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  1. Username (ingame): Garrett Suggestion (short description): Add bagged Trees/Plants to the construction shop Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): More of a personal preference among some people. But its the easiest way to raise farming and construction at the same time. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): n/a
  2. This is a Complete Map of the Ely Home Area, hope this helps all the new-commers. Map Icons: - Bank - Grand Exchange - Rimae Sirsalis: Melee Store - Melana Moonlander: General Store - Magic Store Owner: Magic Store - Bow And Arrow Salesmen: Ranging Shop - PikkupStix: Summoning Shop - Summoning Training - Gerrent: Consumables Store - Pet Shop - Make-Over-Mage - Party Pete: Betting Supplies - Sanfew: Herblore Shop - Obli: Skilling Shop/Bob: Broken Armor Repairing - Atrimes: Hunting Supplies Store - Real Estate Agent: House Shop - Player Owned House Portal - Smithing Anvil - Water Source Stray Npcs: [*] Saw Mill Operator: Plank Making/Construction Shop [*] Dungeoneering Tutor [*] Kuradel: Slayer Master [*] Potion Decanter [*] Aura Vendor: Aura/Title Shop [*] Vote Rewards Shop [*] Donation Store [*] Nurse (Healer) [*] Mandirith: Loot Beam Manager [*] Father Aerek: Gravestone Manager [*] Essentials Shop: Pking Shop [*] Oneiromancer Other: Prayer Altar/Chaos Altar for prayer & spellbook swapping Battle Royale Minigame Portal Three Thieving Stalls Hope this helps out! Note: This guide will be updated as the home changes within (12) hours of an update. Updates: 3/31/18 : 4:20am : Essentials Shop Added To The Map. 4/01/18 : 3:30am : Finished 100% Model of map.

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