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  1. To be honest I get the gambling. I also lost quite a few bills in the past and the present. No matter what. Rebuild is fun. But good luck in real life man
  2. I agree with Callum. You donate to get the ::bank and taking this away does defeat the purpose of acquiring it with ancient donor. People do donate for the benefits. $500 is not cheap and it is a benefit. I see no point in removing it from KBD. I know it’s removed from GWD and DKS, but honestly it shouldn’t be. Yes the harder bosses I agree with but stuff like this no. Then the only thing it will be useful for is slayer, mining and woodcutting. The rest of the skills you can stand at bank.
  3. Same shit different day. Lost my job yesterday. Fuck Covid.
  4. Damn, this is an awesome guide I will definitely be using this for 200m thanks Kari.
  5. Congratulations to you three, since I have been Back I have seen the help you provide players. I wish you all three the best. Vegemite I wish u all the best and thanks for the help you provide us.
  6. This is insane I love it!!
  7. You have my support it would be interesting to see who gets what pet and when.
  8. I agree, we have a list of range and melee equipment and armour. All we have for mage is a few items. Besides magic skill cape the god capes are the next option. It would be great then we can add getting it as a requirement for Comp cape.
  9. This would make the grind so much more meaningful. I support
  10. I like this idea, and Goddess has a point. Like focus on the training area where new members start training? Minotaur and Goblins. Scorpions and rock crabs. I think this will be fun. I know you can buy the caskets but that isn’t as fun as hunting a clue.
  11. Welcome man! I hate snakes too. Been a awesome joining you
  12. I have not given my input butttt. I love this. I love that we can be kept up to date with everything as well as people’s stories. For me this was fun doing because it made me realize why I love Ely so much. Family is family and Ely is it.
  13. Well I use to play Zapor back in the day, and one of my friends told me about Ely. Boy I’m glad I found Ely. Being back for even one day made me miss this family. Ely is HOME.

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