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  1. So, Seems like that the Tormented bracelet isn't giving any magic damage increase This is the stats of the bracelet on osrs I would assume it's supposed to be a bit better then what it is now. I need my magic damage >:)
  2. Hello, WisZ here! I've recently been having problems with ely taking up a bunch of ram. Noticed it first yesterday while barraging Dags at catacombs. client started lagging and i checked the task manager to see ram usage was on 16gb on ely. Today i got the same issue again while barraging Tormented Hatclings. Decided to replicate it again to provide picture with it. This is after 5 mins of barraging: This is 2 mins later: After those first 5 mins the ram usage start going up real fast, we're talking about 25-50mb/Second. When i'v

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