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  1. Boi ill eat that ass
  2. Mah main man great to see you buddy, we need to catch asap Oioi how u doing
  3. We're not here to take part! Gang bang, pm for l0c
  4. Fax. I've been good m8, wbu? I love you x2 baby gurl I wish Winter came more often
  5. Once you go green...you immediately wanna go back, wassup buddy
  6. Everythings dandy m8, wbu It's been quite awhile, how ya been?
  7. Babe u hella fine
  8. I have seen some familiar names while browsing the forums, hope you're all doing well. The Zarpor community is a decade old, how fked is that. - Quest (someone yoinked my name)
  9. Simon

    Identity theft

    Square up who ever yoinked my name. Lukeisgay Kindest regards, Quest.

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