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  1. I brought this up forever ago and got told I was a noob thinking it was used to grant immunity. Lol so glad someone else spoke on it
  2. big pog on the updates glad to see my suggestion for the timer finally came out its a huge help
  3. Was using my sernic bow (i) before this did a quick switch to test out bp at zulrah, noticed that i was firing a dragon arrow out of it. https://gyazo.com/5778b0c673142437a5447cbb0b2b1de7 thanks hadyn
  4. Probably has been reported before but i could run around at zulrah and then when i tele'd home i could noclip. you dont see any chat above player names, But nonetheless figured i should report it. After you log it goes back to normal. https://gyazo.com/c545da415205344c7241b88dd13490f2
  5. aha

    Charm Bag

  6. defeated jad today for a clue step and got this achievement after killling him https://gyazo.com/da1213139250bc09cce40e52528cb4e1
  7. I’ve killed Well over 10 arma and 10 zammy boss and I got no achievement for them
  8. HELLO fellow elysian players welcome to my suggestion of turning the home teleport into ::Tele afkt short for afk temple. that is all Love, hadyn
  9. I opened up my POH today for some new players since i filled well, they all 3 had familiars in the poh and i saw them talking about getting kicked randomly. Not sure if its because of familiar or if its another bug completely figured id get a report out about it so it could be looked into. thanks hadyn
  10. aha

    Pot timers

    http://prntscr.com/x93sj5 Is it possible to get the ability to be able to move pot timers? If there is a way and i dont know about it i can delete this. But Its kind of a pain to look at pot timers while xp drops . thanks. hadyn
  11. I made a topic similiar to this awhile back. DOnt think it got any love becuase it wasnt as detailed so i can see why. But im ALL FOR THIS
  12. aha


    Jordan’s ban doesn’t scare me. I’ll say this I haven’t even done demonic gorillas because of the drop rate. So I agree to this 100%
  13. Yes I have multiple people in my clan that I can give rank too. But rank doesn’t show/allow them to do anything like recruit people. Would love to see this and possibly more customization when it comes to clans! #Theboys

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