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  1. Large support for all of this, this'll bring incredible and imo, much needed content for the wildy. My only addition to this thread is perhaps Vet'ion and Callisto as they do not currently exist in the wildy at the moment. Nice and well thought-out suggestion brother.
  2. Well said, and fantastic input. I do agree that this can definitely come off as a sort of a band-aid solution to the extensive amount of unwanted t2 items, but you're 100% right. We've just barely scratched the surface of Upgrading and we shouldn't be jumping the gun for more and more gems. That being said, I see as well as understand the thought process behind the upgrading of items way more clearly now, as I'm sure most of us do. I'll definitely be thinking of more realistic, less op, alternative ways to obtain gems. Thanks for clearing this up.
  3. Love you too, and your opinion, but in all honesty this is mainly aimed at new players. Things like dds and other low pvm gear like the dragon equipment we currently have has no use aside from gem farming.
  4. Agreed, at the current state, there is a decent amount of shit t2 items in the game with literally no use aside from alching them.
  5. You're right, perhaps we could wipe all of the existing items in return for pvm points. The only way to obtain these items are from bosses/mobs and an extensive amount of pvm points. They can be farmed, which is a good thing imo, that way we have something to spend the points on aside from supplies. Currently sitting at 20k of each supply myself, and I see no need for that many.
  6. At first I put 100% chance to receive 25%, but I mean if we're sacrificing items worth 1b+ each time for ~450m in gems, money and items are still exiting the game regardless.
  7. Hello all, the post and picture are pretty much self explanatory. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!
  8. I will do what I must.
  9. Iirc, Drygores are overides, and I think they're in the works for upgrades. As far as bgloves and the sara ammys, definitely will add to the list.
  10. Hey nerds, per @Will's request here's a list of suggestions for the chesticle. Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments to what you'd personally like to see in the chest! weps/shields/jewelry primal battleaxe primal warhammer primal 2h chaotic shields dragon warhammer dragon dagger (remove from shops) dragon 2h granite maul (remove from shops) korasi dark bow armadyl battlestaff polypore staff t2 (t3 inf casts) abyssal vine whip/tenticle toxic/trident t2 (t3 inf casts) arcane stream necklace tyranical ring treasonous ring ring of the gods onyx ring (i) ring of vigour (increased special attack saving, 10%>15%) amulet of zealots (increased prayer accuracy/damage 10%>15%) tokhaarkal dt gloves (increased accuracy) dragonfire shields -edit- sara crossbow/sword+amulets (hiss, murmur, whisper) barrows gloves armors battle-mage set trickster set vanguard set elite/void set(s) pvp armor t2 (t3) disciple set (str bonus addition?) ganodermic t2 (t3) barrows t2 (t3) fighter torso/hat blessed dhide sets infinity set
  11. NOW WE"RE GAMIN BOYS. FIRE UP THEM NEW CLIENTS LADS! p.s cheers for the roiddragon fix, shit was busted.
  12. Cool video bossman, one thing I would add is to upgrade your recording software. I'd recommend using OBS, there's plenty of tutorials on YT to learn how to use it and it would make your videos more approachable imo! I can see you going far and I look forward to maybe a series of some sort
  13. Support, more content = more fun

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