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  1. Great fixes, looks like Matt the exterminator has come to fix the bug problem.
  2. this happends if you kill zulrah, teleport, enter the instance fast. The previous zulrah you killed spawns in again.
  3. notice if you used warhammer spec youve lowered its defence.
  4. yess blink is pain in the ass, agreed.
  5. Hey, there is a little problem going on with group iron men For example: Iron man 1 is in cerberus instance & iron man 2 enters in any other instance like zulrah, ruins etc etc, This will teleport iron man 1 in an empty space. Here is me iron man 1. i was in ruins, got teleported in empty space when my other fellow gim entered cerberus instance
  6. sorry was tired while making that ive edited the correct item in there now.
  7. helloo lovely people once again im here thinking stuff Heres my suggestion today: I was thinking the best places for a ironman to farm gems. As we all know yes you can get them from gem stall & venenatis. Now there is a way to turn stardust for gem bags. Heres a small description of the gem bag from wiki: Increase stardust gain from the meteors to make it more useful. This would be a great way for ironmen to get gems they need for bolts or crafting! Please comment what do you think, if you support the idea or not!
  8. Cant wait for the result, good luck bud!
  9. Mainly cosmetic. Different small perks would also be nice
  10. Yes and please take look at topic 4449 for more broken achievements.
  11. ive suggested this before. i lost my primal rapier to a void bone.......................

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