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  1. Kari

    End of Ely 1.0

    My journey on Ely started in April 2018 when I googled zarpor and somehow found the Ely discord server and so I joined it and saw some familiar names. Now years have gone by, and in these years a lot of great memories and friendships were made that I hope will last a lifetime. I don't want to write an essay here, and I don't want to mention a bunch of people, but I do want to thank you all for the past years, they've been some of my greatest rsps and rs experiences and by far the most fun and fucked up community I've been a part of. Love you all Some fun moments and memories of mine if you're interested
  2. I work for the government selling alcohol to addicts
  3. Great info, thanks for the guide
  4. Better late than never Happy holidays everyone!
  5. I'm down Ign: Kari2 Discord: Kari#3011
  6. If we were to go with 200m skills, it's basically a 5b cape? It's been suggested a few times, and for some reason never got any further. I myself would love to see this ingame, just a little showcase of your dedication
  7. That's some serious nerd level dedication! Gz man, many loots
  8. Very nice, comp will come in handy
  9. Only the best claim dom rewards on Thursdays! Nice progress, get that comp
  10. Achievements won't be the only requirement for comp t though? I agree that it should not be easy, but you have to admit a lot of these achievements are dumb. Just because you've managed to complete most of them doesn't mean they should remain as they are. I agree with a lot of what Nicky said, making certain achievements harder and adding in content that has been released since the achievements went live is a good idea.
  11. Great progress, cl looking good so far
  12. Kari

    Kyle Memes

    Lation told me to make this eternal so here you go
  13. Damn that's one sexy UIM, hope to see more updates in the future
  14. Fun to watch this progress, makes me want to try this (I won't)
  15. Sick update! Good job on these fps haha

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