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  1. agreed, ROW and ROW (i) are dead content for anybody who knows how they work.
  2. Nice guide! You should include getting potato seeds from the farmer northeast of Lumbridge near the chickens.
  3. +1 Support I would take it a step further though and add the ability to key bind commands like the home key through the keybinding menu. This simplifies the "macro" rule so that it would only be a problem for people intentionally trying to get out of playing the game.
  4. The two soul esswraiths can wander off their island with no way to click on them after they've gone off screen. Can just relog and they're back on the island though.
  5. I don't know if it is intended but you can't catch imps with a yaktwee stick at puro-puro.
  6. I'm not sure if it's specific to the blue ones but the blue runecrafter gloves don't give an xp boost. i checked all the other pieces of the blue set and they do give a boost.
  7. If it scaled non-linearly like how xp requirements are I think that would be a good idea.
  8. As it stands, when starting a legend account you are given a +5% drop rate boost for unique loot. I propose the boost be removed until the account has at least been maxed then give it a +10% boost to compensate. This would be a better incentive for legend accounts while also removing the incentive to make a legend account just to pvm.
  9. Thank you for the feedback! Some excellent points you bring forward and I would agree that it could be needlessly confusing for some players. Initially I think my idea was to consolidate all of the skilling outfit sets into the diary set eliminating the need to switch items depending on the activity the player was doing. Not super significant but we see a similar concept with the endgame PVM set. If the diary set had the same xp boosts that the skilling outfits have then it's basically the same thing just without having an elaborate system. To clarify, the set piece perks would not be reg
  10. Seeing as there's an endgame set being developed for pvm I thought it would be cool to bring one in from OSRS for skilling. I have reviewed all of the perks from the diary reward pieces and I think there's a sufficient amount of noteworthy perks to make it worthwhile for pvmers and skillers. I think this would fit in well with the idea of making the skilling pieces untradeable by combining them with this set to unlock perks relevant to that skill. I also think having the completed set giving an overall increased xp bonus for all skills would be cool. With all skilling outfits remove
  11. Playing Ely. Don't shut the server down, b!tch. Ever.
  12. I'd imagine the system would allow you to pick your price if you're the lender meaning you can set it to be free.

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