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  1. Recently i've noticed that when i go to get a slayer boss task it auto assigns me one. With my dono status i should be able to pick between two bosses. Pls halp
  2. I totally agree with this, been an idea of mine since day 1 of playing wouldd love to see it implemented into the game
  3. Duel Arena Tournament What is it? We are organizing a Duel Arena Tournament - DDS Fights! We are looking for 8 participants! You will fight, best 2 out of 3 with your opponent. Then the winner will advance to the next round. There will be 3 rounds - Preliminaries, Semi-Finals & the Finals. The rules are the same as with every DDS fight: No Ranged No Magic No Forfeit No Drinks No Food No Prayer No Movement All slots except weapon slot X out & ONLY DDS. Any deviation from these specific rules will terminate your entry in the tournament.
  4. oh. my. lord that is going to be a grind but i MUST have. Always coming up with amaziong stuff and great ideas keep it up splash<3
  5. Very very pleased with this update, many great fixes and changes. keep up the good work!
  6. I just love a long strong peen

  7. All i have to say is wow. Its a shame it was cut short but in your time you have achieved wayyy more than the average player. Its an honor to have you on this server and i cant wait to see what Zelda 2.0 has to offer;) Long live the almighty Zelda
  8. It is such an honor/ privilege to be apart of this amazing community and now as a part of the staff. Thank you too all who saw me as a candidate for the position i love you all:D
  9. Will


    Damn man that.was.sickkkkkkkkkkkkk good work bro!

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