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  1. Hades


    Hello, After some difficulty in my life i turned to Ely it became my home, i miss it and once i can figure on how to download the client i will see you nubcakes online. My love Hades
  2. Sweet man, also advertise it in Discord so that more people can see, you can add it under the #selling and add it to Grand exchange and post it on #grand-exchange to get a better chance of selling. Good luck!
  3. Hades


    Well when I started here, I did not do one of these because I thought it didn't matter. My name is Kevin, I have been playing rsps for years now and this one has become Fam, met new people and am having the time of my life on here. I love fishing, but hate swimming in the ocean, I'm shit scared of spiders and bugs. Other than that I live in South Africa and will be staying in England soon. See you all who don't know me in-game!
  4. This is not bad, I think I should get some and dry this too,
  5. Okay Canibus I know you upset and frustrated, but its something that the admins must fix. Jake who is online and who in return is also a STAFF MEMBER cant sort it out. Id like to also see some different voting rewards, I personally think the Chaotics can be removed due it the fact that it is obtainable easily in Dung.
  6. i agree and support you! it would be nice.
  7. Hades

    Why Ely?

    I am curious to see why everyone has chosen Ely, why we all have donated so much and why we have supported Lation and his team? As for me, honestly I have been a main member of Mopar for years and to be honest I have never met a community as amazing as this, I have never been so interested in donating to anyone I mean it’s just a status and perks, but I feel like the reason I donate now is because of the amazing community and Lation. I didn’t make this thread to suck up to you all but I am proud to call each one of you my friends and family, I didn’t know anyone of you when I joined. I know most people where from Zapor and rsps2 servers I have not heard of until now. To all of my friends on here, I say thank you. Thanks for making Ely so amazing with the kindness and help, I have never been on a server where we help and laugh so much together. Lation thank you for everything, thanks for this amazing server where we can all join each other in everything we do, thanks for the constant fixes and updates your u provide for us, and thanks for being that owner thats so involved with all of us even on discord, you have made Ely a place of laughter and a place for friends. Thanks to everyone!
  8. Hades

    Max Guild

    Like Nicky said it will push us to get that max cape and you can relax with the guys and girls, and chill like Kari said
  9. Hades

    Donator Status

    I support you on this, so you can get the benefits and not the donator. I agree.

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