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  1. KBD is deemed an entry level boss for new PVMers. It's not meant to be a challenge & it is not a surprise higher level players with a bit more experience can actually AFK This boss. Secondly, KBD's Lair is not intended to be a PVP zone, and never has been. The area outside is what creates the risk factor, However it is a pretty interesting concept to make the whole arena a PVP zone. I am heavily against forcing players into the wilderness just to gain something significant in terms of progression for the player, such as the DFS from KBD. So for this reason i don't favor this as an update. What i do think would be beneficial is adding the OSRS Wilderness bosses with good drops to hunt all across the wildy, therefore adding a high risk vs reward activity to the wilderness as well as some new challenging bosses for those players seeking the dangerous bossing experience.
  2. Strongly agree, Right now i don't think there's much to work towards in Ely & Creating tasks such as these would surely make it a much more enjoyable experience for new players & Veterans.
  3. Splash

    Oh Hey

    Welcome back qt
  4. It was always intended to respawn, and did on release. Unsure why it randomly stopped respawning but definitely needs looking into.
  5. "Using the N Word isn't inherently racist just offensive" Gee i wonder why. On another note, the staff in question provided valid proof on both occassions of you using macros, One of which was immediately after your first ban. To me the ban seems justified.
  6. Once again we apologize for no notes since the update on the 1st, Life has been hectic recently in the development team and sometimes it gets hard to balance. Here is what changed. - Varrock is in eternal night as the ghosts walk the land once more. Find and capture them for a reward! - A fear reaper has appeared in central varrock, Offering various rewards for those brave enough to face him. - New mystery boxes have been added to the exclusive shop, Including new custom cosmetics. - A New crown has been added to the exclusive shop, For those who want to set themselves ablaze. There is still a few issues that will be resolved in time, But we appreciate your patience & support so far. We can assure you we are making good progress on the next update which will bring some very unique features to Ely, Along with some highly requested content.
  7. This is super neat, Great job both! ps. fuck you kao your the nerd
  8. For sure would love to see something to close the gap between these two sets. Perhaps adding a set bonus would help, Like people have suggested before give the set bonus damage to dragons etc.
  9. Unusual for DC's to create this problem with graves, I've refunded the lost items and we will look into this issue.
  10. This is doable, As for the pet drop it would be a down-sized version of the actual boss as our cache doesnt include the har'aken pet model.
  11. That's one hell of a run, Madman doing it again. Good luck!
  12. Overall support in general, Just don't agree with some events.

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