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November Exclusive boxes are available! THREE brand new items make their way into the Ely life cycle. Read more about these items in Discord - check the Store page for a live quantity count!


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  1. Jordan

    Oh Hey

    Damn been a while since I’ve seen that name
  2. You've some how made primal look sexy, i like
  3. Perfect for the role, gz masoud!
  4. Gets done quickly and swiftly, defo vouch this specimen!
  5. I think maxes are fine in my opinion, you only lose them through bugs with gambling, staking to many and items not being sent to the bank which needs sorting
  6. Jordan

    SoF spins

    100% support this, the lucky times and supplies in there atm are useless to most players, I’d like to see more higher tier supplies, even dragon dart tips since they’re scarce in game
  7. Nice to see work being done good job bois zulrah incoming?!?
  8. Not the richest but okay lul

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