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  1. support, don't want it to be too op though.
  2. Ibis is for xp, not for double rewards
  3. Adding the Rogue's set, gives double rewards as a set effect, as achievement rewards could be a good way to boost thieving while giving that skill more purpose than maxing and getting a pet. Any additional suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Yes, the intention was for any hunter method and not just puro-puro.
  5. I would also add the garden pools from OSRS due to their excellent utility essentially replacing the nurse at home with a better version.
  6. yes, barrows is dull. Make Barrows great again!
  7. the only thing i noticed that was an issue was that the yaktwee stick doesn't work to catch implings. other than that, solid update.
  8. Due to the new update including puro-puro i think it would be a cool addition to add a kingly impling/dragon impling/lucky impling as a skilling pet drop. *possibly a base impling with the ability to change it to any impling. what does everybody think?
  9. i think the coloring is a good idea to represent which one is which but i think it should more in keeping with the ones given for each gamemode. Green-easy, White-default(doesn't have one but white is probably fine), Red-legend.
  10. i guess i'd support these items being added to the game but don't necessarily see the point(unless their perks were buffed)
  11. Number 1 is the most productive IMO since carrying multiple totems into the boss area would defeat the purpose a bit. I haven't fought skotizo yet but the idea is to be able to fight him more than once in the same instance to save time. More totems means less inventory space for the fights. I can see a potential problem though with dying or teleing out any time before the remaining totems are used. The totems would be lost if there's nowhere for them to go. I would suggest revising the number 1 to specifying how many totems you want to add and the boss spawning uses up one of those totems.
  12. if this is going to be added then i think there needs to be 3 different ones for each game mode because 5b xp on easy is kind of a joke even compared to defualt and should not be considered the same. i do support this though.
  13. i rather liked all the updated slayer helms, horns included. the new vorkath helm looks sick af.

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