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  1. hahaha this is GOLD i love it !
  2. I think as an iron only thing it would be alright, as reg players just ask a higher level player to make it for them. I think its a good idea
  3. This is sooo sick! i enjoyed testing very much, cant wait for the future off this
  4. Glad to see you online my man! Id start by training your combat levels, get a dragon scimmy from ape atoll at level 60 attack, do barrows for decent starter gear, get a fire cape and head to bandos (after farming for sara brews and restores) can message me on the discord with any questions you may have name on there is Willl
  5. Ayee glad to hear that you like the server! Thanks for sticking around and enjoy
  6. Would be awesome to see a rework on this, I would love too see more people playing the minigames rather then them jus sitting there, would deff host some events here if it was reworked, thank you for the input grav i see you put alot of thought into this. You got my support bucko
  7. You heard the man $10 MILLION DOLLES FOR THE FIX. But seriously ive heard about these bugs for a while and no one has reported them to my knowledge. Would get great to get a fix on it!
  8. Damn, Zilly is a greedy bitch LOL well done masoud proud of you
  9. In fullll support of this idea, I think it would make a great addition to ely. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Will

    Money bags

    Maybe im lazy maybe im not, the world may never know 0.0 haha could see this being something cool as you have to do math everytime trying to buy/sell some thing
  11. Will

    New Event?

    I can get behind this, seems like a win win for all of us. I support this 100%
  12. Not a huge deal but when you were the 3rd age melee helm it makes half your face missing as you can seee in the picture below

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