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  1. This is, or at least was, the armor splash was working on for an endgame set. Is that kaput?
  2. I like the concept, but some of these might be too expensive for the amount of time they are usable for.
  3. I support this and I don't at the same time because it doesn't solve the inherent problem with natural farming incentives. Whips aren't the most efficient thing to use training points on, dragon boots are. Therefore, unless we're going to change all the items in the training shop, that can be used on the upgrade chest, I don't see a point. If anything, upgrades for higher tier gear should be more expensive, but also give more gems for failures (gear upgrades are a 1:4 ratio for gem output). Right now the most efficient farming method for gems is lower tier gear because they give a disproportionate amount of gems compared to higher tier gear. Dragon boots give 1 gem primal weapons give 15 gems Do you think it takes 15x more effort to get a primal than it does to get dragon boots? or are dragon boots 15x less valuable than primal weapons?
  4. Depending on how much of a bonus this would give, I'd support it.
  5. Can't believe you'd suggest something like this. You must be lazy. Great idea, some scaled back more relevant boosts would be a great addition I think. Full send +1
  6. Amulet of zealots Change amulet of zealots to only boost single skill prayers. This is the store page for the amulet of zealots. If you read the description, it says that it "improves the effect of any prayer that boosts only one skill." This should technically discount Turmoil, Piety, Rigour, Augury, and Chivalry since they all boost more than one skill. Zenyte jewelry the necklace of anguish, and tormented bracelet are not buffed properly in my opinion. These are the stats of these items on ely, along with a picture of their stats on OSRS Necklace of anguish 25 range bonus Tormented bracelet 17 magic bonus I would argue that these items should be getting, at the very minimum, the prayer bonus, ranged str bonus, and magic damage %. I didn't post the picture, but the torture in OSRS also has a prayer bonus of 2.
  7. support the hexhunter is a useless drop and would be nice as a weaker alternative to the zaryte bow.
  8. Honestly thought this wasn't too bad of an idea, but now I think there's a better alternative. Lucky items are pretty much worthless besides the spirit shields, that much I'd say is still consistent. Remove lucky items from pvm store Add an item called the lucky rabbits foot or something like that to the pvm store Adjust lucky item stats to be the same as the normal counterpart like spirit shields Allow normal gear to be used with this new item to permanently change it to lucky gear This opens up lucky gear for ironmen and makes lucky gear actually useful. Not allowing lucky gear to be upgraded to t2 would be a good balance too since that way you have sort of a glass cannon effect. Better gear means you have to be more careful with how you use it, or you can go in with unlosable gear that isn't as good. This also means that you need to obtain the normal gear before you can get the lucky version of it.
  9. First of all, Welcome! We're glad you're here, probably. There are a lot of common questions that get asked, so hopefully this guide will help you find what you are looking for. Commands Home Guide Train guide Teleporting/Misc Guide I certainly don't know everything, so give me your feedback on what I should adjust or add, and I'll do my best to update this accordingly.
  10. So many questions and no one to answer them...
  11. Anyone who submits suggestions knows that it can be a pain, at times, to get people to come to the forums to look at it, let alone provide their feedback. I propose that a list of the most viable suggestions gets compiled every so often (maybe once a week or so, depending on how many suggestions were created), and a poll station installed in the game for players to vote on them. This way, players who take the time to submit things can get more exposure to their ideas. Players who would prefer to not go on the forums, get to influence the development of Ely. And any viable ideas would get higher visibility from the player base. As far as what would be considered a viable idea, that would probably need to be decided by the devs. Since they are the ones developing approved suggestions anyway. As always, productive feedback is most helpful!

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