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  1. Fully support this idea, i think a "hide others loot" option would be great
  2. Wow this is incredible, great to see you pushed through it! Always cool to see people do these sorts of things. Gz my man!
  3. I dont support boats suggestion because come on, its boats?? But i support opoxi
  4. Will

    Corp instance

    Hi, its willow here. You cant seem to use a cannon in corp instance, idk if its a bug or just how it is but uh yeah. Matticus hook ya boy up. Willow out
  5. Full support for this as well! great suggestion
  6. HELL YEAH!!! Such a good QOL update im loving it! Great job matt and lation for all the hard work you guys put in
  7. Wow, this is awesome! thank you for making this video, highlights the best features of ely! very well put together, keep up the good work
  8. Will

    Typing Test

    Obviously there was some kind of glitch, should say i type 6969 WPM
  9. oooh i like this idea as well
  10. Hello. Hi. Hey there. Had a few ideas of items to add to the game/ to the new upgrade chest gonna keep it short and sweet k. Upgrade chest Subjugation gear Zamorakian spear Steadfast boots Ragefire boots Glaiven boots Primordial boots Eternal boots Pegasian boots Anti-dragonfire shield(all variants) Fire cape Zaryte bow Fury Amulet Now for the items i would like to see come ingame, mostly for the beginners/irons Basilisk jaw(upgrade for the helm of neitz) Fire max cape Ancient d'hide boots Guthix d'hide boots Saradomin d'hide boots Zamorak d'hide boots Couple cosmetics Ornate armor set Corrupted armor set
  11. hahaha this is GOLD i love it !
  12. I think as an iron only thing it would be alright, as reg players just ask a higher level player to make it for them. I think its a good idea
  13. This is sooo sick! i enjoyed testing very much, cant wait for the future off this
  14. Glad to see you online my man! Id start by training your combat levels, get a dragon scimmy from ape atoll at level 60 attack, do barrows for decent starter gear, get a fire cape and head to bandos (after farming for sara brews and restores) can message me on the discord with any questions you may have name on there is Willl

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