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  1. Correct, I finished the set pretty much at the start of the year and its stayed that way since. So rather than let it go to waste thought we could throw it into the reward store here. Definitely will not let the final boss concept go to waste though.
  2. support again bcuz fk u jordan
  3. We definitely want the cape to be an extensive long legged journey, but 5b isnt a good requirement as it'll essentially become un-obtainable for most players who challenge themselves with harder difficulties. Tasks like completing the collection log / achievements are a perfect example of what a requirement should be imo. I believe there is a list on the forums with suggestions to comp cape t requirements (jake i think idk?) so we can re-review those and base the requirements off those that gained support. We did debate adding the trimmed comp cape a while back, but came to the conclusion that we didnt offer enough content to seperate it from its pre-decessor variant. I feel that with CoX being implemented in the foreseeable future and all the other content focused updates we've added over the last 2 years, now would be a perfect time to implement this into the game. SUPPORT
  4. Re-adjusted their stats and buffed each range bonus respectively. Should take effect soon.
  5. Support please don't ban me
  6. 100%, Having more stuff to spend your tokens on would surely give dung more purpose.
  7. Definitely an option, i think some custom stuff might go down well too. Say for example keystone keys you can take in with you that have charges?
  8. Support, dung could do with some unlockable perks to speed it up.
  9. I think this a pretty solid idea, Usually i would be against items like bandos & rings being obtained outside of their respective bosses, but as a rare drop from a PVM focused method i'm actually all for. Especially considering as time goes on and more higher tier items are added, those lower tier items will be forgotten about. If the community is in general agreement with these items being obtained like this im sure we can implement it.
  10. Safe journey fella, enjoy it!
  11. Agreed with Callum here, To expand, we've had the idea to completely rework the SoF table for a while with two seperate tables for ironmen & mains. We do not want irons using the SoF to circumvent grinds such as dragon boots, but still need the system to feel rewarding without oversaturating the game with skilling supplies. As for XP boost & Events, I Firmly believe irons shouldn't be entitled to these benefits. The entire reason of the ironman revamp was to level the playing field and remove any edges gained from external sources (I.e voting, opening boxes etc) Hence the very limited donator perks you now recieve, limited to QoL benefits. That being said, Irons do not recieve as much from voting as they should so if you have any suggestions on how to better reward those players i'd love to hear.

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