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  1. The idea here is to add more than GWD or ::train to farm gems especially for low-mid levels. Having t2 barrows would help some poeple that can not do 'hard' bosses. I am level 138 and I can do harb and most of the bosses so far. I have seen players that are level 126 to 138 that are still grinding the ::train for gems because they are not confident enough to do GWD or does not have a mouse because they are on a laptop or some other reasons. It would open some doors for grinding gems. Even tho they would probably generate one or two gems per piece for the most part (like dragon items or ::train's items). It would also make for more challenge in the wild since the pvp gear would be something to go for also. I have been to the revenants cave a few times now... It's dead. There is basically no one there. And that is because there is no use for pvp gear at the moment because what would someone do with degradeable gear that is not even T2'able. I would like to have more option to farm T2s, or gems. T60 gear is good enough for gwd I absolutly agree. Also, if the barrows/pvp gear generates prismatic gems, it would be as much time consuming to get these items as it is now in ::train. I think it would be more fun to grind barrows and revenants cave to get gems than to kill a certain npc for a minute than run arround to kill another npc for another minute. It would give more overall loot, such as runes and alchable items, more cash in the end and also makes for ,in my opinion, better content for lower-mid level grinds.
  2. this is a really good thread! I haven't seen it before, i'd really like to see this list added to the chancable items! Hopefully one day
  3. Hi everyone! As the title suggest, I would like to see more option for lower level accounts to make some quick money via gems. Instead of grinding the ;;train method. Why not add the barrows brothers gear and the ancient Warrior's equipements? Vesta, Statius, Morrigans and Zuriel's. This will revive the rev's cave, make more poeple willing to go to barrows and also make for an easy low-mid level gem farms. As of now, you can 'Chance' or T2 certain dragon items, which requires 60 defence. Then you can only chance or T2 God wars Dongeon items. Why not have something in between so the transition to higher bosses is easier for newer players or ironmans etc. Anyways, I hope this gets considered for a futur update. Have a good day and thank you for reading !
  4. Problem is solved ! If you start the quest Examiner's apprentice, make sure you complete it in one go. Otherwise, you won't be able to dig anywhere but where the quest asks you to. Thanks to the dev team for finding out, And thanks to Xenith for telling me! I can now get my comp cape requirements done !!
  5. Ely 2022-05-29 16-52-14_Trim.mp4 Hi reader! I hope the video shows up correctly. We can see in the bottom left corner that a spade is already in my toolbelt. Clicking on it and right click does nothing, my character can't dig for some reason. However, i'm able to use the existing spades that are at Barrows minigame (on top of each barrows brothers) just fine. I'd really like it to be fixed since i cant do clue scrolls, which is a requirement for comp. cape. Thank you for reading and lets hope a fix is possible.
  6. i second this ! spawing somewhere on the second floor unable to go down is game breaking and makes BR unplayable if you have a bad spawn
  7. Hello dear reader, It is my first time posting on any forums, so if this is not it the right category, please point me in the right direction. The farming bug goes as follows; when making my farm runs (Ardougne, Canifis, Catherby and Falador) sometimes the herbs goes bad and i cure it. so far its ok, but sometime the herb patch just despawns and makes it that you loose the planted seeds and therefore the XP gain also. Like you come back to the plot and its a fully grown grass patch that you need to rake again. Also, english is not my main language, so bare with me

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