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  1. 1. What is your single most favorite aspect and/or feature of Ely? The uniqueness of the player base and how well everyone interacts when they do 😛 2. What is your favorite content/activity to do in-game? I actually really love splashes Graetorian and ruins he made for the game, really works well with it. 3. If someone asked why they should join Ely, what would you say? don’t For it’s great content and for what’s to come in the future of Ely 😁
  2. Welcome dude, nice to see the intro, have fun ingame 😁

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  4. Amazing to see this, ely will strive again! Thank you for the offer as well, i will do my best for the community and get some sexy events on the way!
  5. 200m prayer on legend is easy, pussy ;) but we've spoken about it before, it is wrong and needs sorting, support
  6. What do you really think of Ely in its current state? Personally i think its crippling drastically and the developers/owners need a good step back and just look at what everything is like in game wise. The community is key to an rsps and thats what makes the game what it is. If anything was good to come from this, id like to suggest something on the lines of what the osrs team does with their updates and fixes etc. This is polling any content and problems with the game and letting the community decide what they'd like to see come into the game. For example: The bots that got added were something that no one had no idea about, and myself and load of others didn't really see the point in those. Don't get me wrong they're a cool idea which can have a good outcome, but are they really necessary to what Ely REALLY needs. What makes you come back to play everyday? I've been around since 2012 and I've always come back for the friendships I've made, It's always great playing together and going for collection logs, racing towards milestones etc. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I would really like to see weekly, even every other week updates/bug fixes/events. This is someone that keeps players active, motivated and always looking forward to something to do within the game. Id also like to see something done about the economy of the server and the way donations/boxes are done (since these are a huge factor of a messed up eco). Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? Currently i dont like the way some gear items are only are from donations, this is something that should never happen within an rsps (pay2win) People love to play the game legitimately and without donating anything, and this is hard when most of the top tier items aren't even obtainable. For instance, iron men are a huge thing in rs nowadays and with ely every one of them hit this huge wall that stops that. Nex is another one that i really think needs looking into, i know this is a very controversial thing and ive discussed it before, however this is an rsps and people would love it so much more if it would be easier to do that boss, no player wants to spend 45 minutes (with basic mid tier gear) fighting nex, its simply not worth it. Thank you.
  7. I’ve wanted a new home for ages now and think it’ll be great to have to lighten the server more, I’ve never really like the home we have now due to being soo squashed and hard for newer players to get around. Completely support this
  8. Completely agree with both suggestions, those things are way to easy to get and too strong for mostly everything, they’ve taken over the server. Nerf pls. secondly I agree with the bow being buffed, especially being from ruins this bow doesn’t hardly live up to its name, and really it’s just worth using the zbow for the cost difference and basically being the same. support!
  9. So after a very long time playing Ely, i cant help but notice the change of the server and how things are going at the minute. A lot of oldies no longer play and everyone just seems so distance from what once was an amazing server to play. In my opinion Ely really just doesn't feel the same anymore and I want to find out what everyone thinks of this. Please no memes or shit talk, i just want a complete honest truth from everyone about what they think of the server/how its run etc. Please answer these if you have time 🙂 What do you really think of Ely in its current state? What makes you come back to play everyday? What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? More for the oldies that have parted with Ely - What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? What made you part ways from playing Ely? I just really dont want to see Ely go into the ground, a lot of people have put a huge amount of time into the game because they love the game and people within it. However at the rate its going its just being forgotten about more each day. I dont see anyone really wanting to do anything in-game, as it lacks the enthusiasm like it had beforehand. I really hope things will change.
  10. First Nice guide 🙂

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