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  1. Heres my bank, this is my fun tab I won't waste time with the rest. I'll post a cleaned up pic later but I'm too busy trying to beat out @Lation
  2. This is AWESOME guys. Thank you all for doing this! I look forward to participating in what I can with my busy schedule, and will be throwing in some goodies for the drop party!
  3. I wanna do this: ign: Davis discord: Davis
  4. Omg I’ve been waiting for this. So stoked for this, it’ll be nice seeing these items in game more often!
  5. Will you be available at this day & time: Yes In-game Username: Davis Discord Username: Davis#4130
  6. Davis

    Hello - C

    Welcome to Ely! Hope you enjoy your time and never be afraid to ask for help from any players and staff in game. Cheers.
  7. Nelly caring about bank organization? This has to be fake news. in seriousness, this would be a great fix and allow for easier bank organization. Support
  8. Fucking animal. Take some time off before you grind out something new! Amazing accomplishment my dude.
  9. This is a huge update. The new teleports will be extremely helpful and the updates to the server definitely makes a huge difference in what I've seen. Big fan of the new skill tabs too. Great work!
  10. Great updates! Thanks for the new additions. fix nellys smell next plz
  11. Owner Lation - Always available to fix an issue when their is one and is not afraid to be too harsh when someone doesn't follow the rules. Great fun to talk with. Great owner. 1000/10 Matt - Haven't seen him too much until recently, nice guy and does a great job with the server 10/10 Developer Splash / Hardcore - Sploosh is a killer designer and is always good fun when he's around. 10/10 Charlie - Haven't seen too much but I know he's doing great things for this server and it's future! 10/10 Administrators Kari - Ext

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