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  1. I'll find some time this weekend to get the proper models sorted for these + stats assigned
  2. Welcome! It's not a surprise at all, a lot of people come to rsps's because they don't have the time commitment to level for high end pvm or other activities. Hope you enjoy all the stuff you've missed out on + our own custom content!
  3. Taken a look and found the root cause of this, All divines missing their effect have had it restored. Will be deploying this to live shortly! PS. Sorry for the delay, Unfortunate timing.
  4. Splash

    Iron SoF?

    Did not know they were untradable, will look into changing that.
  5. Splash

    Iron SoF?

    There has been discussions before about planning out a complete SOF Rework, Which included new rewards for the current SOF, reduced ticket gain & An alternative SOF Version for ironmen, containing minor supplies & cosmetics. This is definitely a required update at this point due to the overwhelming amount of tickets people have stocked up.
  6. Admin+ Will usually be able to manually skip your task for you if you ask, But ya having a system in place is much better. +SUPPORT
  7. Sure why not. Already coded in raids aren't they?
  8. The way ranged str on custom items works, is completely fucked. It doesn't work as an additive, just a set value. Same goes for stuff like recurve bow, No matter your gear, or ammo etc, its always the set base range str of that weapon. Would like to see this fixed pls
  9. Ya, sounds like abuse to me. Imo record this if it happens and report the other player. Should make a new rule specifically for this.
  10. This is up there with staff history, gj kari
  11. Splash

    More Coxs

    I assume this wouldnt be too hard to do, That's up to @Mattfor that one though
  12. Splash

    More Coxs

    Adjusted ice demon to 7000, Muttadiles to 8000
  13. Splash

    More Coxs

    Save that for cm raids

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