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  1. Really appreciated your kind wors & really glad to have you ❤️ love to hear your enjoying it 🙂
  2. Tis no more format GG
  3. Holy hell that is kinda insane, the overall loots from all that - but HUGE GZ on the hween bro, bout time. Now I'm gonna add it to the collection log & you'll have to do it again! YAY hahahah
  4. Regarding this topic - I recently looked into this (Matt & I) and we are looking at other options than a band-aid patch/fix for this. At the moment looking at a re-write of the decanting process to allow more flexibility overall/potions/flasks - etc. With that said, I have no time frame or ETA but just know thats on the table at the moment.
  5. Thank you all for the support ❤️
  6. Legendary job @Kari, thank you ❤️ & GG @Garrett
  7. What are you doing while reading this?

  8. Hey, BlodShot This is quite a stretch from Deltascape. We however are the owners of that domain and this is our only running server at the moment (which I must say it quite the improvement over a server like Deltascape was) so the domain redirects you too here. I am unsure of how many players here actually played Deltascape or not but either way - I hope to see you online & if you do - enjoy!
  9. Done - Smouldering stone & Fight caves
  10. If you have forgotten or need your in-game password reset, please do the following: 1. Private message @Lation, @Kari, @Splash, @Luke, or @Matt. 2. Do so here on the forums, or do so in Discord. Click here to join. (Joining Discord will provide a faster response) 3. Please include your in-game & forum name in your message for a password reset request. 4. We will take care of the rest! We do not have an automated system for resetting in-game passwords to protect our users. We verify account ownership with the player requesting a password change to reduce risk. Thank you.
  11. Custom Donation Guidelines On Ely we allow orders for custom donations. Our guidelines are broad & open with light restrictions. The long story short version is nothing that doesn't fit within the scope of the game itself. (For example this includes--no miniguns, no hot pink (neon colored items, etc.) Pricing Recoloring/texturing an existing item - $100 Creating a fully custom item/doesn't pre-exist - $150 (This is per item - if you wanted an armor set - this price applies to each piece) This donation will be added to your total donated. This will not add EPoints. Guidelines & Restrictions As mentioned above, the guidelines for purchasing custom item(s) are very simple. The item you are requesting must fit within the scope of the game which means: It will fit in. It won't be absurd / neon colors / guns, anything extra like that. However this varies, for example: Partyhat's, Santa's, Halloween Masks, etc if you wanted a pink one - that still fits. If you wanted pink Torva; that won't. Be creative - you can design whatever you'd like. I'll use a recent custom Torva order for reference: Using this custom Torva order for reference - this was allowed however--was as far as we are willing to go. This leaves tons of room for customization from the player should you want a custom set like this. Below is just another example of a completely acceptable & nicely designed custom order: Primal Custom orders don't just have to be armor's. They can be anything in the game--cosmetics, weapons, outfits, etc. Please note: stats will not be increased/adjusted in any case on any custom order. The choice is yours. Design up your dream item(s), and get it made today. You also are free to determine if you want your items to be made tradable or not (custom items are very high value). Get Started If you are interested in buying custom item(s)--contact @Splash via forum private message or Discord. He will design your item(s) to your liking and keep you updated along the entire process! Discord: Splash#8041
  12. In the case someone needs this question answered - there is no process in creating an account. 1. Download the client 2. Type in any username you desire & password 3. Click login & your account will be created. Forums are separate.
  13. Year in Review | 2019 January February March April May June July August September October & November December
  14. Usually I wouldn't make a thread just for a small change or two but due to ending up with quite an extensive list of changes I decided to post a thread on these changes to keep those who are not in our Discord up-to-date on the following changes: Collection Log Updated - Added Zulrah & items - Added Verac's Skirt - Fixed Black Mask ID - Added KBD, KQ & Abyssal Heads OSRS Items - Toxic Blowpipe venom now works as intended - Trident of the Swamp venom now works as intended PvM Shop Change - Replaced Prayer Renewal potions with flasks in Prayer Renewal Pack Drop Announcements - Removed "Smouldering Stone" from drop announcements - Added all Zulrah items to announcements Celestial Gear Adjustment - Robe bottoms now have a Mage bonus of +29 - Robe top now has a +39 Mage bonus Training Zone Update - NPC's no longer follow & attack the player when task changes - Barrow's gloves now purchasable from Training Zone shop exclusively - Achievement progress interface no longer overrides Training Zone's Misc. Changes - Fixed OSRS Goblins drop table - All Zenyte items now have a higher GP value & proper examine texts - Grae bow changes have been reverted Be sure to check out our brand new Store! ⬇️
  15. New Year, New Store With the New Year (Happy New Year, fam) we are bringing in a new Store! Ely's Donor Store has remained the same for years - even before Ely as RSPS2 - the Store has remained unchanged. Today we fix that - the new Store is update-to-date & introduces new items, more supplies & more value for your money! While the heart of our Store (the most popular items) remain the same - we have removed & updated all the "junk." Not only this but some prices have been changed (reduced) to some popular in-game items! So let's start with the Cosmetic's Shop.. You will notice a ton of items have been removed. We've removed individual Partyhat's & H'ween's. Instead we're sticking with the "Partyhat Box" item which will give a random color or.. You can buy a full Partyhat set at a discount. We've also removed a ton of the other miscellaneous items that didn't need to be in the shop. Next you'll notice we are introducing for the first time; Partyhat & Spec's! We've also added the highly sought-after Black Partyhat - but for a high premium. Last but not least.. Torture & Anguish ornament kits are now available! For those cosmetic buff's - you can now purchase the ornament kits in the store and use on your Torture or Anguish! For the first time as well - Christmas Cracker's are now available in our Store. Next up.. Supplies Shop (previously known as Skilling Supplies)! I'm sure the first thing you will notice is the addition of 3rd Age Pickaxe & Axe's! That's right - they are now available through the Store and are the best-in-slot tools! We have removed Dragon Pickaxe, Herb Pack, Seed Pack & Raw Fish Pack. What are the other new boxes? See below.. Potion Pack - x5000 each of Super Str/Att/Def, Magic & Ranging potions Brew & Restore Flask Pack - x1500 each of Saradomin Brew Flask (6) & Super Restore Flask (6) Overload Flask Pack - x1000 Overload Flask (6) - also now notable. Coal Ore Pack - x1000 noted Coal ore. Magic Logs Pack - x1000 noted Magic logs. Adamant Bars Pack -x1000 noted Adamant bars. Rune Bars Pack - x500 noted Rune bars. The all-new Packages Shop Let me break all this down for you below.. (in respective order) Wealthy Pack - 5,000EP / $500 Promethium Armor Pack - 1,000EP / $100 Promethium Weapons Pack - 600EP / $60 Nex Gear Pack - 1,750EP / $175 Spirit Shield Pack - 800EP / $80 Chaotic Weapons Pack - 500EP / $50 God War's Pack - 600EP / $60 Barrow's Pack - 500EP / $50 Dagannoth's Ring Pack (i) - 100EP / $10 Dragon Armor Pack - 250EP / $25 Starter Kit - 50EP / $5 In this shop you will notice an introduction of a brand new gear & weapons into Ely - Promethium. This is the second-best gear to Primal & our Primal will still remain exclusively through the Summer Shop. Instead of being completely unused in our cache, we figured this gear could fill a void and a cheaper but still terrific & effective set of armor & weapons. Stats can be found at the bottom of this thread. Next, 2 shops compiled into one; Melee Equipment The Melee Equipment shop is two previous shops merged into one.. Melee Weaponry & Armor. Note: Torva prices have been reduced. A lot of items been removed from this shop such as, Dragon Kite, Spirit Shield, Drasonic Visage & 3rd-age Melee. We've replaced these with a Torva pack, Bandos gear pack, Torag's set, Guthan's set, Verac's & Dharok's. We've also added a few others such as the Dragonfire Shield, Dragon Warhammer Primordial's & more. On top of this, all the Promethium gear & weapons are available individually here. The Updated Ranged Equipment In the new Ranged Equipment shop, the only previous item removed was the 3rd-age Range set. Note: Pernix prices have been reduced. With that said the new items are, Pernix set, Armadyl set, Royal Crossbow & Bolts pack, Royal Dragonhide set, Karil's & Ruby Bolts (e) pack. I'm sure you'll also notice the addition of Pegasian boots! In this new Range shop you will notice the addition of Sagittarian here. Available in the package for a discount or individually. Instead of allowing these good gears & such to rot in the cache, we've decided to offer them here. (Stats can be found below) Lastly, the Magic Equipment shop In our new Magic Equipment shop we've removed Zuriel's Staff, Armadyl Battlestaff & the 3rd-age Mage set. You will also notice Virtus prices have been reduced as well. The new items in this shop are: Virtus set, Ahrim's set, Infinity Robes, Staff of Light & the Arcane Spirit shield! You will also find the new Spiritbloom mage gear being offered here as well! (Stats can be found below) Let me make something clear.. That is the reason behind our Donor store changes. For those who are unaware, before Ely was online this server was known as RSPS2. We're talking years ago, 3+ years ago. Since the inception of that original server this Donor store has remained the same & unchanged. It's been years since this shop was put together. However since then Ely was born & it came out swinging with tons and tons of content added. To name a few: Blink was added, Graetoriax the Unbroken was added, Cerberus was added, Seasonal Bosses have come & go, Skotizo was added, Kraken was added, Demonic Gorillas was added, Ruins of Graetoria were added, and recently Zulrah was added. Alongside of these huge content additions came tons of new items, new gears, new weapons & much more. Fundamentally changing the most effective methods & setups in the game and many more game changing effects. After nearly two years online with Ely I've noticed our Donor store was majorly falling behind in terms of the pace & rate at which the game itself was progressing leaving a gap or void--whatever you may call it. I felt it was time & ultimately necessary to refresh our store and bring it more up to date. As you can see with all these changes & additions to the store - all our latest in-game content remains in-tact. It's not suddenly more "p2w" than it was before or nullifying any necessary in-game grind for items. The best, the most exclusive-type items and gear still remain only obtainable by playing Ely. While all this remains very clear by just scanning the changes we've made I felt it necessary to state this upon the launch of this new shop.. because, well.. there's always those. I would also like to point out one more thing.. at the end of every day--we are a private server. The only way we continue to stay online & the only way we continue to keep cranking out great updates is with an income. Without donations, this server wouldn't exist today. However after nearly two years we are still here & still online with absolutely no end in sight. I'd like to thank each & every one of you who have donated & every single person who has spent their time here. It means the world to us to be able to provide a game in which people enjoy & friendships are made. Because of Ely I've made some amazing friendships, ones which will last a long time. There is no end in sight. We plan to continue & grow & strive to keep pushing forward for years to come & again thank you to everyone who has played & has contributed to Ely in terms. You guys keep us here. Love ya's & Enjoy. Promethium Stats Sagittarian Stats Spiritbloom Stats
  16. Very nice ambitions, fam. I wish you all the best in your grind for ya'lls dream jobs. As for me, still trying to figure out what is possible with a felony record 😂

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