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  1. There might be an interger overflow with the values. Could be fixed I assume, but @Mattwould have to look into it. On a huge side note, you're a fucking mad man.
  2. Prayer scrolls will be used to unlock the turmoil equivalent(s) in the near future. As far as the Dark Relic goes, this will likely be replaced with Twisted Horns (Slayer helm upgrade).
  3. +1, dz is sorta dull at the moment, would love to see it get some love sometime in the future.
  4. Would be a nifty feature however, I don't think it'll be possible from a coding standpoint - although I could be completely wrong. Use this setting if you already don't have it selected already; it'll allow you to spam titan/familiar specs (don't forget your summoning flasks :D). For this, sometimes if your character is standing diagonally from whatever you're attacking - the familiar WILL auto retaliate. It's just a bit buggy and hard to position your char sometimes.
  5. https://gyazo.com/051c5ecaf48a9b05bf5e4922f1b27a57 if you use a toxic bile on an already made Deadly toxic BP, it'll indeed delete the toxic bile.
  6. +1, runespan stinks sometimes. This gives us a better use for slayer points too.
  7. Massive support here, most importantly for the bots. We should 100% have bots running around in minigames for people that just can't find a team or players to do the minigames with them. Would solve a lot of headache for irons/mains going for BR/PC rewards. Same for LMS, would be fun to toss a few bots around for fun.
  8. Hello all, I think it's a great idea to add more RL plugins to the client. If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see, drop them in the comments below. https://runelite.net/plugin-hub/ I'd love to see: Raids Scouter Tile Indicators Profit Tracker
  9. +1, this should decrease the amount of uneven sets.
  10. Glad to have ya man! Server is a ton of fun with decently quick progression in terms of exp and drops (depends on rng lol). I've always been the skiller type, such as yourself - and ever since finding this server, I've been more involved with pvm than I ever have in my time of playing RS. Ah yes, the Tileman Adventure - such a great, unique piece of content that I'm sure a lot of us would enjoy. We DO have Runelite, and with that comes some of the plugins. It's just a matter of time before the notable plugins get added. So for sure in the future! Cya n game boss man
  11. Been experiencing this bug for about a month now.

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