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  1. You cant harvest any fruits from trees, my guy cuts the tree like an idiot when you click harvest. like papaya trees and such.
  2. When ghosts are deployed & cerberus dies at the same time = Ghosts dont spawn at all. It is very similiar with the old bug but this time ghosts are not visible.
  3. or maybe add empty flasks on store, that would be 1 easy step to fix this
  4. Can you guys make it an optional thing where, 1. if you finish the flask, it automaticly smashes the brew (as it is right now it doesnt leave an empty pot in your invertory) 2. if you finish the flask, it doesnt automaticly destroy the flask (this would be a nice ironman change since to make the flasks you need to mine stone then melt it & make flasks. it takes its own time to make them.)
  5. support everything here
  6. We have a leaderboard for the fastest kills but can we get a leaderboard for the most kills? would make nice competition for all of us to reach #1
  7. Could rework fishing a bit in skill zone, make them little more clear to what is what. Add monkfish / manta / karambwans. Maybe even add Leaping trout/salmon/sturgeon for alternative way of getting agility xp while fishing (same way as catching snowy butterflies gives agility xp). Open for any comments
  8. that dragonbone magic set looks sad, hit me up for the hat.
  9. Chimpamzee


    i have tested this with nex. after reset titan wont hit a shit. after few specs titan hits constantly
  10. and if they could make the prayer switches rotational would be nice.
  11. Chimpamzee


    issue here is with dragon warhammers / BGS specs. For example; you spec corporeal beast 20 times, lower its defence to 0 & after it respawns again its defence is still 0. After server updates, everything gets refreshed. All of the bosses defence is back up. In nutshell the defence never goes back up after its dead but only when server restarts. idk if u guys ever noticed that

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