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  1. Definitely this too. I like the legend grind, but it shouldn't be any harder for us to get skilling pets simply because we opt into a certain game mode.
  2. So long as the deposits stay at the Donator Zone then I support all of this. The wilderness doesn't have enough incentive for most people to go there, so any balanced content that brings people in is a win. A specific Wildy slayer option that gives a lot of slayer xp could be a good addition too in my opinion.
  3. Definitely agree that it should be earned, and I would even like to see the other perks earned through similar methods you've described as secondary methods to donating. Though I don't necessarily agree with the fairness for people who struggle financially (I've donated less than 1% of my total donation amount at this point) since getting ingame scrolls isn't too hard in my opinion. If this idea passed, I would be fine with whatever the majority consensus was.
  4. ah, so that's how that happened lol
  5. There's literally 3 other perks that do the same thing for similar items, so it's obviously not "shiet." You're welcome to your opinion that you think it shouldn't be supported, but constructive criticism is the only valid criticism.
  6. Now that clues can be earned even if there's already the same type in your possession, the ability to automatically pick them up would be a welcome feature in my opinion.
  7. Some stuff I and others have noticed about the achievement system. If you've already obtained the investigators set prior to this system you can't unlock it. Could just make this achievement "wear" the investigators set. All Collection Log tracked items don't unlock automatically which would make sense if they did. I don't know if this is intended but having played prior to this feature shouldn't mean we have to do an already tracked thing again in my opinion. Skilling shop item achievements have either "buy" or "equip," but some of them that can be equipped have a "buy" unlock. Though I'm not keen on having to buy skilling shop items again for an achievement, some consistency on this would be nice either way. Achievement kill counts are different than the already tracked individual mob kill counts. Again, I don't know if this is intended but it would be make sense to me to be tracked by previously tracked systems. The minigame Monster Carnage requires you to "claim" at each stage to unlock the achievement. This is redundant if you ask me and all previous stages should unlock along with the highest completed.
  8. no one supported this? It is a no brainer imo.
  9. Upped it a bit the same day, forgot to post. I don't type very often anymore so I'm happy with it.
  10. I wouldn't consider 3 gems for the life of an account a "use case." To me, this is giving ancient shards an ACTUAL use in the game. Doesn't matter to me what we use them for, but they shouldn't be wasted.
  11. Agreed, the well is used much less these days. Maybe it's worth advertising a discount period during peak time(s) to incentivize donations. (A multiplier for donated gp at random times? System Matched donations at random times?) I don't think a flat reduction to the price is needed but something to get people to at least consider using it.
  12. Skotizo drops around 2.5 ancient shards per kill. Aside from the arclight, these shards have no use. Allow 10 ancient shards to be used on the upgrade chest for a 25% chance to be turned into a prismatic gem. *Out of 100 dark totems, that would be approximately 250 ancient shards equating to 25 attempts for gems with 6.25 succeeding on average* This solution gives these otherwise useless shards a use case other than sitting in a bank, or being left to disappear.
  13. yeah, he's right. the teleport is ;;tele THE abyss not just abyss

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