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  1. Cant say i agree with you 100% tbh, and this is a full attack towards you btw bro. Why are there still so many items stuck behind a paywall for irons, its been so long now since ironmen have been a thing and we have so many items that you simply cannot obtain due to being stuck in monthly boxes and the summer shop. EDIT: I mean combat items not shitty cosmetics Sort it out mate! But overall support for auto pick up clues, nice perk to have and would be great for some achievement unlocks/perks to be implemented as this was something that should of been done before even releasing the achievement rework, instead of kicking out an update and totally removing the old rewards that you used to get, achievements are pointless as of now.
  2. Daily tasks is something that has been requested many times and i give my full support, just gives people that extra motive to get on and play to achieve juicy things. also agree no more cosmetic shit lol
  3. If you or someone else can make a list of all the new items and price, with prices of items that need updating ill update it
  4. I know this is probably going to get a lot of hate because it makes upgrading items harder however i think the way people are gaining gems to upgrade their top tier items is kind of wrong? The point of the chest i assume is to be an item sink and a hard/grindy challange to obtain the gems to upgrade items.. So as most people know that training zone sells whips, these whips can be made into gems/t2 whips very very fast (someone said you can get 20 whips an hour, thats insane?!) So im suggesting that a new whip to be made so it cant be put into the chest (starter whip or something?) or even changed into the coloured whips that cant be upgraded. ALSO, ironmen cant even use the training zone, so it makes ironmen at a big disadvantage once more.. Thanks GAMERS
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    Add this pls thanks
  6. I dont support, because boats made this suggestion
  7. WE NEED YOU! We're currently going through what reward perks people get from completeing the achievements and we need your help! Perks are a hard topic and need to be well thought of. So I thought why not ask the community! Since you are the players and what make Ely, we are asking for your ideas and suggestions on what these perks can be! https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Achievement_Diary_Rewards These are the OSRS achievement perks, obviously they dont relate to ely at all, so they will need to be changed accordinly if you wish to use this as reference Thank you!
  8. Support this, always nice to be rewarded for your hard work and time, always thought there should be some sort of rewward for getting 200m in all skills. Cape would definatley fit perfect for this.
  9. Amazing work matt, huge amount of time went into this. also the CHADS Goddess and callum for helping big stoinks
  10. Love these! Can I also suggest a mini party Pete for a gambling pet
  11. I remember platinum tokens being suggested beforehand and denied, however I could see this now being useful and quite handy with the amount of cash ingame and the amount of which items cost. instead of having the money bags I’d suggest just implementing these tokens since you can go over 2b and they’re much easier to use. there are spirit shards however they’re very buggy and have an inconvenient gp ratio, being 1 shard = 25GP, however platinum tokens are 1 token = 1000GP. A lot better ratio imo
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  13. YES YES YES, Currenty the boxes are damn right awful for their price, so anything that would change them would be amazing

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