suggests; when you fight Skotizo; the entire map area around him is just a beige, blank area. Skotizo does still spawn in and can be fought; the drops can be seen and picked up. The towers also update. Just a graphical bug; but thought you would want to know.
  4. I'm not very good or confident at updating existing guides and posts; so I wouldn't trust myself to do this. BUT. I feel the Price Guide forum does need some updating. We've had a lot of new items implemented since it was last updated; and this should be reflected. Hopefully someone feels up to the task? It would also give users a guide idea of what sets are available for trade / sale in game etc.. I appreciate this isn't the highest priority at all; just food for thought.
  5. Completely agree and support this; drop tables could do with a revision, even if just for slayer purposes.
  6. I definitely think that gems should be tied to bossing somehow. I'm not expecting anything amazing; but it would be perfect. Also a 'training whip' could definitely be implemented into the training zone and that could be excluded from the upgrade chest.
  7. Maybe to balance it make it random each day? Rather than a strict schedule for example. But regardless, this is an idea that I would definitely support.
  8. Not yet complete on a number of sets and there are lots of sorts I haven't even started on!
  9. Seems like a good idea; could also include a number of crystal seeds in the achievement rewards for their respective skills related achievements?
  10. Mechanics are good; but yeah... damage just makes it a suicide run each time. kinda puts a downer on a good run and obviously deaths impact on score / xp / token output. All that progress to then get bitch slapped hurts my soul.
  11. I've played a number of different games that use different tiers of rewards; so for example you have "universal" rewards for completing an achievement; but those with subscriptions or equivalent (in ELY's case, Donor status) also unlock an exclusive reward for being a donor. So for example; you could have a reward of a unique cosmetic for completing a challenge that everyone would get for that challenge; however those with donor status also unlock a small cash prize on top of that. It would incentivize players to donate and also complete challenges. Some games only use this additional reward on milestone challenges or exceptionally difficulty challenges etc.. for example, Fallout 76 has a season system that everyone can work through (but those with a subscription unlock additional rewards as they progress). Just an idea. But overall, untradeable useful items / cosmetics would be great to work towards and show off at the very least.

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