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  1. Hello i've asked a couple people who are my dono rank or higher and it seems like my account is bugged for some reason. Currently patron silver and i dont have the perk of unlimited bolts/arrows. Ive tried every which way i could think of to test and every result is the same. I lose bolts instead of having unlimited. I'm not iron man nor am i fighting anything in the wildly i noticed it at grae. any help would be appreciated thanks, hadyn
  2. aha


    would be dank to have one o:
  3. this is badass very well done!!
  4. Not sure if this has been suggested or not, if it has leave a reply and ill take it down. But is it possible to get titles like " bandos slayer " or something to that effect for a certain "x" amount of kills at that certain boss? thanks, hadyn

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