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  1. support for more quests,​ no ones using format lmfao rip lation
  2. Eldest One

    Buff Timers

    The game already tells us when our potions going to run out 30 seconds before it runs out, no support
  3. Looking for new good movies to watch atm.. My favorite movie Is Harry Potter can’t choose which one tho
  4. Advanced barb is 48k or 49k if you round don’t know the exact number, but I like your xp charts. Good job keep them coming, maybe add some pictures!
  5. I totally agree and support you, however it would be nice to make a lot of other stuff tradeable like all the items in donor store etc...
  6. This happened to me as well and I lost the 10$ I donated basically. Not fair
  7. Username (ingame): Eldest One Suggestion (short description): Vote on a player to be MOTM Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): Back in the day we had Member of the month in zarpor, basically players vote for someone each month and at the end of the month or first they get the rank. Ingame rank and forums rank. Ps. maybe a member of the week or biweekly? also some ingame rewards as an accomplishment? Ideas?
  8. Make a boss that drops sacred clay, add to npc's drop or add to one of our stores for very expensive

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