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  1. I wouldn't put this in the skilling point shop because you run into the same issue that we have now. Once you buy the 7 pieces there's nothing else to sink your money into. If this could be added in addition to lamps and other useful skilling items i'd be ok with this as the outfit is nice to have if they can be functional pieces of equipment. Otherwise maybe there could be a way to incorporate this into the achievements section if you complete x achievements you get this piece and it goes higher and higher until you complete all achievements and get all 7 pieces.
  2. You could have it set so x actions grant you a piece of the equipment. So for example, 1000 logs chopped grants you a piece of the outfit and clear the shop of outfits so you can put other things in there like d pickaxes, d hatchets, inferno adze, skilling mystery boxes, lamps, and other skilling related items that would be useful. You could maybe make the outfits comp requirements or mqc if that's in this game to incorporate more skilling into comp/comp t/mqc (if able to obtain).
  3. Pretty interesting idea. It's nice to see some of this information.
  4. Username: Oncology or Construction Suggestion: Divide the guides section into categories like Skilling, PVM, Miscellaneous, Why (how will it benefit players overall): It breaks the guides up into sections and hopefully makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for guide wise. Instead of needing to scroll through two pages worth they could just go to the skilling guide and then find a woodcutting guide with more ease. Personally, it just adds some organization to the section instead of two pages worth of guides.
  5. I'm not against the idea of promethium being added into the economy as tier 90 gear that can be farmed/donated for but I don't think primal should be introduced through a NPC. As it is a rather expensive donator item and the supply is limited it keeps the market competitive. Maybe some sort of way to introduce it for the iron community could be explored so the gear is not restricted to people playing on the iron mode.
  6. This would be a great addition to anyone that actively hunts the evil elder trees as there is no easy teleportation method to the Arandar tree. 100% support from me!
  7. Updated to include by achievements at 100 hours.
  8. ingame Username: Oncology Description of bug: The interface changes to a "gem seller" instead of the tanner. Screenshots: Attached below Detailed Explanation: When you talk to the tanner about tanning some hides the correct interface shows up with the Tanner name and his correct image. When you advance to the next page once you choose to tan some hide the interface shows a gem seller. The tanning still works correctly, there's just a mistake with the interface.
  9. Username: Oncology Suggestion: Concentrated coal deposit in the donor zone. Why (how will it benefit players overall): This is more of a quality of life update, but currently we have a concentrated gold deposit in the donor zone but I think a concentrated coal deposit will be nice because coal is such a huge part of smithing with the need of multiple coal ore per bar generated and mining one coal at a time is tedious for those of us on the harder game mode. If not in the donor zone then maybe this is something that could be placed in the citadel mining area or the skilling zone mining
  10. Oncology

    Ely cape.

    Ingame Username: Oncology Description of bug: Ely cape still requires 99 Magic. Screenshots, if possible: Screen shot is attached. Detailed Explaination: Sorry to beat the horse with this but I saw the update for the ely cape and I tested it a few minutes ago and it still requires 99 magic. I'm thinking maybe you guys change the Ely Cape but not the Ely Cape (t) that was given out on the one year anniversary of the server.
  11. I do like that idea. I like the idea of cosmetic items that we could have a chance at getting. I also like the idea of 2x pvm point tickets for x amount of time and other bonuses that enhance game play but aren't as overpowered as a chance at a primal maul. I just would like to see something for the iron community. I prefer the iron modes but I also like to support the server. I see very little incentive to create a non iron account to donate for things I won't ever use outside of supporting the server it does me no good. Maybe something like this should be polled? I would l
  12. If the individual user wants to "ruin" the game mode for themselves, why not let them do it? There's not a huge difference between super mystery boxes and the ability to buy stuff from the summer shop except the summer shop is guaranteed to give you top tier items instead of the chance at a tattoo vs a white partyhat.
  13. Username: Oncology Suggestion: Allow the Iron community to purchase mystery boxes Why (how will it benefit players overall): Currently the ironman community is restricted with buying the mystery boxes. However, a few months ago due to an error on one of the developers part mystery boxes could be donated for. As the donation store sits right now there's not a whole lot of things worth it for irons to get. There's armour and weapons but the mystery boxes are fun and give the chance of something nice or one of those awesome tattoos. Incorporating the mystery boxes to the iron community
  14. Would be cool if you could actually fletch these in-game since they're one of the best xp/hr for fletching in rs3 currently.
  15. Hey man I try, the wildy isin't for me but some people enjoy it.

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