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  1. ''Fight Caves'' in elite step you need to obtain jad pet. Currently i have the jad pet but its not ''completed''. As i cant obtain another jad pet or even roll the capes anymore
  2. Hey boss, you able to make 1 with hydra? would love it
  3. This would be a very good idea tbh! i hope this is possible tho.
  4. i will try to add alot of achievements here & if you want to change some numbers i am fine with it: Combat IV: elite: Use Steel titan special 2500 times Monsters I: Medium: Kill 100 venenatis Kill 100 kraken kill 100 vorkath kill 100 demonic gorillas Kill 10 Queen Black Dragon Hard: kill 250 venenatis kill 250 kraken kill 250 vorkath kill 250 demonic gorillas kill 50 Queen Black Dragon Elite: kill 500 venenatis kill 500 kraken kill 500 vorkath k
  5. New Achievement suggestion: Monsters 1 Achievements Kill 500 Demonic gorillas Kill 250-500 Vorkath Kill 100 QBD Kill 250 Cerberus Kill 250 Kraken
  6. heres little evidence, i opened medium caskets and got the blue dragonhide from it (Blue dragonhide is a hard casket reward)
  7. Another same double achievement in (monsters 2 medium) section & (support 2 hard) section: Obtain an Abyssal whip drop. Also same 2 sections have the ''Obtain an dark bow drop'' achievement.
  8. ''monsters 1'' There is 2 of the same achievements in medium section: Kill 100 iron dragons This could be changed to kill 100 dragons in wildy?
  9. This is no biggie but there is 2 Achievements (Support 2 Elite): Obtain Draconic Visage drop (Monsters 2 Medium): Obtain Draconic Visage drop 2 of the same achievements in different category. So im introducing a new idea for the support 2 elite step: Obtain 5 Kits from graetoriax? Or perhaps something else.
  10. ''monsters 1'' Gain 100 saradomin kill count is not progressing. Tried killing warriors, mages, priests nothing worked.
  11. ''monsters 1'' Kill 100 mith dragons doesnt work, kills wont progress.
  12. Everytime you complete queen black dragon kill it triggers new time record even if you are slow as a turtle. I am currently going to grind QBD to the point i have log completed so i will inform you what item doesnt work for collection log. As of now dragon journal 1 doesnt work for collection log (recently discovered). there MAY BE more that dont work but ill let you guys know in the future.
  13. While opening medium caskets i got blue dragonhide chaps (T) & this reward is from a hard casket table. I think this might be the reason why people cant get green dragonhide chaps (T) on medium caskets. Can one of you guys check it please? Small bug but important for collection log : )
  14. heres an idea for the passive effect on the full armour set, it will deflect any damage like 30-40% back to the boss/mob
  15. Yes unfortunately me & grav had to experience that pain today. Took us 9 hours.

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