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  1. After about 48 hours of playtime in the server I believe I've gotten an understanding enough of Ely to give some honest feedback. I've played Zarpor, Rsps2 and now, Ely. First impressions of the server are that it has a very Zarpor-like feel but with some much needed QoL updates. There's certainly massive influeneces from the older server's which is good. Definitely more content to do, with more unique content and rewards. There's a similar rewards/donations systems, however, Ely continues to reward players with larger contributions more so than the other 2 and thus incentivizes said players t
  2. after 24 game time here's my stats: May have bitten off more than I can chew.
  3. Nt A Charity

    Sup qts

    hello you big, cute, bear of a man missed you dearly. Hope all has been well
  4. Will I do it or will it beat me? find out in this space.
  5. The Legend is in-game now. Nt A Charity. Add me freaks!
  6. That it was my dude. Feels like a life time ago. It almost scares me. Yeah might actually log-in tbh. Brian you sexy fker I have missed you. I am doing well actually, still alive miraculously. How have you been?
  7. Most likely, thank you for the welcome. Hey buddy. long time no see Hai cutie missed you dearly
  8. I doubt any of you will know me aside from Matt maybe. I played Zarpor back in 2012 days and once it shut down I forgot about it. Recently cleaned an old computer out and found some old screenshots so I searched for it again and it led me here. Anyway I may jump in-game in a bit, who knows? I was more of a forum user to be fair. Anywho cya round.

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