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  1. Splash


    Welcome to the server fella, Hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. For sure. We'll be including most if not all bosses for KC, It aint gonna be easy And yes, previous kills should count as they are already being tracked.
  3. Howdy folks, hope your all doing well during the pandemic! Today I'm proposing the addition of a new set of gear, earnable via completing the associated requirements per piece. These requirements will be hefty boss killcounts, pushing players to conquer all that Ely has to offer; Bandos to our very own Graetoriax. These requirements will also pave the way for the much requested Trimmed completionist cape. Previously we have been reluctant to add this as an obtainable item, as we felt the goals we could offer were just too lackluster for something with so much prestige. This update w
  4. Welcome to the server!
  5. Moved to accepted. Expect implementation of this very soon.
  6. Important to note, Any issues with items being unobtainable / imbalanced on the new ironman mode. Make sure to let us know so we can make adjustments. Best of luck on the grind!
  7. Anti-boosting measure, points will not be awarded unless damage is done to portals.
  8. Glad your enjoying the server! Super nice to see you all just chilling, just like the RS2 days. Keep up the HC gainz!
  9. Gotten caught up with IRL Stuff. Will be planning to roll this over to next month
  10. I wouldn't replace the DFS drop with a new grae dfs, but i also wouldn't be opposed to replacing one of the ornament kits with a new DFS Kit. Regardless whether this passes or not, i'd be very interested to see your rendition of it.
  11. Ayy, welcome to the community!
  12. If you want an account name, you'd have to get the current one deleted, then remake. If your up for that, Lation can help ya But yeah, New accounts will have to be made to get on the hiscores
  13. Hey boys, as we set off into July, this month i plan to integrate the previously discussed ironman changes into the game, early this month. The changes to ironman will be continual after this update, with anything crucial we might've missed being rectified. There are many more changes to come that might have been missed in the post, but will be included in the full update post. A big change we're looking to bundle with this update, is the highly requested group ironman. We may require testers for this game-mode, so make sure to stay active in the discord For now, here's a list of

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