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  1. Maybe im lazy maybe im not, the world may never know 0.0 haha could see this being something cool as you have to do math everytime trying to buy/sell some thing
  2. I can get behind this, seems like a win win for all of us. I support this 100%
  3. Not a huge deal but when you were the 3rd age melee helm it makes half your face missing as you can seee in the picture below
  4. I like this suggestion 100%, AND would like to know how you feel @Jordanabout our yell color getting changed, the dark brown or whatever it is i feel is too dark to grab peeoples attention and looks bland lol
  5. I am extremely excited to announce our 12 Days of Christmas - Events! We have over $400+ worth of rewards for you guys to claim! Check out our entire schedule below & I hope to see many of you there! (This schedule is based off the availability of specific Staff members & respective work schedules - date & times are set and will not be changed). Christmas Fashion-scape competition & Nibble's Mass! Event Day: December 25th Event Start: 3PM EST For the fashion competition we invite everyone to come up with their best Christmas-based outfit! A special cha
  6. I can get behind this. As a fashoonista it can be annoying having to pick and choose what u want to wear. I dont see any harm in putting em in the arrow slot more people use them to afk with then to go fighting(which i dont know why you would boss in them to risk loosing) you have me support
  7. lmaoooooooo this is so funny i cant hahahahaha
  8. It's that time of year again! For the last couple years, Ely has hosted a secret Santa which turned out to be really fun and interesting. I would like for us to do it again this year! If you would like to participate, reply to this post with your ingame/discord name. In about a week or so, I will draw names and assign you your secret Santa buddy. Rules are as follow: 1. You must get the person who you have any gift, no matter how big or small. 2. Don't tell the person you have them until you are gifting the item. 3. Please complete b
  9. Will


    Oh my god i loveeeee it your soo good at this thank you very much its soo sick hahah
  10. Will


    I would love one if you ever have the time your so good at it! I don't care what it is surprise me
  11. Yeah this is why i always check my items on death tab to make sure i'm good just incase, But yeah i agree with that or make them untradeable once infused and create a "split" option to make the cosmetic part of it tradeable again
  12. I support this idea, like everyone said it wont do any harm. Great idea!
  13. Recently i've noticed that when i go to get a slayer boss task it auto assigns me one. With my dono status i should be able to pick between two bosses. Pls halp

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