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  1. @X E N O our only one true fan ly xeny
  2. Bug Fixes Kalphite Queen pet collection bug fixed (release pets and re-collect from pet manager to update) Examiner Assistant mining bug resolved Brimhaven fruit tree patch bug fixed Inferno Adze + Ring of fire / flame gloves bug fixed (XP granted upon log burning while cutting) Unfinished dragon bolts been removed on all drops with usable dragon bolts Looting bag + seed pouch stacking (noted) bug fixed Harmony/salvaion/corruption aura's fixed Crafting Onyx achievement fixed Pathing bug fixed (includes not being able to attack Blink in specific tiles, etc) Using Insta-Kill darts at corp (max damage cap) fixed Lucien HP in Monster Carnage fixed Enchanting dragonstone jewelry requiring 86 Magic fixed (now correctly requires 68) Attacking NPC out of range with darts, bug fixed Vyrewatch longsword made tradable (disassembly coming soon) Polypore/Ganodermic/PvP Items will now drop upon death instead of being deleted Wolpertinger pouch fixed Misc achievements fixed
  3. Hey @easy mate - what is the actual name of your helm in-game?
  4. Lation

    unban cib

    Hey cib, After reviewing your case & appeal, I have accepted. As is the nature of appeals, I ask that you please read & review the rules found here and adhere to them going forward. Any violation of our rules & guidelines going forward will result in a non-appealable ban. Thank you & welcome back, looking forward to seeing you in-game.
  5. Love it! Welcome back man & hope everything is going good now
  6. Yeah the hexhunter bow has been something we overlooked for so long, I'll try to get it on the list of things to get done. As far as the dung loot, same here. I'll try to get this stuff sorted as I agree - they should be dropping them gears for binds, etc. We currently have a lot on our plate in terms of ely development, including Chambers of Xeric, but as mentioned I'll look into eventually getting these things sorted. Thanks
  7. Thank you, so basically dung gear, orn kits and couple rings - that should be simple enough
  8. Btw lads, that pack on the far right is:
  9. Daily Challenges | We Want Your Opinions Sup Ely Fam, We have an update coming very soon that requires your thoughts. We are implementing a new system that will be known as Daily Challenges - you will be given 3 daily tasks tailored to your specific account that will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete and you will earn points for each task completed. We would like to have this system reward you with points which you then can spend in a shop for this system. What would you like to see as rewards for this kind of idea & shop? Please leave your thoughts & suggestions below! Thank you.
  10. Greater demon task should now count K'ril, his minions & Skotizo now
  11. Should now be resolved
  12. Notice: This was originally an email to all members, however due to the unusually low amount of opens, clicks & etc - I'm reposting this email here to make sure everyone is up to date on our progress on CoX! Chambers of Xeric - Development Blog Hey, you may recall us talking about the Chambers of Xeric in previous emails. We discussed how it was our next major content addition. Since then we've managed to get some incredible progress and wanted to share that with you. It is a very exciting time for Ely. We are coming close to 4 years online and have consistently grown our community and established a dominant position in RSPS as the #1 718. With that said, let's dive into this. As we began our development of CoX on Ely we looked at other servers and how they did it. We looked at other 718's, even OSRS servers and anyone who had CoX in general. We quickly realized 90-95% of the servers we looked at had it wrong right from the start. There was no real, true OSRS room generation. Without that you can't utilize the Runelite CoX plugin's, etc. We spent a lot of time right at the start getting room generation true to OSRS. We quickly learned the only other 718 that claimed to have CoX had the entire thing completely wrong. Skipped tons of content, wasn't accurate to OSRS - it was essentially custom raids with the same assets as OSRS. We set out to have accurate and true CoX just as it is in OSRS. We now realize we will be the first 718 RSPS to ever have full, real Chamers of Xeric & we are really excited for that. This project is a huge project, especially on a 718/Ely. However we've made tremendous progress and I feel we've done enough to show you some teaser images of our progress so far.. There is so much more to show and we hope to share them with you soon. We left off at the entrance to Great Olm - and we'll show you more soon. In the mean time we hope you are excited to see this incredible piece of content finally arrive on Ely, and finally in it's true form unlike many RSPS & the first 718 to ever do it. Resource rooms, Storage & everything else is functional, storage is upgradable, etc. We are currently going through every NPC & Boss and applying all the correct combat mechanics and such to them. As we progress, we will need more help from you or anyone with knowledge of Chambers of Xeric to help us test & refine the content. If you are willing & familiar with CoX we ask you to reach out to us and offer your hand in testing. We will likely be rewarding people who are knowledgeable and able to help us test and refine this before release with store credit. Let us know! Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community & we hope to see you in-game!

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