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  1. hey team, the new update has just been launched and iv noticed after a little while, on my lvl 3 "sale" acount i cant equip anything, im trying to wear fancy boots, flaming skull, a sled, nothing will work and everything says you need level 80 slayer for this. just a minor bud atm, ill leave it with ya's
  2. would be awesome to see a comp cape imbued with kiln/fire cape real glad to see some of these updates here tho, looking forward to a smoother running client
  3. Hey team just a quick one here, i died earlier and im pretty sure i had a rocktail protect over my t2 grae def and it being an instance i lost it kek. was wondering if you can change the value of a grae def as i believe its like under 50k or some weird shit. Also my "Defender of steve" is only worth 6k so if that could be increased too thatd be nice.
  4. Dungeoneering; 1. there is the puzzle room where the 2 southern sets of statues must match the top 2 sets. Walking and manoeuvring around these statues is annoying asf because you cant simply click on the opposite side of the statue as it is bugged. only a little inconvenience but a fix would be nice. 2. The room with the ghost, a ring, tomb and the 4 burners that must be lit with 4 herbs. twice in a row when doing this room, once all 4 burners are lit, the ghost disappears and you cannot finish the room, and if this is early in a dung you miss out on doors that you probably need. i have had to quit a few dgs because of this 3. Walking through doors/guardian doors sometimes makes you backstep instead of going through, making you have to click on the door again. 4. walking through doors/guardian doors and getting stuck in the wall Regular gameplay bugs 1. A couple times now withdrawing money from my pouch has made it dissapear. I cant remember all the details but the first time i withdrew 2100m from my pouch and had something around a few mill in my inv, withdrew and it left me 1 gp in my pouch and 1 gp in my inv. The last time it happened i withdraw a max scroll, i had 1 spare inv place, enough for the scroll but the scroll dissapeared and was left with the loose change. 2. Nex is still dropping un-noted drops such as grimy torstals, gems and more. This is all i can remember for now team
  5. Delete

    visual bugs

    Hey team, just thought id post some visual bugs iv seen lately 1. climbing up the stairs at dom tower is creating a white screen where im forced to relog, happening around every 3-5 floors 2. my player has a bold spot, the haircut is a mullet (lol) 3. tiles around home and especially in edge bank have been wigging out, sometimes for eg the carpet dissapears on certain tiles and sometimes the tiles go grey or sometimes even all weird and colorful 4. when having two accounts logged in, sometimes one account will have a whitescreen where you can see npcs, players and the ground, walking further away from alt acc makes this go away but it sucks not being able to have 2 accs at edge 5. not sure if this is fixable but for a good 2 months or so my fps sits at 1-14 fps. very annoying and it is lower when i have another acc logged in. think this is mainly at edge but it nearly makes it unplayable. hopefully it can get fixed because even only having one account logged in on minimal def it still lags. also opening a web browser (like the forums to make this post rn) logs out my accounts. not sure if this is a problem with my laptop but its only a year old and id assume its capable of running 1 client on lowest def, as it used to do with no problems 6. weilding certain items creates a whitescreen (5heads bone scythe) 7. unable to change from safemode to directx/opengl these are just some i can remember atm but have been consistent over the last month or so (apart from dom tower which i only noticed today)
  6. Hey team, it has come ot my attention that when you die, you will always lose your BR Aura. in my opinion this is shit because its pretty hard to grind out the points for it as its not quiet a busy minigame, i feel we should be able to keep them on death. The way i see it, we grind away for items like chaotic rapier etc and we get to keep it forever, i feel like if these were treated the same itd be alot nice to those who work hard for them, iv heard of someone grinding 20 hrs + for a t4 healer and lost it :C lets get these auras safe on death CAN I GET A HELL YEA BROTHA
  7. first tab combat tab
  8. yeah but you cant talk to everyone at that spot and its lonely
  9. yeah i was thinking just on the corner of the building 3 or so squares across. Also the run to the bank is only a handful of squares away, thats if you dont use ;;b i understand we dont want to defeat the purpose of the skilling zone but saying that there is alot of stuff to do at the skill zone all in one place so it wont really be made redundant imo, i just feel people would appreciate it and use it and over all it would have a positive reaction

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