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  1. I work for a largely popular ISP company in our Underground sector as a Sr. Administrative Coordinator - we were sent home during the start of COVID and I was never called back to the office thankfully. A few months ago I also went and started doing some back-end stuff for one of our sister companies, just part time work though - and a main contributor towards my recent absence
  2. Hello hello! Here to bring news of more QoL and Bug Fixes for the community!!! We've been going back and refining some of Ely's quirky features, bugs, and showing some more love to some of the NPCs across the game - here's what the great @Xenith/ @Iso have been cooking up for us! Gear + Weapon Changes ‣ Added Crystal Halberd special attack ‣ Added other Void helmets and Saradomin Sword to the Upgrade Chest ‣ Fixed Miasmic Spells for T2 Zuriel's Staff ‣ Fixed MSB and Darkbow specs not working as intended ‣ Added Missing HP to Praetorian Legs ‣ Fixed Chinchompas not using ammo in combat ‣ Allow t2 gear to work for equip achievements ‣ Added Abyssal Dagger to Collection Log ‣ Removed healing and extra hit chance from Magic short bow + Dark bow special attack(s) ‣ Fix Blowpipe + Dart Ranged Strength bonuses ‣ Added snakeskin crafting NPC Changes ‣ Reduced Chaos Elemental teleport distance ‣ Fixed Dill logic in Kiln so all Pickaxes work to break their armor ‣ Jeweled Crabs no longer give Combat XP ‣ Updated Dust Devil Slayer location description ‣ Added more goodies to Cerberus' Drop table ‣ Added Tormented Wraiths slayer area and teleport (Access to Spirit Shields/Elixirs outside Corp) ‣ Reduced Corporeal Beast's Core damage by 50% ‣ Fixed Brutal Red Dragon spelling in Achievement Diary ‣ Added Black Demons to Hard tasks ‣ Demonic Gorillas now count towards Black Demon and Monkey tasks like OSRS ‣ Fixed all Bloodveld ID's not counting towards Slayer task Nomad Updates ‣ Added Nomad to Boss tasks ‣ Updated drop table ‣ Allow setting increased drop rate events at Nomad ‣ Updated his dialogue to be overhead chats to be less disruptive Loot from 10k Nomads Game Changes ‣ Added Chambers of Xeric event (25% Point boost for 90 minutes) ‣ Added alternative Fight Kiln Capes to Collection Log ‣ Fixed Fight Kiln ending bug ‣ Announce Crystal Tool Seed drops throughout the game ‣ Lowered the rarity of Crystal Shards from Crystal Chest and increased quantity ‣ Added Blessings to Easy Clues and Easy Clue Collection Log ‣ Added Colored Infinity Color Kits to Medium Clues and Medium Clue Collection Log ‣ Box traps now give increased yield based on Hunter level and Aura tier(s) ‣ Fixed Bank bug where player has Bank space but you can't deposit items ‣ Fixed text for catching things bare-handed in Hunter ‣ Increased Slayer task amounts for Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties ‣ Added South Catacombs Crevice Agility Shortcut ‣ Added H.A.M. Hideout behind Lumbridge Castle ‣ Can now turn noted logs into plank at the Sawmill at $50 donor instead of $2,000 Wholesome Addition ‣ Added ability for players to give the Stray Dog at Home anything with "Bone" or "Raw" in the item name Thank ya for reading & continuing to play the BEST vidyagame to ever grace the interweb
  3. Super thoughtful and wholesome all around! Thanks for the personalized gift - I really appreciate that Merry Christmas Jake
  4. Got @Lationas my SS this year, needless to say - something ingame wasn't going to cut it. He'll have to show us some pics of it when it gets to his house, Merry Christmas!!
  5. Hey all, we're back again with some bangerssssssss!! New T2s, Jadinko lair WC + FM additions, various drop table updates, NEW Crystal Key Half Swapping NPC, and an entire NEW tier of tools. Making your skilling journey that much faster so you can get into the real meat and potato's of the game.. Get ready for this MASSIVE update! Another huge thanks to the Chads, @Xenith, @Iso, & those who helped curate and QC our updates - but alas, check out what we've got going on! New Tier 2 Equipment ‣ Void Helmets ‣ Void Gloves ‣ Elite Void top + bottom ‣ PvP Armors; Zuriel's, Vesta's, Statius', & Morrigan's (Only removes degradation, no stat increase) ‣ Ganodermic Set ‣ Serpentine Visage (Magma + Tanzanite) ‣ Barrow's Armors; Dharok's, Verac's, Ahrim's, Karil's, Guthan's, & Torag's ↓ Armor passives for Barrows gear with AotD equipped: ↓ New Tier 2 Weapons ‣ PvP Weapons; Vesta's spear, Vesta's longsword, Statius' warhammer, & Zuriel's staff ‣ Polypore staff ‣ Armadyl battlestaff ‣ Korasi's sword Equipment Updates & Changes ‣ Ranged & Mage Kiln Capes added (must complete Fight Kiln again and choose between capes). ‣ Adjusted Mage Arena II capes stats + Ava's Assembler to balance with new Kiln capes. ‣ Renamed Melee Kiln cape to TokHaar-Kal-Ket. ‣ Spellcaster gloves now have a 10% chance on hit to deal 25/15% more damage with Normal/Ancient magicks and save the runes for that cast. ‣ Nerfed Swift glove proc chance from 25% to 20%. ‣ Added Abyssal Dagger & Crystal Halberd Special Attacks. ‣ True-Ely Armor can now be combined with Graetorian armor set(s). ‣ Modified all PvP Armor/Weapon examine value. ‣ All God D'Hide boots now have prayer bonuses with a slight buff to defense bonuses. ‣ Nerfed Obsidian armor set + fixed defence requirement. ‣ Fixed Upgraded Armadyl crossbow to have an enhanced Bolt Spec chance. ‣ Fixed various stat requirements on a few customs + OSRS items. ‣ Fixed more equipment models. Crystal Tools + Crystal Key Half Swapper Added the ability to craft Crystal Axe, Pickaxe, & Harpoon using a Crystal Tool Seed, 120 Crystal Shards, and the designated tool you're trying to upgrade. All tools will start with 1,500 charges with a maximum cap of 20,000. You can obtain Crystal Tool Seeds and Crystal Shards as drops from any Slayer task and or potentially from the Crystal Chest at Home. ‣ Tool Seeds looted from Crystal Chest are in-between Black H'ween mask & other 5M cosmetics like Rubber chicken, Web cloak, etc. ‣ Tool Seeds looted from Slayer mobs are around 1/3,000, Tool Shards looted from Slayer mobs are uncommon. ‣ Tool Shards looted from Crystal Chest are the same rate as God bows. ‣ Charging requires 1 Crystal Shard per 10 charges. ‣ Durability usage is 1 per gathered resource, with a few exemptions. ‣ Can dismantle to get the Tool Seed and Dragon Tool back. ‣ Added an NPC next to the Crystal Chest at home that can swap your Key Halves for a small 15% fee of whatever you swap (MINIMUM 10 key halves). PvM Changes, Drop Tables Buffs & Additions ‣ added Cave Krakens (also in Hard Slayer tasks). ‣ Updated Chaos elemental drop table & reduced respawn time. ‣ Updated Tormented demons drop table. ‣ Slightly buffed Zulrah's drop table. ‣ Buffed Dagganoth Kings drop table. ‣ Fixed misc Catacomb NPC animation(s) + models. ‣ Changed some generic Ash drops to Prayer XP Ashes (more to be updated). ‣ Effigy drops added to misc high level monsters. ‣ Removed various high damaging monsters from Chaos tunnels. ‣ Removed spawn delays for misc Slayer monsters (Basilisks/Kurasks/Red + Bronze dragons). ‣ Fixed Nex bug where you don't need to kill the minions to damage her. ‣ Changed Brawling glove drops to be Brawler box (stackable and opening gives 1 set of random gloves) ‣ Added Boss Instance Timers. ‣ Fixed Nomad to track KC and removed cutscenes. ‣ Added colored Infinity kits to treasure trail rewards. ‣ Monks at the Monastery now drop Monk robes. Skilling Changes & Additions Jadinko Lair now gives players the ability to chop/fletch/light objects and assets within the cave for various skilling activities including, Sagaie's, Bolas' & chopping the dangling roots. Woodcutting + Firemaking + Fletching ‣ Updated woodcutting so axes make an impact on effectiveness at higher levels. ‣ Nerfed time to chop Yew and Magic trees. ‣ Rebalanced axes from Rune and up. ‣ Added ability to chop Jade + Mutated root in Jadinko Lair. ‣ Added the ability to light/add to bonfire for Jade + Mutated roots. ↓ ‣ Bolas & Sagaie can now be crafted. ↓ Fishing + Mining + Hunter ‣ Added support for all harpoon variants. ‣ Added Crystal harpoon. ‣ Allow Crystal harpoon and Infernal harpoon to work at Rocktail Shoals at the cost of extra durability. ‣ Updated the multiple catch mechanic to include a triple catch chance. ‣ Updated almost all pickaxes, gave high end pickaxes a better chance at getting ore. ‣ Updated logic, will now search for highest level pickaxe in inventory/toolbelt/equipment slot. ‣ Updated most single resource ores to last longer, Mining level will affect how long ore lasts for but not pickaxe tier. ‣ Updated logic for how Mining delay is calculated, mining is now faster. ‣ Balanced Gem rocks to be similar in difficulty to Runite and now last longer before depleting. ‣ Added Dragon + Crystal Implings. ‣ Reworked the catch formula to be more successful at higher levels with bonuses are equipped (skilling outfit + auras). ‣ Increased XP for catching Red Chinchompas. Skilling Speed Increases: ‣ Cooking, -1 tick. ‣ Gem cutting, -1 tick. ‣ Leather crafting, -1 tick. ‣ Smelting cannonballs, -4 ticks. ‣ Smithing, -1 tick. ‣ Glass making, -3 ticks. Skilling Pet Rates: Our skilling pet rates were at or even beyond what OSRS is using, which in the long term for an Ely account doesn’t make much sense because of our increased XP rates, we end up doing drastically fewer actions that could obtain a pet than your average OSRS account. We looked at each skill individually and buffed rates at all levels and gave an additional bonus at 200M XP which was not present before. Misc Updates/Changes. ‣ Replaced bank booths in Citadel to be chests that work from any direction. ‣ Updated DZ to cater to more skills. ‣ Added some noted variants to items we didn't have previously (coffers + few potions). ‣ Added Looting Bag value to !wealth command in Discord. ‣ Increased base gravestone timer to 30 minutes. Thank you all for reading, and we'll see ya again for the next one!
  6. Satoshi Satoshi#3276 Best of luck gamers, happy holidays !
  7. I'm on board with this idea. Good idea!
  8. The time has come.. After months of tweaking & balancing CoX and making it fit Ely, we've allowed the use of 'Alternative Accounts' while raiding and we now think it's a good time to put it to a halt. We think it's too overpowered for one player to bring in two alt accounts with them to have 3 chances at a roll for a unique. From now on, there will be a zero tolerance rule for raiding with yourself & alt accounts. Those caught will be hit with a one and final warning, and repeated offenses will lead to permanent IP bans.
  9. Just some more small additions, fixes, adjustments this week - we wanted to refine more aspects of the game by enhancing already existing mechanics from RS and making them functional for Ely. Edimu's, Amulet of Blood Fury, Barehanded Hunter catching, Coal bag smelting, and a few more small things that were pending completion in the Bug Report section of the forums. We'll be monitoring these more often and going back and fixing what we can, same goes for your Suggestions! Check out what we've done! Edimmu & Amulet of Blood Fury A new Slayer monster located within the Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon, in the room with Black Demons. You'll need 99 Dungeoneering to get inside and 95 Slayer to take on this new opponent. They are also on the Elite Slayer Tasks. Edimmu drop a Blood Shard which can be combined with ANY Amulet of Fury to create a Amulet of Blood Fury. The blood shard is tradeable, but the amulet of blood fury is not tradeable. Passive When attacking with melee the Amulet of Blood Fury has a 20% chance to heal you for 33% of the damage dealt. Charges The amulet has 30,000 charges and will degrade in combat, degrading to dust at 0 charges. You can recharge the amulet with 1 Cut Onyx and 1,000 blood runes restoring 3,000 charges. Collection Log Changes ‣ Added Raids to the collection log! ‣ Added Tiny Kree to boss logs with the rest of the GWD pets. ‣ Added Basilisk's Jaw, Dragon Limbs and Staff of the Dead to logs. Skilling Changes Barehanded Hunter You can now catch implings and butterflies with your bare hands! Provided you are 10 Hunter levels higher than the level required to catch with a net and jar. Coal bag smelting The coal bag will now work while smelting ore, and after you have used coal in your inventory the coal from the bag will be used Bug Fixes & Changes ‣ Balanced range weapon stats ‣ Fixed Zenyte ID in Legendary coffers. ‣ Fixed Toxic Staff of the Dead charging/uncharging ‣ Prevented Dart tips from working to load Toxic blowpipe. ‣ Updated the following drop tables: Nex | Kraken | Corp ‣ Added Slayer Helm passive to Custom Slayer Helms (Player customs + Overrides) ‣ T1/T3 Forlorn Primal weaponry now has the same stats as regular Primal weapons. ‣ Added Twisted bow passive to the Imbued Noxious longbow (Twisted bow Override). ‣ Praetorian Armor can now be used with Virtus T2 (T2 Eternals & all Spelllcaster colored gloves now work too)
  10. not all, just some of the ones that you find interesting, or you think others would find interesting - like clue logs etc.
  11. What a chad of an account, to say the very least. HUGE gains man - looking forward to seeing 2k hours Side note, include your CL!

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