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  1. WTB green or yellow phat. pls reply or message DQ / Crazy steve thankyou
  2. Hey guys, Dq here. Lately i have been trying to find out a way that other people in the ironmen clan can invite people. At the moment I as the owner of the clan am the only one able to invite people. I have tried swapping some of the members and my alt to overseer / deputy owner (rank) and it still says "you do not have permission to do this" so im not sure if im doing something wrong or what but please get back to me if you have a solution also please refer to my suggestion that might be more of a bug report at topic 4031, cheers guys
  3. From yours truly, Dq / Crazy Steve. 20200730_151622.mp4
  4. the title says it all, i was praying mage and had atleast half health and plenty of prayer, all of a sudden a red attack 1 hit me, it looked similar to the retribution prayer also pls move the living mineral rocks at dz over 1 space so all 4 can be utilized, thankyou
  5. Hey guys Dq here, just wanted to leave a quick suggestion that i would help get clans' names out there and for people to find a crew of people that suits them. We are currently able to get a clan cape and vexillum from clan camp, but we are unable to place the vexillums on the ground which allows people to read the vexillum. With the ability to plant these and view them in game will give people the opportunity to find the clan that might be specified for their country, language, game mode etc. it currently has the right click option but it doesnt work. Also figured id just note that with the clan cape, when customizing it, we are unable to change the top "R" symbol which only leaves the bottom customizable, figured it might be a quick fix. personally im in the ironman clan and its hard to get the word out there by myself alone, i feel these would be a good touch to the game, cheers
  6. Just another little suggestion, normally in the skill tab you can set a target level and have your progress slowly go up, the skill tab has the option on right click but its just not coded in. cheers
  7. Hey guys, Dq here. i wanted to raise an idea i had, which i found very handy on the last server i played. I wanted to bring up the idea of being able to use an item on a bank/banker and it will note all of those items in your inventory, and if you use the noted item (for eg, 14 copper ore) on the bank, the noted items un-note, as you can imagine. This is particularly a nice qol thing to have around, especially on those long grind getting skills up, especially for legens or people aiming for 200m in certain skills. Some times, you might just have your noted logs in your inv, you use it on the bank and you are ready to light another inv, it doesnt seem much but sometimes a quick slight of hand or ability to do a number of things in a few clicks helps, especially if you are having a rather laggy day. Sometimes things bug out and depositing and withdrawing stuff in the bank wigs out, this way its nice and quick and clean. I hear UIM already has this so i think its only fair we all have it, but i just wanted to suggest it because i think this game would be that bit better with the option. cheers
  8. Even if we will be on a seperate legend leaderboard, all the easy accounts that have trained up should not be refered to as legends as they simply havnt been the entirety of thier account.
  9. Dq here. No support for the convertion of all irons into legend accs. iv worked hard for where i am and it will be a major kick in the nuts to have everyone suddenly ranked the same as us. part of the reason i like this game is the wide variety of difficulties availiable on all game modes.

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