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  1. This cape should be a comp t req +1 regardless though, 200m all skills and 200m cost to buy
  2. Congrats boat!!! I wasn't sure how far this account would go but you are really killing it!
  3. +1 can someone find me the statue we should use I can make this happen lol
  4. Yeah I agree with all of this, and imo comp t should be "too difficult" for a lot of players, it's always been a stretch goal for those players who did most of the content and were looking for something really challenging. Now challenging should be fun and enjoyable as much as we can make it but at the end of the day we are still on runescape and a lot of things are repetitive. I think a good approach here will be to clean up and balance our existing skilling challenges, add more pvm challenges around new content, we have raids and quite a few new slayer monsters around. Minigames are something I've been working with the other staff on, Zombie Waves has been my first target where we have a mix of a pretty lackluster minigame ontop of some absolutely ridiculous achievements (Reach wave 250??? Took me like 3 hours to get over 50) so I want to actually re balance how these minigames work a bit and then see about toning down/updating their related achievements after. Like Zombie Waves could be balanced out to have around 100 wave runs and scale the difficulty a lot quicker. Castle wars could have shorter games and more tickets per game. Unrelated to this thread slightly but I have been tinkering with a global minigame currency/shop see Thaler on rs3 that could fill in some gaps. Also with all the comp talk, we need to rebalance regular comp requirements and take peoples capes away if they don't meet new requirements. Should certainly fold in a certain achievement completion % for comp, even something like 40% for comp and 100% for comp t. Im planning to bump or start a new comp t thread when the time is right though, I know there is a lot of balancing and reworks to be done to existing content before we could feasibly ask anyone to complete everything to get it.
  5. No worries either way haven't heard about it from anyone else. I moved this to "Resolved" but will for sure look for a fix if we ever see it again
  6. Wouldn't hold out too long they won't be a bis place for pvm points or anything. They are already pretty nuts for loot as is
  7. Have you run into issue 2 at all recently? Curious if it was fixed through other work @easy mate

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