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  1. Would be cool to see support
  2. What to expect from 1000 PvM boxes! (Opened on the BETA server)
  3. Updated and revamped, reply to this if anything else needs changing
  4. Boxes aren’t bad at all at 10k each right now.. takes a lot of boxes to crash anything really and with the way nex pieces are currently there’s a huge demand for them. I think if it does become a problem then just make those specific rare items rarer and still keep at 10k each since the common items aren’t too op at all. Ps void gloves need adding to the store
  5. currently tier 2 dragon skirts, legs and boots dont have a correct examine value. i think theyre meant to be 5m? suggestion or "bug" idk? thanks
  6. Cant use dragon orn kits on T2 items
  7. my suggestion still works with irons
  8. add more slayer task block slots like OSRS, unlock at a higher price the more slots you buy
  9. Jordan

    old dung

    So after having to do dung after the revamp, i find it absoloutely disgusting and boring. im suggesting we add it back so we can choose what dungeoneering we do since myself and im sure many others hate the full dung. theres 2 entrances for dung so keep the main entrance for the full dung and and make the other one for the old dung? thanks
  10. Jordan


    Tbh i wasnt going to put guardian in there but thought why not and see what people say, but zenyte on the other hand are something that shouldnt be hard to get at all. we have a fury worth 10M then we have the saradomin amulets worth 50M then BOOM zenytes 5B+ because of how rare they are. currently the drop rate is 1/566 however on OSRS they are 1/300 and still sometimes very hard to get depending on RNG. So i still think they need to be dropped massively. Nex has always been a boss no one really wants to kill. due to its crappy basic drops and the mechanics it involves. I've always said removing the phases and just having nex to kill would bring more action towards the boss, but thats just my opinion
  11. I've already suggested adding the battle royal rewards to the pvm shop and completly scrapping the minigame since its flawed and not worth spending development time on currently. post here:

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