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  1. i would if my item editor wouldn't look like this
  2. thats beta. gotta wait for update
  3. @[email protected] [email protected] E N O @DevilSkag @Matt think we done with this one
  4. also ice demon has 35k hp havent got the 2 muttadiles yet but their hp might aswell be high
  5. adjust skeletal mystics too pls 1 of em has 480 hp and 2 others 40k
  6. also tekton has a bit... too much hp for a 2 man raid also Skeletal mystics have 40k hp
  7. yeea you guys are right yes, i just want more bosses to kill
  8. ah its not the dragonfire ward, its all of the sirenic body's that make your stomach go weird like sirenic ice & sirenic blood
  9. When you equip dragonfire ward and proceed to shoot with a crossbow, your character takes a lil weird shape on stomach. Makes you look like an letter S
  10. When superior slayer monsters were released, their items were broken. Imbued heart doesn't work at all. Dust battlestaff doesn't have its passives of unlimited dust runes Mist battlestaff doesn't have its passives of unlimited mist runes. Eternal gem could be used for something else, for example if player completes a slayer task with eternal necklace on he would earn extra points from completing a task or player could choose every 5 tasks the slayer task.
  11. when you click somewhere far away and click the monster at the same time, your player wants to achieve of walking far away first instead of attacking the monster, this causes a lot of problems and anger
  12. Hello ladys & gents. Today im bringing an suggestion, feel free to implement your opinion and support if you'd like to see this happen at some point. I am suggesting today few things starting off with The Gauntlet boss ''Crystalline Hunllef''. Here is a small description of Crystalline hunllef & what it can do The Hunllef also rotates its prayers every 30 seconds, so you will need to use melee, range, magic styles. Could make full Gauntlet or just an instance of the boss. Players could kill crystalline monsters to earn an enchanted crystal key inorder to enter the boss instance to kill it once or 5 times a key (works like a nex key). There is also a Corrupted hunllef that is harder than the original boss. Could make the players choose if they wanna kill the easier version or the harder one. Killing the boss gives player crystalline shards, chance for blade of sealdor, chance for bow of faerdhinen, The gauntlet cape, hunllef boss pet, crystal weapon seed, crystal armour seed, enchanted crystal weapon seed & much more. Here's the drop table that the boss itself would have. also could add something else to drop table too Could also make an crafting system out of the crystal seeds with crystal shards The crystalline monsters could have their own crystal cave to kill them, could make a custom drop table for them too and
  13. Chimpamzee


    All of the dragons seems to weirdly attack from very far distances with melee.
  14. or make it so the ''open'' option identifies as a jar drop pls..
  15. might be that the jar id is wrong in the achievements, atleast the zulrah jar

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