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  1. Sup everyone and welcome to the second edition of our newspaper! Hope you enjoy with the edition and don't forget to leave a comment, means a lot! Server Updates * There are many thing has been changed, amazing content has happened lately! https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3937-patch-notes-liii-53-tons-of-changes-fixes-a-ruins-update/?tab=comments#comment-11554 - Topic by Splash Make sure to read them all and to leave a comment on there! Forums Updates There is no forums updates happened in May
  2. Sup guys! i'm having some irl problem, i'm taking my time to solve them! So for now i'm only going to be active on forums! Note: about the newspaper edition! * if you have any picture of you getting a rare drop or achieving something important, or your bank, etc,,, send me as forums private message! or you can leave a comment in here with the image Regards @Ninja
  3. Hello everyone, as you all know that i joined Ely 2 weeks ago and i want to show you this! Next goal is: 200m xp in: 1) Cooking (100m atm) 2) Woodcutting 3) Firemaking Regards @Ninja
  4. Hello everyone, i made this topic to show you how you can support our server There are many ways to help Ely rise with players! 1) Voting * When you vote you will help Ely rise with players because when you do that our server will spread all over the world , many players will join it More votes = Top list in rsps (runescape private servers) = more players will knows our server 2) Videos * Making videos about our server will make more players visiting the server When you upload video to the youtube, many players will join us
  5. Ninja


    Does anyone in here good with gfx works I need a signature
  6. Great video you made out there Good job!
  7. We need a real picture
  8. Hello everyone what do you think about adding "play time" in forums too Same as in-game To let other players see how many hours you have spent in forums! Regards @Ninja
  9. Thanks for the feedback mate! I fixed that Thanks Thank you Thanks for the feedback! Thank you Your welcome I will try do my best with guides Thanks for the feedback
  10. Owner Ninja Co-Owner None Editors None Graphics Designers None Owner's Role 1) Watching the editors and the gfx designers 2) He/she post the edition 3) Promote and demote 4) He/she control everything Co-Owner's Role 1) Promote and demote with a permission of the owner 2) He/she can post edition some times Editor's Roles Editors are split: Each editor must do one of the following stuff: 1) Grammar
  11. Welcome to another guide In this guide you will see all the important topics that may help you! 1- In-game/forums rules https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/654-rules-guidelines/ - by Kari * This topic is going to help you understanding the rules of our server, you have to read them all and if you don't understand one of the rules you can message one of the staff members 2- Commands https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/610-commands-list-how-to-use-them/ - by Lation * This topic has all the commands inside the game, you can read them all and t

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