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  1. Step 1: wear a fully charged Tanzanite serp helm/Blowpipe. Step 2: check items kept on death Step 3: attack a spider or any monster once. Step 4: helm/pipe uncharges immidietly.
  2. Hey. There is a small bug going on with Serpentine helm & blowpipe (Not sure if this is the same with normal serpentine helmet as i have tanzanite serp helm). If you have a charged Serpentine helm or Blowpipe (doesnt matter how much scales or darts is in there), if you check ''Items kept on death'' tab & afterwards go pvm. Once the monster hits you once, serp helm/blowpipe is immidietly uncharged. Might of be the same with ''Show Equipment Stats'' tab.
  3. good update, love the fixes below.
  4. can we please use them on other people in dice
  5. This would be great idea. Could see it working.
  6. Holy shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thank you guys for everything!
  7. Out of curiosity i tested what happends if i claim my reward on Ultimate iron man. Results were not surprising. I got sword, staff, swifts, spellcaster. i got non in my backpack. they just disappeared. soo UIM's cant recieve dom tower rewards
  8. see if you can do something about the titan combat, as it dances around like an idiot sometimes. & love the nex set pvp changes. now people have to actually risk something! other than that love the update, keep up the great work!
  9. completely agree w kari here. & also removing nomad + useless cutscenes
  10. dont flame me for my opinion but 70% of these changes not a fan
  11. stores and all nice changes but imo removing the well nop.

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