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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all this guide in not a guide for efficiency but EXP of all pouches that can be made in-game To start summoning off you will need to teleport to the Summoning obelisk by either going to the teleport tab > Skilling Teleports > More > Summoning or by simply typing ::tele Summoning ingame this can be shortened to ::tele sum. Also opening console with the tilde key typing tele summoning and hitting tab will teleport you there while leaving the command in your console for later use. Once you arrive at the summoning area you can Right Click > Trade Pikkupstix which will show all 3 shops (Starter, Intermediate and Master) to get your respective Summoning items including Pouches and Spirit Shards. If you are looking to buy Spirit Shards in bulk then its better to buy the Spirit shard packs from Obli at home. These cost 125k each and will give you 5,000 shards per one. These graphs below shows the Exp per pouch for each familiar Gold Charms Green Charms Crimson Charms Blue Charms Extra Notes: At level 43 along with Spirit Coraxatrice all other Spirit pouches at that level that req a Egg are same Exp. also anything that can't be Bought are items that have to be bought by players or made yourself.

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