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  1. Gl hf, I did make a hcim legend and would join on this grind but just dont have the time atm
  2. Damn nice contribution Kemi. Very nice guide.
  3. [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~##########################################################
  4. Nicky

    Save the Date

    Ah yeah sorry boats our bad. Sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Nicky

    Save the Date

    Hell even our own staff has said that shit in discord and ingame multiply times..
  6. Hey my dude, welcome to ely. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  7. I dont think it's really needed and i think the tele kaotic was on about is this one (::tele metal) this will take you to a place that has a bunch of iron and steel dragons.
  8. Nicky


    Welcome back my dude.
  9. Gz to kemi for making it on staff team and gz to Jordan for making it to Mod both fit into the rolls perfectly. Just waiting on my demote now I aint only Mod.
  10. Nicky

    Max clan

    Hello all, Are the dedicated to grinding and want to join others that are too? Look no further then "Max Clan". This Clan was made for those people who have achieved Max Cape in game and won't to join those who have done so too. Everyone in this clan have goals after maxing and are happy to help one another, including yourself if you make it in. If you wish to join just message any of us in-game or on discord and speaking of discord Max Clan have there own discord so when you join make sure that we invite you to it. Some of you may be aware the Kyle made a post about Max clan along time back. Well I can't edit that and he is also banned from the server and Max Clan so I decided to make this one to keep it updated. Requirements to join Must be maxed. Nothing else Rules of clan 1. Respect. 2. Loyalty. 3. Anything below Admin stays as it is now. 4. Admin req = Comp Cape + Discussed by Higher Ranks 5. Admins keep CC clean, they are not allowed to promote. 6. Higher ranks are given out by owners with a vote. 7 Coord+ Keeps track of admins, report back to ranks above 8 If a member of Maxed does something that doesnt meet the standards of Maxed he is suspended untill further notice. 9 Maxed Clan is known as the best clan with the most well known players ingame. We want to keep it that way 10 If there is a situation where the rules cant be applied. The highest rank available has the final call. 11 Some members may be promoted to a higher rank if they get a 4/4 vote, even when they dont meet the req’s. How to achieve higher ranks once in Max Clan Recruit - Minimum total XP required: 335, 865, 424. Corporal - Total XP required: 400m + Sergeant - Total XP required: 550m + Lieutenant - Total XP required: 750m + Captain - Total XP required 1b+ General - Total XP required 1.5b + All ranks after general are discussed and approved before being granted to a player. Meeting the XP requirements does not mean you will be automatically promoted. Admin - Players need: 1.75b xp, comp Cape + will be discussed by the clan leaders. Organiser - Players need: 2b xp, Comp Cape + will be discussed by clan leaders and voted on. Player needs to get 4/6 votes. Coordinator - Players need: 2.5b XP, Comp Cape + will be discussed by clan leaders and voted on. Player needs to get 6/6 votes. Overseer - Players cannot apply for this role, role will be awarded to clan members who go above and beyond the call of duty. Current Owners/Co-Owners Jake Kari Nick Flip (dunno y dudes inactive af 😛 still ❤️ him doe) Nicky
  11. Nicky

    SoF spins

    I like both ideas. Specially a Buff to the rewards. The rewards (minus Lamps) are pretty much useless and if like a few of us have a 5B account then even the lamps are useless. Im sat with around 1300 spins with no reason what so ever to use them. As for the amount of spins per day. I would they are fine. gives people another reason to donate if rewards are buffed and the spins are added in.
  12. Like you said pointless but something interesting. Defo be good addition for those that are into their fashionscape
  13. Nicky

    forums wtf

  14. god damn it. well we are done for.

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