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  1. Personally, I believe that yes this is a neat thing to have I suppose. I would not allow them to be bought all month long with an unlimited quantity, wouldn't consider them exclusive. I think the way you have them now is perfectly fine. IF you did have to change anything, maybe adding a slight bit more. However, I'll stand by leaving it alone for now. They're meant to be exclusives, once they're out, they're out.
  2. I haven't seen a top hat o-o
  3. Gnome Scarf(s), Top Hats, Infinity Robe sets, Rangers (coloured) I'll wait for anyone elses input
  4. Username (ingame): Jeremy Suggestion (short description): Add coloured scarfs and revamp the entire shop altogether. Shit is ass, no one buys anything in there. Practically useless Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Because it's shit. Let us spend money on stuff that's dope Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): while (true){ bitches.fuck(); money.get(); }
  5. I definitely say no. Barrows isn't hard nor is it take long to clear.
  6. Definitely suggested this before and i agree. Support
  7. dunno why it was changed. sue, port
  8. We had tiered zones in the past, i was fond of them. Problem is getting unique zones with different things along the way with better improvements from the one prior without becoming too repetitive.
  9. Sure. I don't have comp cape, but gives people more things to do.
  10. Of course, I made this originally and kept adding to it. I was always looking for feedback, but ultimately, it was discarded and not wanting to be improved upon. I would like more unique/fresh ideas to add onto this zone
  11. Should've been pinned in staff-discussion. Dags would've been perm agro'd Picture is too massive so i'll just gyazo it. https://gyazo.com/7be5dd90a4f9fe3f5771edba83102adc
  12. Username (ingame): Jeremy Suggestion (short description): Adding in a Donator Zone for patron Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): This will give people a goal to go towards, not only to benefit the server, but to give back to those who have spent quite a large lump some towards the server. When i made patron benefits, I made the zone at the same time. Not having it implemented, i think, was a wrong decision and i'm asking once more to add it in for those who have truly invested to not only the server, but the owners themselves. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): I have the entire zone mapped out, just need you to implement it.
  13. Owner Lation - Always big gay, more afk than anything but I know you do things so I can only flame for the best afk timer in-game Matt - Do more work gdi. Stop talking about bikes Developer Luke - Different time zones, little hard to see you and Splashy boy. I know y'all are doing your best to keep developing new ideas and keeping the updates rolling with matt. I see you guys in voice so currently, nothing as of now. (probably playing games instead of deving tho lel) Splash - Model more, send me stuff, be useful you potato. Administrators Kari - Big Cheese, no feedback as of rn Global Moderators omegalul Server Moderator Nicky - Need to be more active in-game i see myself more than y'all, shit i see enzyme more than y'all and he's forum mod. Maybe that's why Jordan was brought in Nick - Need to be more active in-game I see myself more than y'all , shit i see enzyme more than y'all and he's forum mod. Maybe that's why Jordan was brought in Forum Moderators Enzyme - You've always done a good job on the forums my son. Nothing needed Support Jordan - You just started, but you're big gay. Good luck
  14. Added a degradation cycle to all PvP Armours / Weapons! After 1 hour of combat logged total these items will disintegrate into dust (They CANNOT be repaired). Welp.

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