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  1. Yep, I can get on board with this. I think it's absurd though that dragon claws are in the unique loot from raids since we can get them from tormented demons. Raids are the only way to obtain claws in OSRS which is why they are dropped there. We either need to remove them completely from raids or offer a much better version from them.
  2. Ye, I thought about that too. It keeps the zealots as it is physically but requires much more effort to use it.
  3. Then maybe we make the zealots break after so much use that it has to be repaired with dungeoneering tokens?
  4. I don't agree that's the real issue with it. Even without unlimited prayer there's a plethora of prayer boosting items that negate the negative prayer bonus to the point of it being irrelevant without sacrificing much. We should be looking at this objectively from a balance standpoint.
  5. Maybe the best solution (to "nerf" ammy of zealots) is to delete all of the currently owned ammy of zealots and increase the dung cost to like 400k-1m tokens. Before I get a string of angry comments saying that zealots is how it's supposed to be, yes that's true, but we have infinitely better prayer bonuses in Ely. With an increased barrier to entry there's a tradeoff to how OP it is, so you have to earn it to use it. Anguish and tormented bracelet definitely need their appropriate damage buffs and scaled up to be on par with how good torture is (not the same stats).
  6. Preferably the tickets themselves since irons can get those as drops.
  7. non-upgraded primals don't have differing stats Forlorn LS Reg LS Forlorn Rapier Reg Rapier
  8. No support, PVM points are supplemental to the real drops you get from bossing and should be treated as such. Looking from another perspective, 3.5m PVM points equates to 175 PVM boxes or 5.25b if sold for 30m each. If anything, considering that irons have less things to spend points on, I'd say that the forlorn shard could be more expensive for them.
  9. +1 yuge ol' support
  10. Definitely agree to raising the high alch value to be on par with or more than the gen store. Preferably more than because there are actual requirements to high alch whereas the gen store can be used whenever.
  11. I understand why you wouldn't want to change them so soon, but the issue is that more end-game gear is being created from the boxes than from the actual boss they drop from. That carries significant problems for the server since now Cerberus, Nex, and to an extent demonic gorillas aren't nearly as worthwhile to do unless you're an ironman. If the drops from those bosses weren't dropping fast enough before it's because they already weren't incentivizing enough to do, now we've only made that problem worse. I'm not saying you haven't accounted for this, and maybe these are just growing pains for things that will release later on, but as of now the current state of the item economy is messed up.
  12. This is due to the arrows stacking their ranged str bonus on top of another ammo type's bonus. It will happen with any handheld ammo and BP (It also works with ranged weapons that don't require any ammo like zaryte and crystal bow). I'd assume the best fix is only allowing 1 ranged ammo type to be equipped at a time.
  13. Taeshalach is also a 1h cosmetic with a 2h imbued item

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