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  1. the 5bxp look awesome, thanks you for all the support is getting this idea i hope the admin allow it :C
  2. Hi, first sorry my english isn't the best :c I just want to know if you can add a 5b title (or cape idk ) , im at the road for that goal and i think me and other player who reach that goal look nice to can use a title just for the people who had reach that goal. Thanks you for anyone who read this and for taking your time.
  3. It's official, peta announcement #SAVE GEORGE @nelly
  4. Yes it does, i will catch you online with "Cheesy Cunt" and i will report peta >:c
  5. #SAVE GEORGE. from @nelly
  6. Hi my name is Pablo in real life,i am from chile latinoamerica and i have to say something about ely community, I been playing on this server and finally i feel open to say this is such a nice community everyone is so freandly with each other and when you ask something and your english isn't the best they treat you normally and help you with respect, im so thanks for that i been in a lot of rsps and everyone treat you like shit if you are latino, but here again you are so kind. So that, thanks you again for all and have a nice day, night, afternoon, week, weekend, year,
  7. NVM @Matt help me was the antivirus D:, thanks you!
  8. i deleted the cache and download it again from the client.jar and now i cant event log in its stay in a blacscreen
  9. i try to change the mode setting but nothing
  10. I cant see the chat in general, and i cant bank! help me, i try to update and it said "Zarpor hub update failed! Please re-download...." to play i download the client.jar

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