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  1. I believe all sort of buyables for iron men shouldn't be allowed/available since its an iron man, just defeats the point of them tbh. smbs are way too overpowered for them.
  2. Jordan

    Vecna Skull

    Would be nice to have more mage options ingame support this
  3. The vid has been taken down 😯
  4. Welcome! awesome to have you here! Hope you enjoy ELY! 😄
  5. Yeah agree nice to have some more iron drags on their own, those pesty steel dragons!
  6. Jordan


    Welcome back! nice to see ya back 😄
  7. Boxes looking sexy! Congrats to Kemi, prepare for the bullying 😄 Thanks everyone as well, was unexpected 😄
  8. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Id personally like to see this however with the primal weapons being tier 99 weapons im not sure how these will be?
  10. So as someone who has gambled a little bit on Ely I've found out a lot of flaws etc to the gambling system, these being: Losing/dropped items if your inventory is full The gamble screen with over 4 items is just gross Black/white is nothing No auto replant from ties Plants that seem to come up a lot in Fp's (double busts etc) 1) Losing items could be an easy fix with making items over inventory space go straight into your bank with a message to say so. 2) Maybe something can be sorted with the screen with items stacking on top of each other? 3) So in normal flower poker black/white is a host win, however since there are no hosts, these flowers would normally be an auto replant, just makes it more fair and always that chance to come back from a bad plant. 4) I think that if you tie during a fp the game should automatically restart and go again. Ties in flower poker are a very common thing and its pretty annoying constantly trading back and redoing every time you get a tie, this would make it so much easier. 5) So i've played a fair share games of flower poker and seen a lot of common plants that seem to always come up, double busts for instance. These really come up way too often that seems "right". I may be wrong and just play too much on this one, but just asking since it does seem odd. Thanks for reading and let me know what ya think bois 😄
  11. Changed price of: Nex sets Godwars sets Glacor boots Divine Ale of the gods Added: Dragon Warhammer
  12. I love the idea of this! normal drops are wank atm tbh and doesn't really give good skilling items that people need on ely, because who really needs all herb drops etc when you can buy most from ge and same for most of the others, I believe we need more items such as: Dragonstones Magic logs Rocktails Mahog logs Addy/Runes bars Also how about some higher coin drops for newer players (coin caskets maybe that gives you a range from 500k-2.5m?)
  13. I love this idea! been asking for longer tasks etc for a while now tbh, i think 300 points is a little low tbh for how easy they are to get. What about having specific unlocks to extend every "good" slayer task? costing 300 each or something, seems a better approach to it?
  14. DAMN those ely donations 😞
  15. Where can i get may boxes?


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    2. Jordan


      O boi cant wait, they seem lit

    3. Nicky


      363 days thats no time. Gives me chance to 5b another few accounts before hand.

    4. Enzyme

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