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  2. 1st photo is me running to my bank to then see starter items and the cosmetic boxes to take out my bank and loot, clicked withdrawl on the cosmetic boxes which instead made me take out 5x iron arrows instead of the boxes i oringinally clicked. doing so, brings back my original bank. After this happens the boxes disappear in my correct bank, but when a vote party occurs, this re occurs with them stacking inside my bank each time(this being the 3rd time) 2nd photo is my correct bank after everything goes down. P.s i dont use forums ever so i hope i posted this correctly
  3. Name: ishan Rules Broken (if any): chargeback Time Punished: err, sometime last year in summer I'd say? Punishment Length & Type:ip ban Staff Member who issued the punishment: clueless to whom Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation: I charged back back an x amount of $. Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: well, as i know the whole situation with charging back is very crucial to an owner, i am very sorry lation.. and i know where i did wrong.. as I dont have the full lum sum of $ to pay back the amount I was told to give an appeal a shot.. i used to be a serious active helpf

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