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What Do You Do For Work?

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Starting a thread where you may post what you do for a living/work/side money, etc.

Always interesting to me personally to find out what people do - see different perspectives.


I own a Home Security company & work full-time as a Dispatcher; now turned Manager of an Auto Parts store.

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I am a student


What are you studying?


Work in the kitchen of a local restaurant, used to be a manager there but stepped down due to school.


I am a professional Chef :)


Awesome, got some kitchen workers here yay!


Cryptologic technician for the United States Navy


And thank you for your service!

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I work for Chewy.com and i play with this all day.


Ah looks like it could be fun.


Server at a high end restaurant


Makin' them tips ey?!


Used to be a car salesman.


Currently work for a major streaming company.


Looking to get back into the car business.


Could be a very great business / very profitable if you're a good salesman ;)

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I build gas stations, what I mainly do is repair underground gas tanks though. We are the only company in California to repair fuel tanks in use underground. Only a handful of companies certified to do it in the US. We repair fuel tanks for gas stations, hospitals, airports and military bases. I am the supervisor, keep everything legal and everybody safe.


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Bout to get a new job of some sort but not sure which will be the right one yet. 

I either work at an Amazon warehouse (always hear bad things), work in a hospital helping patients and documenting information, or going abroad to teach English to kiddos. 

The Amazon job starts for me on Monday so I'll do it whether or not I end up staying with them. They pay fairly well. The hospital job will be more work in a way but pays less. It relates to my previous job a bit more so if I take the hospital job it'll work better on my resume. If I research more about traveling abroad to teach English, I gotta make sure it's not a scam to steal my organs lmao.. and see if it would work in my life. I think the idea of it sounds pretty damn awesome though. 

Wish me luck

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