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  1. Even though it might suck you won't be able to do some content alone, we always try to balance it fairly and allow ironmen to achieve the same things a main account could by themselves. Take ruins of grae as the example here. I'm in agreement with Luke, If ironmen were able to attack monsters / boss with each other, this would be a feature i only support if it was behind something such as group ironman mode. Solo iron's achievements need to stay their own.
  2. Kaotic's gon be mad, gz my dude.
  3. Fixed for next update.
  4. Splash


    Yep, removed them all the way back on RSPS2 because there were numerous methods of duping.
  5. Addressing most of these within the next update. - Bronze & Iron dragons have had their max hit reduced from 14500 to 650. - Dark beasts have had their max hit reduced from 1750 to 500. - Added two more dark beasts to the catacomb spawns. - Added the proper deviant spectre spawns, just above the ankou's.
  6. Here's what i got done this morning in regards to this list. Hopefully the rest can get knocked out for next update, but for now this is what i managed to change. - Shades now correctly attack the player & Have a total of 1200 LP. - Shades now have a new drop table, similar to aberrant spectres but with slight buffs due to the power gap. - Dagannoth spawns have been replaced with the working NPC ID. - Cyclops' NPC ID has been replaced with the working NPC ID, an additional spawn has also been added. - Hellhounds have had their drop tables tweaked slightly, with clue scrolls being more rare & runes added.
  7. Extremely excited to see Ely move forward once more, Sad to see those so dedicated leave, but it was a much needed change for the longevity of the server. Glad to be sticking around to help it all unfold.
  8. Very interesting concept, Perhaps the armours could give unique perks such as bonus task damage. Alot of possibilities with this, but I'd like to see this if not something similar implemented in 2020. Support.
  9. I'll look into it, May do some drop table adjustments as well and push a small update whilst it's quiet today.
  10. I hope you're all having an amazing Christmas so far, And to make it that much better we're giving you one of the most requested updates to date. Zulrah. (Yes, We made it around THAT Corner.) Zulrah The God-like creature, worshipped by many from all around Gielnor, Has finally risen from the toxic waste to challenge the players of Ely. Zulrah has been coded completely from scratch, and added from OSRS resources. This was a large project to undertake, but it's finally done. We want to thank our Elysian's for their tremendous effort during testing, Nelly, Kaotic, Masoud, Enzyme & Jordan. Without their help The balancing of this boss would have been much worse off, and they helped speed up the progress we made by 300%. Finding bugs constantly for us to fix, And helping us find a sweet spot for the boss to be in. The Fight: Zulrah will function the exact same way Oldschool runescapes works. This means all 4 phases, All mechanics with a bit 718 Love / tweaking. In addition to this, We've heard the complaints in the past about death mechanics in high end bossing, and decided to ensure Zulrah does not fall into this category. For that reason, Zulrah will be a completely SAFE DEATH. You can start the fight by typing "::tele Zulrah" And heading towards the boat docked in the poison waste. From there your on your own. Good luck and may the RNG be with you. Looking back 2019 has been one hell of a year for Ely, Through highs and lows. You've all been there. In May, We saw the launch of the Exclusive boxes. These boxes impacted Ely massively, quickly becoming one of the most loved item's we added to the donation store. With this box, a very special rare item was added to Ely, the first of its kind. You all know what im talking about, The Fiery collection. To commemorate this box, and it's items, We've decided to introduce what will be the very last box drop of 2019, These boxes are insane when compared to the regular exclusives, offering Torva, Pernix & Virtus as common reward. As well as the very last fiery item to ever be available in the exclusive store. The fiery Primordial Boots. The catch? These boxes are available for a limited time, Not a limited quanitity. They are also $25 Per box, Making them the most expensive box to date. You have 8 days left to get your hands on these boxes, after that they are gone FOREVER. Along with the boxes we intoduced a new XMAS themed exclusive item, The hy-draconic lance, Inspired by the Pine tree. Fixes - Hardcore ironmen will no longer die in practice instances, and lose their accounts. - Added some stat requirements to items, such as the bandos helmet. - Matt fixed a bug. On a personal note from me, i want to let you all know that we've been working on other things during the long dev period Zulrah has taken. We have some amazing stuff in store for 2020, and i have been working in spare time to draft up more content for you guys in the future. Here's an example of the type of items you might expect to see in the new year. Closing up To close up, Thank you all so much for being apart of Ely. Without you none of this would be possible, we're grateful for your continued love & support. I hope to see you all around in-game, Existing players or returning vets. Have a wonderful Christmas & I'll see you on the other side.
  11. GL Beast. Reserved space for the SIT comment
  12. Disliked, Unsubscribed, And very disappointed.
  13. Hey all, It's been a while. Here's what's changed with our recent update preparing us for Christmas! - A crack has appeared deep below the depths of the Gielnor, Children have reported their presents missing under the christmas tree, And a mysterious portal has opened west of the Ely bank, Maybe you should investigate it further. - The seers at camelot have predicted heavy snowfall around Gielnor! Be wary of icy roads, Snow piles stacking up and presents sticking out causing trip hazards. - New mystery boxes are being delivered as we speak to Diango's Donator store! These are the last exclusive boxes of the yearly rotation. Once they're sold out they will only restock 3 times this month. Then they're gone for another year! The new Bot system Kyle has returned to Ely, And with him the bot's are roaming rampant on Ely once again, But this time they have undergone major development and how they function has changed drastically. Each player upon logging in will also log their bot into the game. These bots will start with the traditional starter kit, at a set XP mode, and set gamemode with level 1 stats. You can access your bot at the Land of the Bots. Check out the portal behind the Ely bank to travel here. You can also summon your bot here via the operating panels. You can store any items on your bot, which will increase it's wealth value displayed above their head. Be warned though, Any items on the bot are stuck on that account forever. Currently you are very limited in the actions your bot can perform, but in future updates this will a competitive aspect of the game where training your bot will be beneficial to you, and contribute towards a ranking system on the hi-scores. You will be able to set your bot to train at rock crabs, Do slayer, Skill, Gather supplies and much more. This is a very exciting project and im hoping you all enjoy the path we're taking with bots. Any feedback please let us know. We appreciate your patience & support so far, & We can assure you we are making good progress on the next update which will be the highly requested Zulrah, Along with some more amazing content. Here's a sneakpeak at the progress so far, Have a great holiday all!

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