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    completely agree, never even attempted on my iron only did in a team on steve, support.
  2. hey team, so last weekend i wanted to spend my afternoon at kbd and farm some double pvm pts, but unfortunatley it was only going up by the usual 1100 or so. another iron came along and i asked if it was doing it to him and it was, so i bought an instance and the problem still happened. not sure about any other nps' but itd be nice if it was back to normal on sunday
  3. Hey team, so i noticed that with the new HCIM leaderboard/highscores it isnt the same as the legacy leaderboards. I was under the assumption that if you surpass total level 1500 and die, your name and those current stats stay on the leaderboard. So i have played 2 easy hcims since the update, one got to 2400+ total level and the other 2300+ before dying, and unfortunatly they arnt up on the leaderboard with the skull and bones. I might have missed something here but i thought this was how it was ment to work, either way cheers guys
  4. hey guys, so i have noticed this one over a few of my accounts. Every time i was there using a gilded altar. so it normally goes ill be an inventory in or so and maybe every few trips, any other player in the house or on screen go invisible. i cant see them and they cant see me. we can usually communicate in the friends chat and it normally goes homeowner: hey steve did you leave bro? i cant see you me: nah cunts fucked so everytime this happens and they dissapear, it finishes the inventory of bones but you cant walk anywhere, and if you tele you get the white screen, making you ne
  5. hey guys just a quick one, charms dont seem to be picking up on my crazy steve acc at arrav, think others are having a few problems too currently armadyl donor rank
  6. hey guys, got assigned the easy task of swamp lizards on my hcim mad cunt. got there, killed one after using the ice block or w/e on it, went on to attack the next one and it says it only has 1hp, i cant do dmg to it i can only use the ice whatever on it and it dissapears. no xp either haha so yeah sus task anyway but hope this helps cheers
  7. Will you be available at this day & time:yes In-game Username crazy steve Discord Username: delete ill be there available in case someone can't make it! #2
  8. good stuff lation and team, some good content here
  9. support, can we maybe include an option to have our butler follow us in building mode to mate note exchanges like 2010 rs?
  10. this is what i stumble across when the server is down -.-
  11. hey. iv just logged in to see my clan cape/vex defaulted back to the original, i checked my clan and it says im not in a clan, and all other members have left too. i tried to rejoin my "ironmen" clan and it wont let me. very sad
  12. Hey guys, i killed 2 graes at an instance and didnt get xp or a drop, ill note that at this time there was a 1 hr event on for grae and there was a bunch of people at the regular spot on lootshare

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