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  1. Next cache update these changes will be in effect, other items such as the ACB have been left out as they require more complex changes to balance them faithfully. Make sure to give me feedback on these changes as we can fine tune them as we go. Heavy ballista has had its ranged att increased to +170. Light ballista has had its ranged att increased to +140. Trident has had it's Magic damage, Strength & Magic att increased. Abyssal Tentacle has had its strength / slash increased to give it an edge over the regular whip.
  2. Appeal approved under the conditions we discussed. Welcome back!
  3. Splash

    Baby grae

    Yeah, defo a no bueno for boss drops on other NPCs. Would much prefer a rework of graes fight to make it more challenging over a shorter period of time.
  4. Ava's should definitely be a perk that comes with max cape, as for other perks i think i'd like to see those bundled in with the mythical comp (t). Feel free to make a list of perks you'd like to see on it below.
  5. Seems like i never got around to making the Female models at all for this set, whoops. This has been fixed for next update.
  6. Issue is related to the animation items like ale of the gods give, which as of right now we lack the tools for.
  7. Cast your hearthstone and get the hell out of my sight. Ps. Have fun!
  8. Accepted & All items listed with some exceptions have been changed.
  9. About time we had more fellow tea drinkers here. Welcome to the server!
  10. Pretty much agree with goddess here, This set would be great implemented into the game, But i feel it would fit better being a real achievement diary rather than an upgradable set of skilling items. As for the perks, they all look pretty reasonable and add some pretty worthwhile perks to the game. Some of the perks above are listed down to be tied into the PVM set, which will later be revealed But we as skilling has a wide range of abilities, we should be able to replace those with perks just as good.
  11. This is what i had in mind, just let the person your helping out know your about to list it, and they should easily be the first to snag the loan.
  12. Just adding my own two cents to this idea: Trading post style loans. - A trading post of sorts is added to the game, from here players can choose an item to list, set a time they want the loan to last, and finally set a price they wish the lendee to pay for the item loan. To help the games economy, the post will tax 5%, awarding the item owner 95% of the paid fee. This way we can remove any player interaction at all, whilst benefiting everyone in the process.
  13. Splash


    Welcome to the server fella, Hope you enjoy your stay!

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