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  1. Scorching blowpipe cant be traded and or uncharged. thanks hadyn
  2. If you are selling anguish kits in GE please make sure you only sell 1 at a time if you are going to put more than 1 in. WITHDRAW THEM BY RIGHT CLICKING AND SELECTING ITEMS. If you don't you get " lunar legs " for - Angusih Orn Kits and " Bundle of carpets" for - Torture Orn Kits. TO FIX THIS. You have to have another kit in your inventory to be able to resell and re-claim the items. To do that just click select all and then WITHDRAW ITEMS to inventory not noted.
  3. That’s pog a lot better loot this month around in boxes then last kek
  4. Lets goooooo good luck to everyone
  5. I’d make sweet love to you for that primal set
  6. Not in particular order, its a mess BUT here it is.
  7. aha


    This guy def fucks. Good service even on Ironman will vouch hes a good d00d
  8. http://www.strawpoll.me/42728430
  9. This is still not tradeable plz fix https://gyazo.com/98d3b7e1d68b2e1e2e1cafd15cdad5db
  10. When fighting yk lagor the thunderous you get this graphical glitch from im assuming his special. https://gyazo.com/b42c32184851ac40f5fff150428c5917
  11. aha

    make " x "

    the Make " x " option doesnt work in dung for cooking. https://gyazo.com/938c1f5d43c35f2055a9af4207dbbae7
  12. I brought this up forever ago and got told I was a noob thinking it was used to grant immunity. Lol so glad someone else spoke on it
  13. big pog on the updates glad to see my suggestion for the timer finally came out its a huge help

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