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  1. first tab combat tab
  2. yeah but you cant talk to everyone at that spot and its lonely
  3. yeah i was thinking just on the corner of the building 3 or so squares across. Also the run to the bank is only a handful of squares away, thats if you dont use ;;b i understand we dont want to defeat the purpose of the skilling zone but saying that there is alot of stuff to do at the skill zone all in one place so it wont really be made redundant imo, i just feel people would appreciate it and use it and over all it would have a positive reaction
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to add a suggestion that i think alot of others would enjoy. Now we all love a good stand at edgeville, and its even nice that we can chop ivy and even firemake at the bonfire whilst still being socal at home. It would be really cool if an anville was added right near the fire, even beside the building with all the shops in it. Thought it would just be real nice to not be secluded at ;;tele skill grinding away. i know this might not appeal so some players but for legends who aim to reach max xp it would be great qol update
  5. just finished floors 1-59. done 59 atleast twice now and it wont tick so i cant go to floor 60 or reset. with some bosses, you cannot see their protect from melee prayer binding items still doesnt work sometimes game freezes leaving dg EDIT: it turns out i cant start floor 60 because im only lvl 118. (due to legend mode) this is why i cant restart.
  6. hey guys, something iv always thought would be a great idea is something that allowed us to leave items valued over the 2147m amount and above on offer for sale, also offers to buy items above the max cap. This would be very efficient and it is such a pain looking for that certain exclusive item or that anguish necklace and you dont know who to get one off ect. It would also allow us to make these exchanges whilst we are logged out just like the ge. I imagined even just a board set up at edge and once clicked it just opened an interface where you could place the items and set the amount, it wo
  7. Delete


    this is awesome man, any chance you could get one that has my forum profile picture here and it says crazy steve ?!
  8. Hey guys, iv just come close to finishing my reaper set, just purchased my greataxe but im unable to weild it with the reaper shield. can we please make them both weildable at the same time, so make the greataxe 1h? it wont be used in cb often its more of a fashionscape thing, and i thought i remembered seing the original post with the reaper wearing all its gear so it would be great to change it to 1h please.
  9. Nice! Good to see.some long awaited requests fulfilled
  10. hey, i tried to sell 2 of my 3rd age hatchets in the ge, put them in and it said "null", tried to pull them out and they vanished. had other items say nulll in ge before like totem pieces but they never dissapeared like this

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