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  1. i rather liked all the updated slayer helms, horns included. the new vorkath helm looks sick af.
  2. all good things must eventually come to an end, unfortunately. it's been a real hoot owl, so long.
  3. This stuff happens and it's easily preventable without essentially telling ironmen they "have" to use instances to avoid it. it's actually possible to steal aggro with a steal titan making retaliation from the ironman impossible.
  4. then please inform me how an ironman can crash a regular player. Or prevent a player from taking their kill from them (majority damage done and would otherwise have obviously received the drop) after having worked much of the way through it.
  5. No, kemi, you're catering to regular players. The point is that an Ironman was there first, gets crashed, and can do absolutely nothing about it which is incredibly biased to toward opportunist players. My mindset is fairness to all players however they choose to play the game. If they get crashed because they're too slow to get the kill, so be it. We aren't complaining about that though are we.
  6. bruh, you chose to play a regular acc, the same way an iron chooses to play ironman. i don't remember "totally getting fucked out of your kill at the leisure of the regular players" being in the ironman description. and yes, we have instances but don't have instances for every boss but that still doesn't change the fact an instance is infinitely more dangerous than a non-instance. The idea is to do everything yourself, not get bullied by some opportunists. The game shouldn't cater to any specific gamemode, it should be fair to whatever play style you choose.
  7. Add an average price for items in the GE like the OSbuddy plugin so players have a better idea of how much they should list or buy for. A price guide is "nice" but it never truly reflects the free flowing market that constantly fluctuates. Players often don't know that an items price is not set in stone and the idea is bolstered by a price guide showing a specific range of prices.
  8. adding a semi low chance to roll a $5 scroll in every monthly box would probably be pretty popular. could possibly even make a new semi common scroll that adds to your total donation but not Epoints balance similar to a custom item donation. It would be a decent way to help people achieve the donator perks they want a bit easier since IMO the price points, at the higher tiers, are a tad absurd.
  9. support, Dom tower gives bis gloves as well as "decent" weapons but requires an annoying grind not a challenging one. how quickly you get through it is mostly RNG, not skill. I would love to see a myriad of different bosses included in the climb just not the obviously ridiculous ones. I think KQ isn't too difficult and should probably not be removed from the rotation but "possibly" reduced in frequency. If more bosses are added this would be the case anyway. The only way i can see this not being the case is if there were better rewards for the minigame other than the gloves and weapons. -a certain number of crystal keys per 10 floors or something like that. -making the ability to convert all the items received from the chest into something worthy of doing so. -floors completed after 100 give better rewards (or possibly half the number of floors needed for another unique roll - 125 for additional weapon and 150 for gloves). lots of different ways to make this minigame more worth it during and even after you've achieved the unique you want. Completely agree here, like fight caves only being difficult if you don't understand Jad's attacks. i agree, this means the player will have to take the fights more seriously while not having to worry about the next boss being a dead stop (for most players).
  10. i was also thinking that it might be beneficial to just have a set amount of the exclusives drop per round of box drops that way the sets are guaranteed to be complete.
  11. Since there's a random chance to complete exclusive monthly sets it would probably be beneficial for the server and the players to list the remaining pieces to complete them as a donator store exclusive after that month is over. I realize they are meant to be scarce but there's a limited number of Sirenic chaps for example but probably 3x as many helms. Could also do an in set transfer to make existing abundant pieces into less common pieces to increase scarcity after the month is over. thoughts, comments, corcerns?
  12. Change the npc examine to separate unique drop tables and show the chance of rolling that as well as individual drop chance for each unique. It might not be obvious to some new players that the number on a unique is representative of their chance of getting that specific drop and not a unique in general. it would also be helpful to see the actual roll chance if you do hit the unique table.
  13. The training area is a fantastic addition that makes getting started much better for new players. There are a couple things that i think could make it much better though. 1. don't start the timer until the monster you are assigned has been attacked by you. the area isn't very big but the timer is also very short so this reduces task efficiency. could also just make the timer longer per task. 2. don't change tasks until the monster you are currently attacking has been killed. it's kind of frustrating when the timer ends and you're still killing your task. 3. change the casket rewards to clue scrolls instead, add the hard clue scroll, and make them much cheaper. maybe i'm just extremely unlucky but clue scrolls besides the elite scroll don't drop very often and i think this would be a perfect place to guarantee them for a price. 4. add a free instance clock for the area since sometimes it gets crowded. it's a bit annoying when there's a decent number of players and multiple people have the same task. some or all, tell me what ya'll think about these.
  14. i mean, bud, i said this in my first comment. why are we going round'n'round if you agreed with me lol.

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