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  1. As good idea as it is, unfortunately there is already peoples customs that are fiery comp and max capes
  2. Loot from 10,000 PVM boxes (These are just estimated prices some based off pg others off gen store) Tab 1 - 32.4B Tab 2 - 6.8B Tab 3 - 103.3B Grand total: 142.5B
  3. Yes. All i have to say is yes very poggers lets do it
  4. No support here, when making the prices and item, the idea wasnt to make it easy to get as a t3 forlorn rapier is essentially a bis melee weapon
  5. I support this idea fully, i think if they are better then before maybe they shouldn't be tradable? idk depends how much better they are though. i also like how some outfits are obtained on osrs if we can incorporate something like that that would also be cool
  6. Couldn’t of been said better, all these suggestions are great i see nothing wrong with them. I support 1000%
  7. What a great time in Ely history, this moment will go down for many years to come
  8. I support as well, only thing i see is no matter what we do someones always gonna have a no risk option. People will start going without gear just weapons and then the pk is pointless anyway. Idk theres deff some possibilities to explore with this
  9. Love to see it, this is awesome!
  10. Will

    titan bug

    when trying to either left click for attack or right click to use steel of legends with the steel titan, most the time its jus gives you the left click option you see above. doesnt happen everytime but enough to be annoying
  11. INcreasing the yield and fixing where it goes back to weeds would deff be ideal
  12. Thats why i said for a high price, not like how you can go to gerrant and buy them next to nothing, and by price i mean like 1m pvm points or more
  13. when you get 3 herbs a patch its no fun lol
  14. we already have supers in the iron shop so

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