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  1. not unfortunately but gz :D!
  2. A specific armour set could be added like obsidian armour set
  3. Turn 1 point into 2M cash Turn 2 points to a Crystal key
  4. Hello people of Ely, i am currently at your service. As of currently i've reworked some of the following NPC drop tables. Please suggest me more NPC's you would like to see have an osrs drop table. Also if there is any new items or changes they will be notified. Abyssal demon - Done (Added Abyssal dagger to drop table) Gargoyle - Done Bloodveld - Done Crawling hand - Done Banshee - Done Dark beast - Done Greater Demon - Done Kurask - Done (Added Leaf-bladed Battleaxe to drop table) Dust Devil - Done (Added Dust Battlestaff to drop table) Skeletal Wyvern - Done (Added Granite legs, Granite body to drop table) Brutal Blue Dragon - Done Brutal Red Dragon - Done (Replaced normal draconic visage to ranged visage Brutal Black Dragon - Done (Replaced normal draconic visage to magic visage)
  5. 1. Home teleports tele to previous-destination doesnt work 2. With Ancient spellbook & Lunar spellbook upon teleporting out of instance (for example ruins), it bugs completely out. you cant use bank commands etc becaus the game thinks you are still in instance instance bug.mp4
  6. There are once again few problems with cerberus. 1. Rarely cerberus spawns 2x ghosts on top of eachother that can deal 1800 damage to player (impossible to survive as there could be different ghosts underneath eachother making it unavoidable damage) 2. Cerberus ghosts are sphagetti like creatures:
  7. i uuh.. Made something. Unfortunately the noob i am i dont know how to put like charging, and passives yet. But nothing is impossible my friend. After raids we probably gonna have some items added Staff of the dead.mp4
  8. So gorillas finally got some use of those wings.
  9. Lets not forget our zombie waves struggle yea.. Painful it was

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