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  1. This would be a great feature imo. This and the collection log. +support.
  2. Out here inΒ Amish

    1. nelly


      clip clop

  3. Splash

    Yo bois

    Welcome! Hope to see you settle in and enjoy all that Ely has to offer.
  4. Hope to see you back soon Jordan! Wishing you all the best. Gratz Kemi your a big boi now, and welcome back Callum, You've more than proved yourself worth the rank again.
  5. We will, The thing about releasing items is we don't really want to put a base price on them straight away, only when they have a price within the eco. This way people won't value them more selling to gen store than selling to other players. But im sure we can add a few base prices like 50m for each zenyte piece now that a few have come into game.
  6. Peen

    1. Kari



    2. Lation


      did you say peen cause the status thing says "whats on your mind?" and what happens to be on yours is peen? If so, 10/10 ❀️

  7. Had ALOT Of fun working on this update over the past few months, Hope you enjoy it as much as i did working on it. Have fun and good luck everyone! May the odds be in your favour.
  8. It will most likely be removed and added to Zulrah, Of course we would be adding more rewards to monster carnage to make it worth playing.
  9. Welcome! We're also hoping for a big rise in players this summer, and are actively working towards that goal πŸ˜‰ Hope to see you around in-game / Your friends too!
  10. I would love to see this in ely. PS. Looting bag / seed box is already in the game πŸ˜‰
  11. I don't agree with this at all. Having even a chance at good items goes against the spirit of the iron-man gamemode. Grinds like dragon boots, Black mask, and other items that would be considered cheap / lower tier items to everyone else, can take away the sense of accomplishment from playing the game and finally getting that drop you've forever wanted. If we were to limit how good the boxes are, and what they drop, Then they would exclusively cater towards this game-mode, and likely wouldn't appeal to regular players. However, Perhaps a more limited Iron-man only donator store is possible, much like how we did the regular shops vs ironman shops (Removing stuff like amulet of fury etc). We could then add boxes with cool items such as cosmetics, or other new items (Stuff like 2x PVM Point tickets) that don't take away from the game-modes unique progression system.
  12. The 99 Magic requirement is due to me basing the Ely cape item off of an existing cape, which so happened to be the magic cape. I just forgot to remove the requirement from the item, which ill make sure is done in the next update (soon πŸ˜‰). As for the AFK zone, I feel like that would negatively impact more than help us out, as if new players come online and see 90% of the FC are not to be found, or active in the chat. They may think its a fake playercount. We're currently looking into changing early game of Ely so a zone like this could be in our interests, Just needs a bit more discussion around it. Like this!
  13. Splash

    Save the Date

    Is this Walmart?

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