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  1. Glad to see you like it and for using it as your signature, this show you really like it
  2. @Hellsing sorry i was kind a bussy irl, i hope do you like it Size: 447px | 178px
  3. @Delete sorry for the delay, i was working in real life i hope do you like it. Size : 456px | 221px
  4. I will try me best
  5. dragoncin

    Gfx showcase

    Niice work Flex gl on the sale!
  6. @Martin EHSorry if took to long i was bussy in real life :(, i hope do you like it 458px | 244px
  7. dragoncin


    big support, that kraken hit soooo damn hard! all my food run out in one kill with magic defence gear
  8. @Martin EH can you attachement with the character with the background i do the process of make it in png dont worry, i check the .psd and the transparency isnt the best not to be mean and sorry for the delay answer i didnt see the post just attach your character with the background hope a black or white background from the rs, there are a lot of place with those background, and whate name do you want in your signature.
  9. It took me on week to find this jordan >:C!
  10. 1. We need to log in to our account and then click at the name. 2.We select the option "Account Settings" and then we select the option "Signature" 3.And now we upload our signature and then we click in "Save" 4. And we are done :D, if you need a signature design feel free to request one at my post its free! Some of my work for the community Ely.
  11. @nelly Done :D, i hope do you like it Dimension: 520 x 216 if you have problem about the dimension limit contact lation he help me.
  12. I was seeing this movie and i find some strange dude at some scene ... it look like that dude called @Lation
  13. Ingame: Dragoncin Discord: Dragoncin

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