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  1. Jordan

    Boss Instances

    Boss Instances that have an option to use are there so people can go kill bosses freely by themselves, costing an amount of money + the risk factor of losing items on death too. You dont need to use this, but if you dont want to be crashed, or having to deal with people its there. However some bosses are different with their "instances", like Cerberus its meant to have a gravestone on death, And you can go back and collect free of charge. Zulrah however is meant to have a buy back system so if you die you pay for items back causing an eco sink for the game. This is something that was going to be looked into if i remember correctly. ^ This sort of answers the last point you asked. But im not sure how easy it would be to be implemented.
  2. Take care mate, but dont quit because you lost bank, its easy to rebuild and stay away from gambling
  3. Jordan

    Drop Party

    Drop Party Date: 22/05/20 Time: 10PM GMT+1 / 5PM EST I will be hosting the biggest drop party ever held on ely to date! A huge thank you to all those who helped out and contributed to this event, we amassed an enormous sum of.... 73B in items! People will be jailed for the duration of the drop party if they break any of the rules set. Rules: No pets or summoners allowed No obstructions of any sort, traps, cannons etc No alt accounts What to expect!
  4. Welcome dude nice introduction
  5. Moved this to suggestions, since its getting some good feedback. In my opinion, the way it has been hasnt affected the game badly what so ever. The bosses that you can use bank at currently arent high tiered at all and its just simply QOL in my opinion, it should even be allowed at godwars since this is an easy boss where your inv fills up super fast from drops. So i can agree with callum on this one.
  6. Everyone used them, everyone knew about them. You asked about where you can use bank and i told you. You wasn't moaning then, seemed quite happy about it...
  7. Ah i didn't look at that lmao. ill edit the post.
  8. Yeah i get that, but this is wilderness, having people running around with zero risk because of this inst good.
  9. Because its in the log but isnt on the drop table?
  10. No thats how it is in rs
  11. Zulrah items should not go to dingo. if the items aren't protected on death the items should be split and be separate drops on the floor.
  12. Lucky items should be lost on death in wilderness. The killer will not receive anything from it.
  13. The dragon plate body needs adding to KBD's drop table Remove dragon plate body from kbd log and add it to graes log
  14. 2 Doses of anti poison should cure venom, it doesn't. Source - https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Venom Curing venom Drinking a dose of any strength of antipoison or using another method of curing poison will convert the venom to regular poison, which starts at the same damage the venom had. To fully cure venom, players can drink another dose of antipoison.

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