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  1. Love these! Can I also suggest a mini party Pete for a gambling pet
  2. I remember platinum tokens being suggested beforehand and denied, however I could see this now being useful and quite handy with the amount of cash ingame and the amount of which items cost. instead of having the money bags I’d suggest just implementing these tokens since you can go over 2b and they’re much easier to use. there are spirit shards however they’re very buggy and have an inconvenient gp ratio, being 1 shard = 25GP, however platinum tokens are 1 token = 1000GP. A lot better ratio imo
  3. Kemi4kisok


    1. Kari



  4. YES YES YES, Currenty the boxes are damn right awful for their price, so anything that would change them would be amazing
  5. The whole skilling pet situatio needs fixing anyways since some of these pets barely drop or dont at all. for the addition of the new ones 100% support. Everyone loves pets
  6. Full support these need adding!
  7. Would love to see more skilling outfits ingame, just something nice to work towards for those xp gainssss (we do already have the blacksmith outfit)
  8. Support this, would be nice to get some rewards for big boss kc
  9. Honestly atm BR is flawed as hell, barely works for players. If anything id remove it for the time being until its really revamped.
  10. Currently these are kind of stuck behind a huge ballache of a minigame. No one plays it and it takes a huge amount of games to play to even upgrade each aura to level 4. So im suggesting adding these to a more appropriate location being the PVM shop.. I do realise you can gain a huge amount of points easy so therefore these will be at a very high cost for each upgrade, increasing for each level you buy. For exmaple: Attack Aura level 1 = 500K Points > Level 2 = 750k > Level 3 = 1.5M > Level 4 = 2.25M Leaving each aura totalling up to 4.5M PVM points. TH
  11. Gano has always been a rough grind for a mid/high level armour, so support on that and possibly even loweing the rates again on the drops
  12. Would love to see ROW and ROW (i) Work properly so support to this

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