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  1. Welcome to the server man, it's good to have you! I hope you'll enjoy your time here on ELY, it sure is a good time yes.
  2. That was a heartwarming story, thank you for sharing with us all on Ely RSPS. I always knew you had it in you, Boats. I had high hopes for you and you did not disappoint, you went out and you did it. You did it, and I knew you could. I am so proud of you, Boats. Thank you for the special mention, I'm glad I kept you going here. p.s boats4vet
  3. That is a great idea, I like it - Support
  4. Hello friends. Right now the skill xp boosting outfits are available in the skilling rewards shop for points, that has always been how you obtained them. Now there's been plenty of suggestions for said outfits and how they should be obtained, I'm probably piggybacking on some of them but with a twist. Achievement rewards, never heard of them? That doesn't surprise me, so I am here to bring forth an idea. I would like to see the outfits removed from the skilling shop altogether. It would free up space in the shop and give us the ability to add other beneficial rewards to the shop. I have three different ways to go about this but I personally like option 3 the best, I see it as a way to still use the old skilling outfits while providing some achievement rewards and more xp boost. This suggestion is in no way complete and is up for discussion, so I would very much appreciate your feedback 1. Current skilling outfits obtained from Achievement Rewards Remove all the outfits from the rewards shop and make the obtainable via skilling. Not the best way, but certainly the easiest. 2. New skilling outfits created for achievement rewards - old outfits obtained from doing said skills. Create all new outfits for every single "Skilling" skill: Runecrafting, Construction, Agility, Herblore, Thieving, Crafting, Fletching, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting and Farming. I'd even include Prayer and Summoning to make it fun. Each set includes at least 3 pieces and gives better boost than the old ones. I'm not sure if these outfits should be tradeable or not, up for further discussion. Old skilling outfits will be removed from the shop and obtained from doing skills instead. 3. A skilling item/accessory for achievement rewards - old outfits obtained from doing said skills. Create new item/s for each skill mentioned above. Having only one or two items for each skill would make it possible to also use the current skilling outfits while providing additional xp boost. Each item has a significantly better boost than the old ones. Make sure the item is in form of an accessory that does not conflict with the old skilling outfits so they can all be used together. The item should be untradeable. Old skilling outfits will be removed from the shop and obtained from doing skills instead.
  5. Kari


    Having saved up at least a few thousand spins myself, I support this 100% I would also like to add that SoF still needs a complete overhaul itself. The rewards are at best decent, with a bunch of useless shit that has no real value and sometimes you get a null as a reward lol A couple years ago I made a suggestion regarding this.
  6. 100% risk in wildy, everything drops on death >:) But nah I support, wildy dead af and no risk is boring
  7. Nice, interesting to see the potential gains? from these boxes thank you for showing us
  8. Oh my the doctor is in the house
  9. just play reg noob ot: no pots/brews - like the other suggestions
  10. What a great update. The pvm shop has finally gotten the revamp it needed and I love it, good job guys
  11. We've spoken a little already on discord and ingame, but thought I'd give you a proper welcome on the forums
  12. Support or "feedback" idk? thanks
  13. Merry Christmas Mike & everyone on Ely! quality sucks, it's from recording and I didn't fix settings lol
  14. Kari


    Heey, doing good, hbu?
  15. Yessss sign me up Discord: Kari#3011 Ingame name: Kari2
  16. Hey, welcome! Have fun
  17. Love the idea. I for example rarely pick up said drops, and honestly if I didn't have the auto coin pickup perk, I wouldn't pick gp drops either lol. This would give us a nice way to spend all these pvm points on
  18. Hadn't thought about that, but it could always be a different item used for the override, perhaps a future box item. But in the same theme as the sirenic blood
  19. What is up gUyS! My name is Kari and today I'm suggesting a NEW! item: Sirenic Blood Bow Similar to the Sirenic God bow worn by my good friend Gravity below, I'm suggesting either the addition of a sirenic blood bow, or the ability to combine an elite sirene blood shard with a graetios recurve bow Let me know what you think down below in the comments and don't forget to smash that like button!

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