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  1. Owner Lation - Great owner, always quick to respond to any issue at that point. Also he is a sexy beast. 15/10 Matt - Haven’t seen much but still great 10/10 Developer Splash / Hardcore - Outstanding person. Stole my osrs gp but it was so worth it haha. 11/10 Charlie - Administrators Kari - Always so willing to help when on. Very sweet and caring but will also rip your head off if you are disrespectful. 13/10 Server Moderator Nelly - super duper person! Al
  2. On top of the higher level agility course the pole swing will allow you to do it over and over. When you get to the other side just click the first pole again and it shoots you back and does that part again with xp each time.
  3. Owner Lation - Pretty decent, always gets on server fixes and issues fast. All around awesome guy and love his energy. Matt - n/a Developer Splash / Hardcore - Slash is very knowledgeable. Very nice person. Administrators Kari - Always helpful and fun. Luke - n/a Event Manager Jordan - A- for Jordan. It could be an A+ if he changes his ingame name lol. Server Moderator Kemi - Kemi is a fantastic person always full of energy. Ultsonofares - Fantastic person

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