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  1. People could also just start with getting combat stats up and then finish the wildywyrm task straight away before getting a whole lot of progress on the account, that would remove the whole point of losing all your progress. Wildywyrm itself isn't that hard to kill, can be done in pretty shit gear. I've killed a fair amount of wildywyrms in my time on Ely and never encountered another player.
  2. Glad you're having a good time
  3. HCIM isn't meant to be easy, and it's easy enough as it is, and that goes for all iron man modes, but that will all change with the iron man revamp we have planned. While I do see your point, I do not support this suggestion. There is always a possibility that you'll be killed when you enter the wilderness, and while this task forces you to go into the wildy, it's not something you absolutely have to do, comp cape isn't meant for everyone. There's also a good possibility that you'll die from fighting other bosses which can happen in a second. Pking is a part of the game, as is the wilderness. Nobody is forced to take part in every aspect of the game.
  4. Kari


    Welcome to Ely! Looking forward to game hard with you ingame!
  5. Been pretty good, although most of my plans had to change. Been fishing a bit, and will probably be going next weekend on a fishing trip
  6. My pets are all I love, they need to move into my house
  7. Interesting. Happy 20k accounts, here's to another 20k
  8. Does this also include my Cheesy Cunt?
  9. I mention hunter at the start. It might be faster for early levels for sure but definitely not faster than barb advanced
  10. HI and welcome to my guide Today we're going to learn how to train the Agility Skill All rates are based on NO xp boost being active except the Agile set & Boots of Lightness You don't need any items to train Agility but the Agile set & the Boots Of Lightness are helpful as they give bonus xp. You can get them from the skilling rewards shop by typing ::shops ingame. The whole set will cost 22.5k skilling points or 7500 per piece. The set can also be bought from players, refer to the price guide for info on prices. Remember to use your Voting tickets for 10 minutes of 50% bonus xp! Side note: Training hunter at snowy knights gives you agility xp, refer to my hunter guide It could be a more viable way to get past the early levels There are 3 Agility courses and both Gnome and Barbarian have advanced courses Gnome (level 1) Barbarian (level 35) Wildy (level 52) Gnome Advanced (level 85) Barbarian Advanced (level 90) Wildy, Gnome Advanced and Barbarian Advanced courses all give an Agility Ticket after each lap They can be used to gain extra XP Easy - = 62,500 xp Default - = 12,500 xp Legend - = 2500 xp These tickets can also be bought from players, refer to the price guide for info on prices. How to teleport to the courses Level 1 - 35 Level 35 - 52 / 85 Level 52 - 85 (Wildy Course) Level 85 - 90 Level 90 - 99 Level 99 - 200m Kthxbai
  11. Nice like the idea of a "grae dfs" of some sort but not to replace the dfs drop. I'm not sure how it could be done, and if it's even needed at all as the divine will still be used instead. I'm not against this but I'm not exactly supporting it either at this point, but I'd like more input on this.
  12. Hi, @John the name is already taken in game. The forums and ingame accounts are not the same, so the only thing you need to do is try a different name and enter a new password for it. After you have created an account you can go ahead and type ::vote ingame to then link your ingame account to your forums account. I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions, just reply to this thread or for a quicker response you could join our discord server via the discord widget on our forums or by typing ::discord in game.
  13. Don't listen to the lies of a sinking boat! (I'll have to ban you on the forums @Boats) Welcome to Ely! I'm glad you're liking it
  14. Kari


    Don't listen to the words of a sinking boat! Welcome to Ely! Our community is a tight one, and we welcome everyone so you'll fit right in
  15. Hi, there were some changes made to tanning recently. It's possible that black d'hide may have been messed up with these changes somehow, we'll look into it and get it fixed. Thank you
  16. Nice goals, always fun to have something to move towards, good luck with this and have fun
  17. Kari

    Titan SPEC

    I'll look into it when I get home, there have been some weird problems recently, might be yet another one lol
  18. It's supposed to degrade. OT: Good work everyone!

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