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    not sure if this is suppose to happen but i have now had 2 hand cannons completely disappear on me while i was using them. when you examine them it does not degrade so i dont know what is going on with it. both hand cannons were lost on acct. Wikota.
  2. when you are in your house with the burners lit they will not go out until you actually leave the house and come back. also anyone using your gilded alter it will randomly kick them out back to home but they will be still using the alter outside of your house and they are still getting xp.
  3. Still a bit of confusion when it comes to Zulrah so i made a Guide for everyone. I hope this helps.
  4. Was thinking in addition to doing ;;bank we could also do CTRL+B to us for bank command
  5. Unable to attach focus sight and hexcrest to vork slayer helm
  6. Owner Lation - Great owner, always quick to respond to any issue at that point. Also he is a sexy beast. 15/10 Matt - Haven’t seen much but still great 10/10 Developer Splash / Hardcore - Outstanding person. Stole my osrs gp but it was so worth it haha. 11/10 Charlie - Administrators Kari - Always so willing to help when on. Very sweet and caring but will also rip your head off if you are disrespectful. 13/10 Server Moderator Nelly - super duper person! Always a good helping hand. 13/10 Goddess - Always so fast to respond to questions. Very knowledgeable on the server and mechanics of just about anything on the server. 13/10 Event Manager Support Rahamies - Very supportive haha 13/10
  7. On top of the higher level agility course the pole swing will allow you to do it over and over. When you get to the other side just click the first pole again and it shoots you back and does that part again with xp each time.
  8. Owner Lation - Pretty decent, always gets on server fixes and issues fast. All around awesome guy and love his energy. Matt - n/a Developer Splash / Hardcore - Slash is very knowledgeable. Very nice person. Administrators Kari - Always helpful and fun. Luke - n/a Event Manager Jordan - A- for Jordan. It could be an A+ if he changes his ingame name lol. Server Moderator Kemi - Kemi is a fantastic person always full of energy. Ultsonofares - Fantastic person Nelly - A++ Nelly is always there to help no matter what.

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