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  1. Hey Trace welcome to Ely! Look forward to seeing you ingame
  2. I'm Xenith (Eoteon everywhere outside Ely) nice to meet yall and see some of you again. I started playing Zarpor in 2013 and played for many years, helped as a mod on there a few occasions, really fond memories. Tried to get back into rs3/osrs but I'm old now and don't wanna spend the time, I maxed once on rs3 that was enough for me. Seems like a private server is the place I need to scratch this runescape itch. Currently working as an Android Developer doin Java/Kotlin remotely and doin little things on the side. For games I really like Rocket League, Black Desert, Forza, Osu, Smite a
  3. Xenith

    Typing Test

    Best I could do in 5 tries, Tycho too good.
  4. Decided to spend my donation EP on some SoF spins to see whats up. Took about 3 hours to do them all. I forget how to embed images here so just gonna attach em. Some feedback on SoF: For the quantity you can buy the tickets a wheel animation skip would be great. You can sometimes get Nothing as a reward, probably shouldn't happen A lot of the resources get auto-deposited into the bank as a noted variant (I organized before taking a pic of this to see which ones, whoops) Spin loot in order (SL == Small Lamp):

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