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  1. Hey, I was killing Gargoyle's in slayer tower for my slayer task and a superior foe (Marble gargoyle) appeared but I couldn't attack it nor was it moving. As soon as I tried to attack it, I kept getting attacked by other gargoyles and I just couldn't do anything. When I finally got rid of the normal gargoyle, the superior foe just disappeared.. Thanks, X E N O
  2. X E N O


    Welcome to this EPIC server, Haven! I really hope you enjoy your stay with us! Be humble and kick ass! Cya In-game! <3
  3. Wonderful work, Matt! Can't wait to see more updates in the early future! Thank you!
  4. Welcome to Ely! Hope you enjoy your stay with our great community/family!
  5. Absolute support from me! +1 Awesome suggestion Vegemite!
  6. Welcome to Ely, skiller! Have fun with the community, hope you stay! see you in-game!
  7. I was talking about something.. but nobody made the right post. if he would've caught the whole discussion it would've made sense.. lol (obv he did that on purpose xD)
  8. I support that 100% ! fo shure
  9. Thank you my man! I really do enjoy Ely, no worries
  10. Thanks boats!! same goes for you!
  11. You got that right! thanks a lot, see you around!
  12. Thank you Kari! See you in game
  13. Thanks Lation! I appreciate! Amazing server btw! Absolutely love it, plus you’re really active with the community which I love even more.. keep up the good work

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