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  1. Kari


    Love it, thank you so much!
  2. Kari


    Your sigs are amazing Dragoncin, if you got the time I'd love a new signature My only wish is that it includes my cheesy cunt
  3. That's a lot of kills :l Congratulations though, that's sexy
  4. Welcome to Ely! Good luck on the Hardcore grind and have fun
  5. Sure why not. I couldn't bother sorting it out more than this Main, Kari2 Junk bank, Karis bank
  6. Good guide man, will surely help a lot of people out (myself included hehe)
  7. I was so sure I fixed that the other day But it should be fixed on the next update
  8. Welcome to Ely, nice to see you again! Hope you have as much fun on Ely as we all did back on zarpor
  9. Kari

    Typing Test

    Better than last time, still suck though
  10. Yeah SoF sucks, but cool to see what you can get
  11. It's been quite a while since I last played this, but other than a few bugs it seems like it's the same one I remember playing back in the day. It was pretty fun even with just the limited gear selections, but of course as you played it longer it got a bit repetitive and boring. Some people actually got past wave 250 in one go back then, but I bet it took way too long and was boring as fuck lol. I agree with your points and I think the minigame has a lot of potential if we rework it properly, support.
  12. You're a real gaymer! Gz on this achievement, many grinds
  13. Support! Wildywyrm is pretty much useless, make it worthwhile at least
  14. Kari


    Hey, welcome to Ely! Hope you enjoy your stay
  15. That's a nice idea and all, but my suggestion was more towards being able to "broadcast" your kc to others in general, friends or clan chat, similar to how runelite does it on os.
  16. It would be pretty cool to have a KC command that would display your kill count for an npc in the chat for example: ::kc bandos and it would say "Kari2: General Graardor kill count: 69 and so on, preferably including general monster kills like slayer monsters and such. We are already tracking monster kills in the kill log, so if possible it could fetch the info from there.
  17. I am pretty sure that you can not get these as a medium slayer task: Turoth, Cave Horror & Dust Devil. In Skilling - Support II you are required to slay these monsters and without being able to get them as a task, that is impossible.
  18. The "restore prayer points" achievements are hard to complete when your prayer points don't drain with the patron donator perk. A toggle for that perk would be nice.
  19. Great job guys, looking forward to completing some achievements!

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