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  1. can we please use them on other people in dice
  2. This would be great idea. Could see it working.
  3. Holy shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thank you guys for everything!
  4. Out of curiosity i tested what happends if i claim my reward on Ultimate iron man. Results were not surprising. I got sword, staff, swifts, spellcaster. i got non in my backpack. they just disappeared. soo UIM's cant recieve dom tower rewards
  5. see if you can do something about the titan combat, as it dances around like an idiot sometimes. & love the nex set pvp changes. now people have to actually risk something! other than that love the update, keep up the great work!
  6. completely agree w kari here. & also removing nomad + useless cutscenes
  7. dont flame me for my opinion but 70% of these changes not a fan
  8. stores and all nice changes but imo removing the well nop.
  9. fully support this thread just becaus there are even some asses dedicated to troll ironmens in bosses. imagine spending 10 minutes at grae and then someon walks in a swoops your kill. not once not twice but 7 times. its frustrating. yes there is instances and shit but i dont really wanna risk my UIM in an instance just so my client can freeze and loose all the progress in seconds.
  10. Lets start Bug #1. The log of Queen Black Dragon does not work properly. Also kill count is not rising & its missing in NPC kill log. Bug #2 Tortured Soul will freeze you even after killing it (Sometimes) This Tortured Soul's mission is to cast a spell to freeze you for a short period of time. Sometimes even if you kill the soul, it still freezes you. Bug #3. Getting stuck in the rising chamber in the middle of area. When you activate the last crystal [middle back] and the chamber rises, if you run too fast in the middle you may get stuck inside of it. After that youre just stuck in the middle like a donkey and you cant enter the chamber for the reward……...……... Bug #4. Queens fire waves rarely can still be active inside the reward chamber Upon killing the queen & at the same time she sends 3 fire waves towards you, when you enter the chamber at the same time, waves will follow you inside. Becaus of the small loading time this bug will get you killed inside the chamber. This bug is very rare. Bug #5 lation is either glued to the ground? This man hasnt moved in a month? Is he alive?

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