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  1. Freshly organized lots of totems and kq to do to fill in the fashion tab gaps
  2. I think there could be a better solution than just toggling the left click option for pots. Like if I use an empty flask on a potion it should attempt to fill the entire flask if I have additional pots of the same type in my inventory. Alternatively there could be something tagged onto the Camel Boy quest rewards (where you unlock automatic herb cleaning and turning into unf pots), you could go there with noted potions and noted empty flasks and use a "Convert to flasks" option, where it takes your empty flasks and pots then gives you full flasks. No support for toggl
  3. There's like a 3 second delay when using winter storage scrolls, so if you storage Item A then immediately go to storage Item B you get "You cant use this yet" but a scroll is still taken. Would be nice if there was just no delay for yak scrolls
  4. Can't edit but Chimp gave me something to fix it that worked out for me. Close both clients, open just one and let it run auto setup. Then launch your 2nd client and it should not be locked to safe mode.
  5. I always boot up 2 clients and in the past have had the occasional issue where the second client launched gets stuck in safe mode, can't swap graphics modes and DirectX isn't listed as an option. Normally I will restart the 2nd client and it's fine, after the update today though it seems like any client after the first is always stuck in safe mode. Tried running "%HOMEPATH%/.Ely/java/bin/java.exe" -jar %HOMEPATH%/.Ely/Client.jar but still locked in safe mode.
  6. Big Support! Been crafting on iron and crafting hides are very slow just due to the tanning process.
  7. Also your first post haha. Looking forward to it Mate thanks for hosting!!
  8. Support, you can have an absolutely great dg run but then it's killed by a 5-10 minute suicide mission of killing blink with wrath.
  9. Big support! Could add the nuggets to the living rock creature drop table as well to give them something useful.
  10. Welcome to Ely! Look forward to seeing you in game Is your name from your love of car drifting?
  11. Agreed with Boats it would be nice to get donor status without the EP. Finishing every single achievement could land you at 100 or even 250 total donated, it's A LOT to do. Rewards could be total donated to account per each set completed (Combat I, Combat II, Combat III, etc) and Achievement Reward Boxes awarded after completing each block of the set (Easy, Med, Hard, Elite). The number of boxes you get should depend on the difficulty of the block. I think it could be 3, 6, 9, 12 for each difficulty. Personally I think the reward boxes should be tradeable depending on the content
  12. Room inaccessible (Only ever seen this once, I believe that this was a non-critical path behind a 104 Str door if that matters) Can see into rooms before you open the door occasionally
  13. Tried having "Hide Others' Pet Options" unchecked and checked for this but still can't get to the aura shop if there's a pet here.
  14. Support on all 3, especially point 2. However the events hosted are from players donating items for them so it would have to be an Ely Official Event where they can actually spawn items into irons accounts.

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