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  1. Support, its not nice dying 10 times in one floor.
  2. This is looking good, really good. There's a lot of oldies active, more than I imagined
  3. Heyo, how are ya boys
  4. Thank you sooo much!! Looks great and every feature seems to work, too bad xp/hr doesn't
  5. Thank you once again for the signature, I really do appreciate it!
  6. The quest rewards are juicy, specially for legend accouns and the qol updates help out a lot. Keep em comin
  7. Hell yea! Looks amazing, can't wait to complete those achievements! Thank you once again kind people
  8. Yup, happens to everyone, it does not matter if you have a familiar tho it's just random
  9. Love the idea, 100% support. Gambling pet sounds not so good tho, it encourages gambling, which is quite fked up on my opinion. @Jordan sorry dude
  10. Every inch of trying to get more xp is being supported by me. The idea seems not complex and not too OP, sounds good.
  11. Support, crystals sound awesome and that ticket could work as a ring of life or something like that (better if DC) , or basically die but don't lose items.
  12. There is something similar on highscores, but you can't see whos actually first and with how many kills. Being able to see leaderboards added to the game or atleast updated highscores would satisfy me. Support
  13. leap fishing sounds great, I would support that.
  14. Support, skilling needs details like that and pets are always nice so why not.

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