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  1. I wouldn't replace the DFS drop with a new grae dfs, but i also wouldn't be opposed to replacing one of the ornament kits with a new DFS Kit. Regardless whether this passes or not, i'd be very interested to see your rendition of it.
  2. Ayy, welcome to the community!
  3. If you want an account name, you'd have to get the current one deleted, then remake. If your up for that, Lation can help ya But yeah, New accounts will have to be made to get on the hiscores
  4. Hey boys, as we set off into July, this month i plan to integrate the previously discussed ironman changes into the game, early this month. The changes to ironman will be continual after this update, with anything crucial we might've missed being rectified. There are many more changes to come that might have been missed in the post, but will be included in the full update post. A big change we're looking to bundle with this update, is the highly requested group ironman. We may require testers for this game-mode, so make sure to stay active in the discord For now, here's a list of all the major changes we're going ahead with. Take care everyone! Ironman gamemodes only: Collateral Gamemode Changes:
  5. It'd require a bit of sifting through an rs3 cache, but if theres enough traction for this we can get it done.
  6. Splash


    Ay, welcome the community! Don't worry about the taste of the RSPS, we're pretty sweet
  7. Upscaled 718 versions Skotizo: https://i.imgur.com/Gof3zrt.gifv KBD: https://i.imgur.com/kiBFO3A.gifv Abyssal: https://i.imgur.com/7CdZPRm.gifv KQ: https://i.imgur.com/nT2rxT3.gifv
  8. Example of the change: Far right: Existing helm Middle: Copy of OSRS design Far left: OSRS design without purple on sides.
  9. Yeah for sure. Definitely will update the thread tomorrow with a preview of one slay helm.
  10. Hey guys, recently one of the artist for OSRS Posted this picture on twitter of potential upcoming slayer helmet changes that have been requested within the community. With Ely now having these slay helms, i'd like to propose these changes ourselves. They would be upscaled to true 718 style, and maybe we would even have our own variants in the future. If your in favor / against the changes, please vote in the poll!
  11. Note: Refunded the items to the player, this bug still needs to be fixed though.
  12. Boat's might need some lessons.
  13. Sounds like a pretty rewarding job. Welcome to the community!
  14. Life always takes priority over video-games, We'll always be here if ya ever decide to come back. Best of luck
  15. Hey fellas, this thread will be here to collect your input on what should be put into future exclusive boxes, or possibly the store. We never want to make ely a pay to win incentive, which is why we took a step towards over-rides late last year. Lately the past months boxes have been a hit, and i aim to keep that mood alive. Anything you want to see in-game, now is the time to speak up.r If you have any ideas of themes, designs, or types of items should be added, Feel free to list them here below! I'm always looking for feedback on models, and always open to suggestions. If your supporting Ely, we'll always show some love back.

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