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  1. Like this idea! Support from me!
  2. Ever since I hit 5b xp total on main I really haven't had any motivation to play on it. To get the motivation back I've decided to do a 1 month bank rebuild, starting from nearly nothing. Obviously there are some items there i don't want to get rid of, so for that I've made a rule that i cannot use them until I trade an equal amount of what they're worth to my alt acc. Serp helms = 2b/ea Dk rings = 50m/ea Spectral/Arcane/Elysian = 400m/ea Divine = 800m One month from now, I will update this post with the result of one month of bank rebuilding.
  3. The exp tracker in the client doesn't update the xp/hour. This is from about 7 hours of mining.
  4. Yeah, i've lost both my attacker/healer aura.
  5. So, Seems like that the Tormented bracelet isn't giving any magic damage increase This is the stats of the bracelet on osrs I would assume it's supposed to be a bit better then what it is now. I need my magic damage >:)
  6. Hello, WisZ here! I've recently been having problems with ely taking up a bunch of ram. Noticed it first yesterday while barraging Dags at catacombs. client started lagging and i checked the task manager to see ram usage was on 16gb on ely. Today i got the same issue again while barraging Tormented Hatclings. Decided to replicate it again to provide picture with it. This is after 5 mins of barraging: This is 2 mins later: After those first 5 mins the ram usage start going up real fast, we're talking about 25-50mb/Second. When i've killed all the hatclings in the room ram usage stops going up, but as soon as i start attacking them again it returns to eating up more and more ram. This is on max settings in directx mode. In safe mode it's fine and not going over 700mb of ram usage, but i don't feel like playing in safe mode.

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