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  1. Jordan


    Welcome back dude
  2. Support, used to work on rsps2, not sure what happened
  3. I think this is a great idea, definitely need more ways to train agility and a good way to obtain the graceful set, SUPPORT
  4. Don’t see any harm for adding this always nice to have things like this added, SUPPORT
  5. Jordan

    Bank Space

    A lot of people have asked for this and it’s not an easy thing to do apparently, but if it could be worked on somehow, I’d definitely support this as I’m always having to clean up my bank for more space. SUPPORT
  6. Updated! Added tons of items that needed adding, need prices so drop them below. Thanks 😄
  7. Definitely agree with this, eternals should be bis boots by far. also some other celestial items are also bis which shouldn’t be the case, I remember splash saying it was meant to be getting nerfed to be more like primal armour (more def mage) not sure what happened about this.
  8. Yeah we agreed it’s a fine price for what it is on discord, it’s not that good and infernal picks are too easy to obtain so there’s no point for it
  9. Didn’t even get 200m slayer smh
  10. A very well needed price update! with great help of an elysian (Masoud) 😄 Normal Phats from 750-800M > 1-1.2B Set monthly boxes to 500-600M each Primal Hatchet/Pick from 400-500M > 250M each Primal Longsword from 1-1.5B > 1.9-2.2B Primal Rapier from 1.5-2B > 1.7-2B Nex Sets from 1-1.5B > 1-1.3B Armadyl helmet from 50-100M > 50M Amardyl top/bot from 100-150M > 75-100M Bandos helmet from 100-150M > 250-300M Bandos top/bot from 100-150M > 80-130M Glacor boots from 100-200M > 150-200M Prims and Pegs from 1B > 1.5-2B Dharoks from 25M per peice > 25-50M per piece Vote tickets from 2-5M > 5M Agility tickets from 500K-1M > 2-4M Skilling items - Yew logs from 15K > 15-20K Teak planks from 10k > 20k Rune bars from 50-80k > 60-80k Adamant bars from 30-50k > 40-50k Added fayrg bones - 75k Added Frost dragon bones - 150-200k Added black dragon leather - 20k Added dragon dart tip - 1-2k Added dragonstones - 50k Will be adding all new items tomorrow + more skilling items! Leave feedback and whatever you think needs changing below, only way this is going to work 😄

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