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  1. Sup everyone and welcome to the second edition of our newspaper! Hope you enjoy with the edition and don't forget to leave a comment, means a lot! Server Updates * There are many thing has been changed, amazing content has happened lately! https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3937-patch-notes-liii-53-tons-of-changes-fixes-a-ruins-update/?tab=comments#comment-11554 - Topic by Splash Make sure to read them all and to leave a comment on there! Forums Updates There is no forums updates happened in May Staff Updates Promoted Owl has been promoted to Server Support Will has been promoted to Server Support Z e l d a has been promoted to Server Support Resignations Jordan has resigned from his role as Event Manager Kemi has resigned from his role as Server Moderator Demotions Vegemite has been demoted from his role as Server Support * If you want to know some information about the boss "Kril Tsutsaroth" make sure to check this guide https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3935-kril-tsutsaroth-zamorak-guide/ by Z e l d a Make sure to leave a comment on there! * Amazing guide about thieving made by Kari https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3910-thieving-guide/ It will helps you with everything you need to know about thieving! make sure to check it out * If you are a new player and you are looking for a method to get some money, make sure to check this guide https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3899-money-making-guide-for-new-players/ This guide has been made by Ninja Russia has achieved 200m xp in runeecrafting Data has achieved 99 in runecrafting Croatia has achieved 200m xp in ranged Vedrana has achieved 200m xp in defence Blah has achieved 200m xp in woodcutting Ninja has achieved 200m xp in agility & fishing Callum has achieved woodcutting There are many more achievements but there is a problem with my pic and got deleted all the images If you got one, you can leave a comment down below with the image and or send me it as forums private message! First interview with Kaotic 1) What is your irl name and how old are you? My name is Alex and im 19 years old 2) Why did you left "Ely" and why did you came back? I didn't really choose to leave Ely, I did some naughty things and ive just been allowed back. But I love Ely, Ely is my second home with my second family and I would hate to have to stay away from it all 3) What is the first thing you have done when you came back? Open 300 SMB's L0l 4) Who is your favorite player any why? Probably Gravity tbh, He's my dad 5) Things you do like to do in your life? My lifes pretty easy going atm, I do pretty much as I please so I have ALOT of free time to waste. So im always on my pc playing games, Such as Ely 6) Name 1 person you want to clean on ely? if there is one Jordan, Always had a back and forth between Jordan and I. Would be wrong to let it die 7) 1 Thing you don't like in ely and you want to get changed? Tbh I don't see much wrong with Ely atm, Nothing worth noting anyways Second interview with Splash 1) How long have you been a player in ely? I first joined Ely shortly after its formal launch, with the old source / community being re-used. Previously on the old server (RSPS2) I was a Global mod, also one of the last active players left as the server had slowly declined. I came to ely to check out what had become of the source, and to meet the new owner. Although i didn't play much i was satisfied the source was left in good hands. If we're talking technicalities, i've been around the community on/off since 2013, as that is when i joined "Zarpor" the core this community stems from. 2) What is your thoughts on the server Currently, I am so amazed by the continous support shown by all the players, Whether in-active or active. The server has never been this big before, and im definitely proud to see it in such good health, It has been a bumpy ride so far, but it's great to see big blue getting the recognition she deserves. 3) Any new content will be coming soon? Yes, I'm currently working on two projects i've taken under my wing at the moment. The first focus is a major overhaul to Ironman mode. Currently the mode feels underwhelming lacking the "stand alone" mentality, which makes some skills just a tedious XP grind not a necessity for end game. I'm aiming to make the experience enjoyable, with a wider playstyle & sense of achievement when you finally achieve that max cape. The sole reason for this being my priority, is so we can add the much suggested content that is Group ironman mode. My next project is our next custom content batch, which will see the addition of a new mage set into the game, to match its counterparts "Graetorian". But i expect they'll be more info to give on that when the time comes. 4) Who is your favorite staff member and why? except lation The entire staff team, Everybody works in collaberation to keep ely running and it's a nice little family over here. If i had to choose one person to stand out though, it'd definitely be Kari. That man goes above and beyond for Ely, doing tasks to help us with development & others outside of his responsibility. 5) Do you like to work with lation? Lation is an amazing owner, And i've seriously enjoyed these past two years (almost?) working alongside him. He always allows me freedom over what i do, and with my job on Ely that's a huge pro. He's also extremely dedicated to the integrity of Ely as a server. And you can truly see that with how things run like clockwork. 6) You regret on something you have done in ely? (update , act etc,,) My biggest regret i've had since joining the development team, is not being more open about the development as i'd like to have been. During our "Elysians" programme it opened my eyes to how beneficial testing and actual player opinions are. I hope to keep this up far into the future. 7) Thing you do like to do in ely? except updating Talk to the community. Everyone here is so close, and theres little to no toxicity. Whenever you want a laugh, or just want to chat with somebody theres always somebody you know online. Whether its in-game or on other groups we have (discord). The community really extends outside of a just a game, and im truly grateful for that. by Twitch by Twitch Video Of The Month Pictures Of The Month Memes Of The Month Make sure to leave your comment down below! More editions will be coming in the future! *big shout to @Russia for helping me out with getting some pictures! Regards @Ninja
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    Sup guys! i'm having some irl problem, i'm taking my time to solve them! So for now i'm only going to be active on forums! Note: about the newspaper edition! * if you have any picture of you getting a rare drop or achieving something important, or your bank, etc,,, send me as forums private message! or you can leave a comment in here with the image Regards @Ninja
  3. Hello everyone, as you all know that i joined Ely 2 weeks ago and i want to show you this! Next goal is: 200m xp in: 1) Cooking (100m atm) 2) Woodcutting 3) Firemaking Regards @Ninja
  4. Hello everyone, i made this topic to show you how you can support our server There are many ways to help Ely rise with players! 1) Voting * When you vote you will help Ely rise with players because when you do that our server will spread all over the world , many players will join it More votes = Top list in rsps (runescape private servers) = more players will knows our server 2) Videos * Making videos about our server will make more players visiting the server When you upload video to the youtube, many players will join us 3) Donations * You can support the server by donations, and by the donations the owner will do: - Bringing new stuff to the server - He will hire developers so they can help him with all the stuff that related to the server - Advertisement 4) Advertisement * You can help the server by doing advertisement, i don't mean by going to another server and do advertisement! You can do that by telling your friends to join the server or posting in your facebook / instgram pages How to make our forums gets more activity! You can do that posting posts/topics daily! I don't mean to spam the forums with useless topics/posts But for example if you have an suggestion and you want from other players to know about it, you can post it in forums Also if you got a rare drop or you have achieved something in-game, you can share it on forums In that way we can make our forums gets more activity without spamming it with useless topics! Regards @Ninja
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    Does anyone in here good with gfx works I need a signature
  6. Great video you made out there Good job!
  7. We need a real picture
  8. Hello everyone what do you think about adding "play time" in forums too Same as in-game To let other players see how many hours you have spent in forums! Regards @Ninja
  9. Thanks for the feedback mate! I fixed that Thanks Thank you Thanks for the feedback! Thank you Your welcome I will try do my best with guides Thanks for the feedback
  10. Owner Ninja Co-Owner None Editors None Graphics Designers None Owner's Role 1) Watching the editors and the gfx designers 2) He/she post the edition 3) Promote and demote 4) He/she control everything Co-Owner's Role 1) Promote and demote with a permission of the owner 2) He/she can post edition some times Editor's Roles Editors are split: Each editor must do one of the following stuff: 1) Grammar 2) one of the section (updates , achievements , media...) 3) advertising the newspaper edition in-game when there is one posted Graphics Designer's Roles 1) Handling the graphics section in the newspaper 2) Making some new titles for our newspaper Note * We might have a newspaper rank on forums but not now maybe in the future * We might have too a newspaper sub-section so we can post our newspaper editions Regards @Ninja
  11. Welcome to another guide In this guide you will see all the important topics that may help you! 1- In-game/forums rules https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/654-rules-guidelines/ - by Kari * This topic is going to help you understanding the rules of our server, you have to read them all and if you don't understand one of the rules you can message one of the staff members 2- Commands https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/610-commands-list-how-to-use-them/ - by Lation * This topic has all the commands inside the game, you can read them all and to know how to use them 3- Client/launcher https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/575-troubleshooting-guide/ - by Matt * If you have any problem with the client/launcher, this topic is going to help you! 4- Donator ranks & benefits https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3-donator-ranks-benefits/ - by Lation * This topic is going to help you with all the information you need to know about donator! So make sure to read it before you become a donator 5- New players guide https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/10-how-to-get-started/ - by Lation * You can read this topic before you start playing the game, it will helps you a lot! 6- Boos pets drop rates https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/1501-boss-pets-drop-rates/ - by Luke * This topic is going to help you to know all the boss pets drop rates, so make sure to check it out if you want to get a pet 7- Duo/team slayer https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/378-duoteam-slayer/ - by Lation * Many players keeps asking how can we due/team slayer task, well this topic is going to help you with that! 8- Price guide https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3849-elys-offical-price-guide/ - by Jordan * This topic will helps you find the prices of the items! 9- Guide directory https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/518-elys-guide-directory/ - by Kari * In this topic you will find some an important guides, that will helps you! 10- Forums guide https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3884-forums-qa-guide/ - by Ninja * If you have problems with using the forums, you can check this topic! 11- Clue scroll https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/519-the-clue-scroll-guide/ - by Kari * If you want to do clue scrolls and you don't know how, just check this topic! 12- Flower poker https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3859-flower-poker-guide/ - by Jordan * If you want to gamble by using flower poker and you don't know how, just look at this topic! 13- List of teleports https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/32-list-of-teleports/ - by Callum * This topic will helps you know the locations Regards @Ninja

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