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  1. Jeremy

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Always big gay, more afk than anything but I know you do things so I can only flame for the best afk timer in-game Matt - Do more work gdi. Stop talking about bikes Developer Luke - Different time zones, little hard to see you and Splashy boy. I know y'all are doing your best to keep developing new ideas and keeping the updates rolling with matt. I see you guys in voice so currently, nothing as of now. (probably playing games instead of deving tho lel) Splash - Model more, send me stuff, be useful you potato. Administrators Kari - Big Cheese, no feedback as of rn Global Moderators omegalul Server Moderator Nicky - Need to be more active in-game i see myself more than y'all, shit i see enzyme more than y'all and he's forum mod. Maybe that's why Jordan was brought in Nick - Need to be more active in-game I see myself more than y'all , shit i see enzyme more than y'all and he's forum mod. Maybe that's why Jordan was brought in Forum Moderators Enzyme - You've always done a good job on the forums my son. Nothing needed Support Jordan - You just started, but you're big gay. Good luck
  2. Jeremy

    My whereabouts

    Good afternoon everyone of Ely. I know most of you guys have recently noticed my lack of appearance in-game as well as on discord and it is within reason as to why that has been. Recently I have become unemployed, applying to multiple places and thought I had a great job lined up. Unfortunately, that place was not what they said it was, I was basically lied to about everything including the position itself. With that being said we had a disagreement about several things and I ended up leaving the establishment itself. There is however a major problem with that....Bills. Financially I am struggling, been trying to figure out what to do for money, including selling some personal belongings to try to make ends meet. I've never really been put in a position like this before primarily due to the fact I've always had a good job, however life just doesn't work out that way. I want to make it clear, I want to be here. I know i'm a living meme on the server, which is fine, but I do want to make it known so there is no confusion. While not necessary for anyone by any means, if you could help I definitely would appreciate it more than you know. https://www.paypal.me/Jrock0118
  3. Username (ingame): Jeremy Suggestion (provide all details possible): Dump items/gp into the well for double xp, double drops, double pvm points etc. The more we donate, the longer it lasts. Also the more you donate, it will accumulate. Giving you a special item that shows your dedication to not giving a ---- about pixels. It'll work like a tier system, once we reach one goal, it'll continue until the "meter" drops past that mark. Then we'll lose that "buff" of whatever is running. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): You know why. Other Notes (if applicable): Kyle is banned.
  4. 1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? Jake mentioned it to me when the site went live and the client was too. Decided to join and continue serving as a staff member *JOKES ON ME OMEGALUL* 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Owner cares enough to dish out ads whether it's his own pocket or not, listens to feedback for the most part and tries to implement as much as he can. 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? Everything is literally the same from Rsps2 for the most part. Just hate the bots. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? More content, more players, more pking, just the server as a whole to succeed and not just be another server that dies again.
  5. Jeremy

    Kyle Appeal

    Absolutely not.
  6. Just to make it clear, only staff members are allowed to post on appeal threads.
  7. Reading the rules would be a start because you would know that it's not allowed. Also we have Bots programmed in, there is no players that actual bot and if they do, they're banned. No one is allowed to so I'm not sure where that mentality came from honestly. Rule: 5. Third Party Software / Botting Ely has a strict NO THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE policy. We believe that the best way to enjoy the game we offer, is to play it yourself! This also includes ANY TYPE of botting/macro use; no animated game-play of Ely is permitted. -Potential Punishments (dependent upon severity): Jail. Ban. IP-Ban. Mac-Ban. Ultimate decision is up to Lation
  8. Took over the #1 Spot for quickest max. Good luck to everyone that tries. https://gyazo.com/a52616cc87aa2dd19b1eedd9f645ded7 https://gyazo.com/26a34a4bcba0b359f232ef1d5124c4aa
  9. [i][size=3][size=3][b][color=#990000]Misc:[/color][/b][/size] [b]Dragon Claws: 250m[/b] [b]Agility Tickets: 300-600k each (depends on supply and demand)[/b] [b]Abyssal Whip: 15-20m[/b] [b]Whip Vine: 15m[/b] [b]Dragonfire Shield: 50m[/b] [b]Dragon Pickaxe: 50-60m[/b] [b]Dragon Hatchet: 10-15m[/b] [b]Gilded Armor: 5m per piece[/b] [b]Nex Items: 800m-1b[/b] [b]Zamorakian Spear: 75-100m[/b][b] Dragon Full Helm- 50m[/b] [b]Vampiric Scythe 1500m Zamorak Godsword: 70m[/b] [/size][/i][i][size=3][color=#800000][b]Graetorian Armor: [/b][/color][/size][/i][i][size=3][b]Graetorian Casque: 800m-1b Pendant of Graetoria: 750m Graetorian Platebody: 1b-1.2b Graetorian Striders: 1b-1.2b Graetorian Defender: 600m-800m [/b][/size][/i][i][size=3] [color=#800000][b]Third-Age Melee:[/b][/color] [b]Helm- 250m[/b] [b]Body- 1000m[/b] [b]Legs- 1000m[/b] [b]Kiteshield- 250m[/b] [/size][/i][i][size=3] [color=#800000][b]Third-Age Magic:[/b][/color] [b]Hat: 250m[/b] [b]Amulet: 250m[/b] [b]Robe Top: 1000m[/b] [b]Robe Bottom: 1000m[/b] [color=#800000][b]Third-Age Range: [/b][/color] [b]Coif: 250m[/b] [b]Vambs: 250m[/b] [b]Body: 1000m[/b] [b]Chaps: 1000m[/b] [color=#990000][b]Skilling Supplies:[/b][/color] [b]Magic logs - 10k[/b] [b]Yew logs - 5k[/b] [b]Torstol seeds - 150k[/b] [b]Torstol - 30k[/b] [b]Avantoe seeds - 20k[/b] [b]Avantoe - 2k[/b] [b]Dwarf weed seeds - 20k[/b] [b]Dwarf weed - 3k[/b] [b]Lantadyme seeds - 15k[/b] [b]Lantadymes- 3k[/b] [b]Snapdragon seeds - 50k[/b] [b]Snapdragon - 8k[/b] [b]Fellstalk seeds - 100k[/b] [b]Fellstalk - 1k[/b] [b]Watermelon seeds - 50k[/b] [b]Magic tree seed - 2m-5m (depends on supply and demand)[/b] [b]Yew tree seed - 1m[/b] [b]Living Minerals - 7k [/b] [b]Teak logs - 5k[/b] [b]Teak planks - 7k[/b] [b]Adamant bar - 30k[/b] [b]Rune bar - 20k[/b] [b]Uncut dragonstone - 50k each[/b] [b]Mahogany logs: 8-10k each[/b] [b]Mahogany Planks: 10-12k each[/b] [color=#990000][b]Rares:[/b][/color] [b]Blue: 2.5b[/b] [b]White/Red: 2b[/b] [b]Green/Yellow: 1.5b[/b] [b]Purple: 1b[/b] [b]Reverse Santa Hat: 3b[/b] [b]White H'ween Mask: 3b[/b] [b]Black Partyhat: 5b[/b] [b]Green H'ween Mask: 275m[/b] [b]Red H'ween Mask: 350m[/b] [b]Blue H'ween Mask: 325m[/b] [b]Santa hat: 400m[/b] [b]Black Santa: 500m[/b] [b]Full Santa Suit: 1775m[/b] [b]Custom items: at owner's discretion. No set price[/b] [color=#990000][b]Summer shop: [/b][/color][b]Amulet of the damned - 750m[/b] [b]Rings - 600m[/b] [b]Primal gauntlets - 150m[/b] [b]Primal boots - 250m[/b] [b]Primal pick/hatchet - 600m[/b] [b]Primal rapier/longsword - 1.2b[/b] [b]Primal body/legs - 1.2b[/b] [b]Primal shield/helm - 600m[/b] [b]Primal maul - 1350m[/b] [b]Cele hood - 450m[/b] [b]Cele top/bot/staff - 750m[/b] [b]Cele gloves - 150m[/b] [b]Assassin - 300m a piece[/b] [color=#990000][b] PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED OFF SUPPLY AND DEMAND ALWAYS KEEP THAT IN MIND Armadyl Items:[/b][/color] [b]Armadyl Helmet: 50m[/b] [b]Armadyl Chestplate: 170-200m[/b] [b]Armadyl Chainskirt: 170-200m[/b] [b]Armadyl Godsword: 300-320m[/b] [color=#990000][b]Bandos Items:[/b][/color] [b]Bandos Helmet: 40m[/b] [b]Bandos Chestplate: 150m[/b] [b]Bandos Tassets: 150m[/b] [b]Bandos Boots: 40m[/b] [b]Bandos Godsword: 120m[/b] [color=#990000][b]Glacor Items:[/b][/color] [b]Steadfast Boots: 50m[/b] [b]Glaiven Boots: 50m[/b] [b]Ragefire Boots: 50m[/b] [b]Armadyl Battlestaff: TBD[/b] [color=#990000][b]Saradomin Items: [/b][/color][/size][/i][i][size=3][b]Saradomin Godsword 200m[/b] [b]Saradomin Sword - 50m Saradomin Murmur/Whisper/Hiss: 25m [/b][/size][/i][i][size=3][color=#990000][b] Skilling Items:[/b][/color] [b]Inferno Adze: 75m[/b] [b]Agile Top: 37.5m[/b] [b]Agile Bottoms: 37.5m[/b] [b]Boots of Lightness (When tradeable): 37.5m[/b] [b]Lumberjack set (total): 140m[/b] [b]Black Ibis set (total): 140m[/b] [b]Gold Mining Suit (full set): 250m[/b] [b]Gloves of Fire: 50m[/b] [b]Ring of Fire: 50m[/b] [b]Magic Secateurs: 25m[/b] [b]Yaktwee stick: 10m[/b] [b]Odd lamp: 12.5m[/b] [b]Cooking gauntlets: 10m[/b] [color=#990000][b]Barrows:[/b][/color] [b](Prices for full sets)[/b] [b]Dharok: 35-40m[/b] [b]Ahrim: 35-40m[/b] [b]Guthan: 35-40m[/b] [b]Karil: 30m[/b] [b]Torag: 25m[/b] [b]Verac: 25m[/b] [color=#990000][b]Slayer Items:[/b][/color] [b]Dwarf Cannon[/b] [b]Base: 100m minimum[/b] [b]Stand: 100m minimum[/b] [b]Barrel: 100m minimum[/b] [b]Furnace: 100M minimum[/b] [b]Hexcrest: 20m[/b] [b]Focus Sight: 20m[/b] [color=#990000][b]Ganodermic:[/b][/color] [b]Poncho: 50m[/b] [b]Legs: 50m[/b] [b]Visor: 75m[/b] [b]Polypore Staff: 75m[/b] [color=#990000][b]Spirit Shields: [/b][/color] [b]Arcane: 600m+[/b] [b]Spectral: 300m+[/b] [b]Elysian: 600m+[/b] [b]Divine: 600m+[/b] [b]Spirit Shield: 100m[/b] [b]Holy Elixir: 100m[/b] [b]Blessed Spirit Shield: 200m [/b] [/size][/i]
  10. Username (ingame): Jeremy Suggestion (provide all details possible): Got a lot to add here. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): A) I believe that Legends and (H/U)Ironman should give you some type of incentive to choose these modes. I'm not saying it has to be a huge drop rate, however 5-10% should be sufficient. I know that people that typically choose it do it out of preference or to give them a challenge. B) Increase the xp rates of sharks to 7.5k xp default (1500xp legend) Right now for sharks you get 5.5k xp per shark and it's only 500 xp more than a swordfish and 1500 more than a tuna (4k). I think bumping it up a bit would be nice for those who are not donators. Currently Rocktail fishing is a little over 3x that rate. I think closing the gap would be nice. C) I believe we have the runecrafting outfits in the mystery boxes still, we should remove them from there and add them into the skilling shop and/or adding them as a reward for doing runespan to give you bonus experience in runecrafting, comparable to the other skilling outfits we have. D) Give 99 capes perks like they do in OSRS? I'm going to alter what they give in osrs and customize it to pertain to Ely. If you believe anything I suggested should be different please make sure to put your suggestion on that skill and give a reason please. Attack Gives a Permanent Super Attack Boost Strength Gives a Permanent Super Strength Boost Defence Act as a permanent Ring of Life. This effect can be toggled, also gives a permanent Super Defence Boost Ranged Act as an Ava's accumulator. Prayer Gives you a +5 Prayer bonus and restore 5 extra prayer points when you consume a Prayer potion/Super Restore Magic Has a 30% chance to not consume the runes you cast. Runecrafting Gives a 10% chance to provide bonus experience (1.5x) Construction Gives a 25% Chance to not use the planks you consume. Hitpoints 2x HP restore rate (does stack with regen bracelet, doesn't stack with rapid restore prayer) Also gives a flat 10 hp increase Agility Has a 25% chance to give you an additional ticket Herblore Has a 25% Chance to not consume the ingredient you're using to create potions with Thieving 25% better chance of succeeding when pickpocketing. Crafting Has a 30% chance to cut an extra gem in your inventory to help speed up your xp gain. Fletching Has a 25% chance to string the bow you're fletching (to give additional xp) Slayer Has a 25% Chance to give you additional points on your next task completed. Hunter Increases the success rate of catching whatever you are hunting for the next 5 minutes. Mining 5% XP Increase Smithing While wearing you require only require 1 coal to smelt bars. Fishing Has a chance to catch double of what you are fishing (to increase xp gain) Cooking Impossible to burn any food and cook an additional item you are cooking (to increase xp gain) Firemaking Fire you start stays permanently (Times out when you log out) also yields 50% more charms from the Fire Spirit Woodcutting 25% Chance to cut an extra log. Farming 15% increased yield from herb patches (stacks with magic secateurs). Dungeoneering Gives 20% increase in tokens per run. Summoning Requires 1 Charm, 1 Pouch, 1 Shard to any pouch. Max cape Provides all of the above Completionist Cape Provides all of the above and adds 5% increase to all the adjusted rates above E) Add in barbarian fishing potentially? We can use the Ancient Cavern teleport and it'll work as it would for traditional barbarian fishing and give agility/strength xp as well as fishing. F) I can't remember if we asked for this but placeholders in the bank would be great. (It's 2:15am as i'm writing this, i apologize if you suggested this already.) as well as increasing the bank size if possible. G) Adding in Bork as a new Boss to fight. Korasi can be in the drop table as well so that way we can get those in the game. Currently the only ways to get it, is from nomad and WW. Both of which are tedious to kill. Other Notes (if applicable): If there's ANYTHING on this thread you think should change please pick that item and give an improvement on it and explain why. Hopefully you guys will support the thread!
  11. Username (ingame): Jeremy Suggestion (provide all details possible): Possibly adding in a multi-level dungeon depending on your donator rank would be cool or open to all. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Would give more people to incentivize in donating as well as give people another place to kill npc's. We could add in green dragons on the bottom tier floor (if we do that system), frost dragons, separate iron dragons/steel etc Other Notes (if applicable): Can be placed in the initial spawn of the dz, with a dungeoneering door. Feel free to leave some suggestions if you'd rather have them all in multi-level floors per your donation rank or open to all donators
  12. New video from Childish Gambino has stirred up some more controversy and has been the topic of discussion for the past couple days since it's release, much like Joyner Luca's, "I'm not racist" music video. Thoughts on it?
  13. Jeremy

    I dun goofed

    Fooking fell at work and having to wear this pos. Sprained my left knee and really banged up my right. Been extremely hard to walk or much of anything really. Also size 15 shoe god bless LUL https://gyazo.com/5c1c7ff80e0bf259a1b0838bcdbaeffa
  14. Jeremy

    Deer God

    Whaddup. I'm sure most of y'all know me, some of you may not. Former Admin from the prior place that majority of you of course know. OG player since 2011. 24. Play lots of gaems. All da gaems. Looking forward to seeing y'all in-game.

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