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  2. Congrats on comp boats. Big progress for the account.
  3. Both these achievements uder Combat III cant be completed. Not sure if this is to do with unlimited rune perk.
  4. I've tried using a bow, cbow, darts, knifes and even tried punching my way threw the waves and yet im unable to complete "Defeat Jad without Armor"
  5. Love this idea. I know I had an idea that is kinda like achievement diaries in rs. So if all easy tasks under a category like general you can get a some sort of helmet and just like in rs as u complete each tier of tasks the rank increases from helmet 1 through to helmet 4 for all achievements done. So if general gives helmet, combat will give lets say a platebody, skilling platelegs and minigames some sort of shield. Also the achievement dairy cape being a reward for those that have completed every single achievement would be pog. I've also thought that maybe just the cape but different tier of said cape so maybe the green on the achievement cape is turned to white. Then once all easy and mediums are complete the cape turns to red, then orange once all hards are complete then to the standard green for all achievements
  6. I went to kill Brutal red dragons at Catacombs and noticed that they where not counting towards the brutal red dragon kc for the achievement dairy however would add towards normal red dragons. Looking in the console it would say I've killed a Brutal red dragon not a regular red dragon.` Also noticed that under the Monster I achievements that brutal red dragons is spelt, brtual red dragon.
  7. Ok yeah, I will admit I may have overlooked that side of the argument. Thinking more along the lines of I really don't want to have to do achievements that I would have unlocked on my way to 5b but I do to do it again. I remember trying to work out how Comp T req should have been and having plenty of arguments with people because what I asked for was "Too difficult" but saying it's meant to be a grind and only the most elite should have the right to earn it. With this being said maybe making some of the achievements harder would actually be the right way to look at it. For example moving the 99 Requirements to Medium tasks, 25mil to Hard, and 200m being new to elite. Adding CoX Kills to Monster I being 1,25,50,100 and drops to Monster II. With the equipable drops being added to Elite Tasks of Combat I/IV respectfully. Clues also seem easy and are really easy to do with just stacking them up so maybe adding a higher clue count making Med 100, Hard 500, and elite either 750 or 1k I do feel like some of the minigames should be reduced like castle wars but I feel like that's might not be an issue depending on how many people are really going for all achievements as the majority of the player base would rather do something else than waste their time at CWars making is impossible to get enough players. This could be solved if people who are wanting to do 300 Wins at CWars can bring alts and have them on the other team but that would get rid of any fun the minigame is meant to bring.
  8. Looking through the Achievements since I've come back I would say some of the achievements do need changing. I would say some of them which have not been brought up are fine as they are good training methods for anyone going for 200m and will end up getting them anyways. The ones listed here to change I agree with. Like stealing from 10k stalls I can't see anyone doing as thieving at trader is just far superior. For example, look at Kari's thieving guide a regular account needs 7188 (6202 with Ibis) at Trader for 200m XP while at Gem Stall it's 25000 (22650 with Ibis) and sure its meant to be the most profitable but only giving 1.4B it's not an incentive and is more of a pointless grind getting 10k. Fishing 5k Sharks down to 3k sharks sounds like a good option too. Look at slays guide to go from 76-99 it takes around 2127 to reach 99 but I would up rocktails to maybe 5k as this is something people will achieve along the way to 200m fishing.
  9. Hold on another update?!?!? BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Awesome stuff.
  10. Yes I love this idea. Gives more life to the wilderness. Only time I've ever been in wildy is to do a clue. If we get a few more wildy bosses like osrs ones then this would be great.

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