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  1. Server Improvements The past few days we've dedicated many more work hours into server efficiency & improvements. Working on the very foundation of the server & it's back-end components is a large & time consuming task. As previously mentioned in a recent update post, we have been performing tests on the live server from time to time to identify inefficiencies & while this can be annoying in the moment, it's for the betterment of the server long-term. We've made incredible progress so far. Our latest work includes: The Quest tab & timers. In the patc
  2. Just for clarity, has this issue persisted despite the latest update?
  3. Yeah this is something we talked about recently directing some focus into, hopefully seeing this change soon
  4. Approved. For reference, you flamed me & the server to anybody that would listen & to even those who couldn't care any less. Was quite the charade and should something similar happen I wouldn't entertain an appeal. Thanks for apologizing, here's to not flaming me again
  5. Hey thanks for the suggestion, Not to rain on your parade but it is very unlikely to zero chance of getting these skills in. I, personally for one, am not interested in adding much, if at all, RS3 content. This is a 2012-ish era server and I strive to keep the heart of the server in this time period. It's one thing to add OSRS content as it's hugely popular & needless to say, actually some quality content - but as far as RS3 goes, it's unlikely. There are however some RS3 server's in development, but they have to spend $50k on an advertising campaign to peak at 10 players & t
  6. Okay this absolutely bonkers.. thanks a lot for putting something like this together bro
  7. Recent Server Efficiency Improvements As we stated in the previous post about the recent server performance, today we are glad to share some improvements that have been made in this area. This will in the long run dramatically affect the general efficiency and reliability of our server. Two things so far have been overhauled & re-written from scratch. Item weights & the Quest tab. Let's start with the item weights improvements. Item Weights In the old code - the server used to loop through every single item that exists & check if that item was in you
  8. So far 2/3 rewards have been claimed! @200m was first to 200M XP in a Skill, Fishing! Won $25, congrats! & @Kemi was the first to max his account! Won $50, congrats big cutie. Waiting to see who will complete the Completionist requirement's first for $100
  9. You can change the click through chat box option in the settings ingame. Options tab - little computer screen icon - custom - and it should be in there you can disable click thru chat box
  10. Thank you very much for such an in depth report. Something like this can actually help - I will ask Matt to look into this ASAP. And shoot me a PM on Discord when you can.
  11. Recent Server Performance As many of you are most likely aware, we experience a couple short hours of downtime today. The reason for this is due to us starting a long but very beneficial process of improving the server's efficiency from the ground up, this is too reduce the random lag spikes, and lag after extended periods of time. This process is going to involve multiple instances of testing, logging & stressing the server to determine more weak spots and other areas of our server that could contribute to the cause of the lag. This also isn't entirely lag-relat
  12. Hey, yeah sorry about that - that was the latest backup I had left of your file.
  13. Ironman Rework The highly anticipated Ironman rework is finally here! This update fundamentally changes the way our entire Ironman mode lineup's work. We've worked with many of you to determine the best way to work out this mode to keep it true to its purpose. First & foremost, there is a brand new HiScores Leaderboard for IM/HCIM/UIM! For anyone that has played the IM modes previously, you will now find your progress under "Legacy Ironman", "Legacy Hardcore Ironman" & "Legacy Ultimate Ironman." With this update comes fresh leaderboards for everyone to
  14. Hey again, Try logging in now & let me know.
  15. Superior Slayer We're glad to announce today a nice update to the Slayer Skill - Superior Slayer! See below for a list of all the NPC's that now have a chance at spawning a Superior version. (The chance for a Superior to spawn is 1 in 200) This is an exciting addition to the Slayer Skill and something we look forward to building upon in the near future. Overall Superior's will have a better drop table than their normal counterparts & this will be tweaked as we go along. Impetuous Impulses / Puro-Puro Along with the update to Slayer, we
  16. Yeah it's intentional - when someone accepts on a bet it should be seen through until an outcome has been determined.
  17. Gambling Recently we've spent some time refining the gambling process as a whole. This includes a brand new interface & some quality of life changes. When a bet ends in a tie, the bet now remains in place and you replant/reroll/etc. This makes the process a bit less annoying by having to re-bet everything on a tie. To be honest, I don't really remember what else - I'm really tired right now. Below are some other changes that have been done recently that weren't posted. The "zombie" NPC at Vorkath spawn timings are corrected. Dying skulled with Ser
  18. Also there is a visual bug that displays the wrong amount of points but youre still able to use/purchase with the correct number of points you actually do have. Will have this looked into further
  19. Hey @MOIST, are you on Discord? If so, please message me on there -> https://discord.gg/nzBregC
  20. My childhood games were Halo & Runescape Then of course other random games like Tony Hawk

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