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  1. I would just go through the list of monsters that could be assigned as a task, starting from hard going down to easy. That assigned task list contains the npcs that are killed the most by the majority of players. No one's really going to notice the lower level drop tables, but it would be nice to have them, even if they have niche drops. Tbf anything but seeds and herbs from hard tasks would be a great improvement.
  2. Iso


    I could probably curb stop about 5 of those bad boys before the weight of my actions takes a tolls on my emotions. Physically, I could probably drop about 194 of those cheese eating dipshits before they overpower me, but it would give my therapist a real challenge when the next session comes.
  3. I suggest making it reset every month or so. Add the player's name next to the record, keep it interesting.
  4. I don't support will because boats is my best friend but i do support fm who is supporting opoxi
  5. Iso

    DMM Sigils

    How dare you suggest more content. But yes big support let's spice up the pvm/skilling scene with some earnable bonuses. Make them drop from monsters with less rarity as the combat level rises. Why not toss in a chance while you're skilling. Obviously make the bonuses around ely's gameplay rather than osrs, but it would definitely make grinds less tedious with the opportunity to use/obtain sigils.
  6. Just quality of life stuff with no negatives and won't upset anyone, support
  7. Buying the frozen key for nex for pvm points isn't a bad item. There should be some more pvm related consumables added. Maybe some tickets for free instances? Why not some cosmetic gear for an extreme amount of points. Another good one would be a task reset ticket for a few thousand points, or an extension ticket for a bit more.
  8. Completely agree, pvm shop and point system should be expanded. Anything to keep players grinding instead of afking at home. I also agree with ryster that irons shouldn't be aloud to buy them, but then iron pvm shop in itself needs to be expanded as well. Something that prevents people from hoarding points for the reason that they don't have anything to spend them on. People only need so many cannonballs.
  9. +1 for adding more items Will4owner
  10. First of all, any issues posted here will be controversial based on who reads it. Everyone has their own experience on this server, and nothing here is right or wrong but should be decided by the community which truly needs to be implemented or changed. One of the most important changes that I hope everyone agrees on is the ability to unlock or obtain items on an ironman that could be donated for otherwise (aside from exclusives or customs). Anything p2p should be able to be earned through playing the game in order to offer a fair playing field for any person on any gamemode. Monster drops/issues: Bronze Dragons still have a max hit of 13.5k with melee. Not a really good experience for a new player or unsuspecting hardcore (some variations of other monsters have insane max hits on wiki but don't seem to be present in the game). Nex's minions still get bugged from instakill darts or when someone titans through the last stage Almost every high level slayer monster drop table shares it's contents with one another. There are no noted gem or bar drops. For ironmen, slayer is only used for points and exp building towards boss tasks. Every skill should be rewarding on the way to the top. By the time they hit 99 players have so many seeds that they'll never plant them all before they quit. Any variety in the drop tables to differentiate the monsters from each other would be nice. Their drop tables don't have to be some generic items throw together or a copy+paste from osrs/rs3 Clue scrolls should be readjusted for monsters. No one monster should be so far beyond the normal rate that they could be recognized as extremely fast source of clues. This would be monsters like blue dragons that drop 1/22, while some similar monsters are ~1/100, and catacomb monsters that could be over 1/600. Also worth mentioning that yaks drop both easy and medium clues at a super low rate. Clues are already easy enough, and now that they stack, they shouldn't have extremely fast methods to get them. They shouldn't be too easy, but not too hard either. The combat level or difficulty required to kill the monster should dictate the droprate. Skotizo should have a faster spawn time. Getting teleported out of the instance, back to catacombs, and waiting for the respawn takes longer than the actual kill. Additions/Changes: Cutscenes or large buffer times should be removed entirely. This means Dominion tower, pest control, and skotizo mainly. There should be other ways to limit players ability to complete these things. It just drags the grind on and makes people not want to do them after they get the items they need. Everything should have a replay-ablility aspect to it regardless of an account's completion status. Dung shop should have charming imp in it for players that can't donate or can't accumulate enough wealth to donate. 300-500k tokens would be a good range; not too grindy but not too easy. Puro-puro doesn't have dragon imps. Some of the other imps should be reworked to be more rewarding towards the players of ely, not real rs. Copy and pasting the drop tables isn't helping anyone progress when the loot isn't usable anywhere ingame. There should be more mid-range bosses to do for new players. Aside from gwd and skotizo, there's not a lot of things to do for a player without a divine. No one should have to have maxed combat stats to start doing bosses. Boss point shop - Add some sense of completion to a never-ending item grind. Even cosmetics to show off to other players would be enough. Boss progression capes/armor would be enough to get people to start doing bosses again. Achievement rewards - I know they've been promised that they're on the way, but there should be some sort of completionist component to them. Comp(T) should be part of it but some of the achievements are absolutely absurd for an ironman to do. Making 25 of each dfs for an ironman would take ~21050 kills for both the magic and ranged versions with their current drop rates from kbd. Current rank 1 has 2418 kills total. Aside from the pking achievements, some of them seem to be added just to fill the slots. Otherwise some of actions required for the achievements would be dead content in the game. Group events where everyone received a drop should be implemented elsewhere in the game. Possibly hardmode bosses that even ironmen could participate in and receive a drop. Scale the bosses appropriately and let it be a free for all. Everyone seemed to like event bosses that were killed fast and everyone got something. It just needs to be added somewhere else that could be in the game at all times. Wilderness additions - Make a shop that can be shared by both pkers and pvmers. Bosses that give points the same as getting a player kill. Revenants should have a drop table that appeals to all players but have players skulled upon entering the caves. High risk, high reward. There is no reason to enter the wild for anything other than venenatis and wildywyrm for the comp cape requirements. The wilderness should be just as muched used as the server outside of it. Shooting star should offer a more randomized reward and have a higher amount of stardust based on how many players are mining. Mage Arena 2 Capes - I don't care how they're added, but there should be some rival backpack slots that can be better than max capes in some situations. There needs to be some trade-off equipment for different scenarios, nothing should be an absolute best in slot item. Minigames: Pest Control - Due to the low player count it's a struggle to get a team created and continuously going long enough for anyone to get the items they need. Most of the time it's endgame players looking to comp their log sprinkled with the occasional player that still needs the items for the first time. Games should be able to be completed quicker or scaled based on the player count. For 3-5 players, portals should be unprotected throughout the entirety of the game. For 6+ players portals shouldn't have a delay between dropping their shield. Running back and forth should be a big enough buffer to run the game on a bit. Zombie Waves - Not a bad game, got bugged with monsters spawning outside a few times, but the rewards shop definitely needs additions. I'm sure ironmen would play any minigame if they rewards benefit them enough. Barrows - Pretty basic, no problems with the regular barrows really. There should be a hardmode for the rs3 shields from rise of the six. There needs to be some other options for shields other than a divine or custom. Take the same shields from rs3, throw some decent but not overpowered stats at them, and make a barrows that requires some teamwork to complete. Really opens the opportunity up for other drops like the amulet of the damned on osrs. Gives barrows equipment some real use in the game other than someone's first day on. Skilling Reworks: Contracts - Simple enough, get me x amount of items for x amount of skilling points or money. Keep players active while skilling. Would be applied to gathering skills; Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, Farming, Hunter? Add a skilling shop for each skill, add some primary boost items, and an endless supply of consumables that give a small bump to a players skilling items collection. Dungeoneering Why It's a private server; I haven't seen a single person in game vouch for a fully coded dung (other than Jake). We appreciate the effort of reworking the skill, but it went in the wrong direction. People should see skills on this game as a fun activity rather than a grind. After 99/120 no one wants to do more dungeons. It doesn't have to be the single room dungeon, but there should be at least one alternative to training this skill. Maybe if raids were implemented they could offer experience per action or completion. Some players even suggested elite dungeons like rs3, and maybe offering some new items. Forlorn primals should be a reward from raids/elite dungeons or be some absurd point count in the shop. If someone is willing to grind an insane priced primal weapon, then they should be able to. I'm talking around the 1-2m dung tokens point. Keep it rare but obtainable. Mining Everyone's favorite skill next to agility and runecrafting. Ores should have increased quantities or be infinite. That, or they should be much quicker to mine. No one's ruining the economy by mining a bunch of rune ore. Mining contracts - Mine some ore, get some points or exp. Points shop would have the mining armor, maybe throw a special pick or 2 in there for a heap of points, and a consumable mystery box that gives a small amount skilling items. Most likely gems/ore and anywhere from 10-50 items total. Gem rocks should be a bit quicker or infinite, maybe throw in an onyx but extremely rare. Probably 1/10k or higher. Living rock cavern monsters should drop more living materials based on the time it takes to kill/mine Woodcutting - Just make high level trees a bit faster to cut down. Contracts too but with some different rewards Fishing - Really just contracts. Seems like double catch only happens once per starting fishing. Thieving - Needs some variety. Just a carpal tunnel clickfest to 99 right now. Runecrafting - People only seem to want to do runespan. Maybe offer the ability to teleport straight to altars via talismans. Agility - Again another carpal tunnel shitshow. Pretty much how it should be but there should be more passive ways to gain agility experience. Silverhawk boots should be added, while untradeable feathers should be able to be obtained through skilling stores (suggested by Jake). No skill should be completely purchasable like agility is. Farming - Reworked to make herbs grow faster but they seem to die more than half the time. They also don't grow while you're offline. I don't think anyone would be against instant growing herbs as long as seeds are rarer to obtain. Slayer Some slayer monsters don't have drops or the drop tables are way too similar. Low level slayer monsters drop either nothing or are too spread out and drag tasks out. Kurasks don't have any drops but are assigned as a hard task. Ice strykeworms don't require purchase prior to them being offered as a task. Superior monsters have a worse drop table than their lesser counterparts. There's no real reward that would make a player want to fight a superior for anything other than the experience. Construction - Another grind that just seems to be a money sink for non-irons. Could possibly have contracts similar to osrs or another way to passively gain experience that isn't just one straight line grind. QOL Suggestions/fixes: More multiplayer content needs to be added other than bossing. Mainly ironman have no group activities other than minigames and dung which is a rarity. Raids would be a fantastic start, but other minigames should be reworked. Zombie waves was actually pretty fun but there was no real rewards from the shop. Group Ironman queue teams for new players. We spent all this time adding a new gamemode but most new players don't have any friends to play it with. There should be an open team board or the option to create a new group. Also people should be able to leave or join groups in progress but any new member should be starting fresh. Shops should have infinite or higher stocks. Not going to ruin the economy with items that aren't traded between players. Cannons shoot through walls. Not sure if that bothers anyone. Master capes should be unlocked at level 120/104m exp. Kalphite queen teleport is still khalphite. Armadyl crossbow is shown as a rune crossbow on your character. Stats should be buffed more comparable to chaotic crossbow. More weapons should rival chaotics. There needs to be a bigger range of items between starting and endgame weapons. Most ironmen use chaotics because they're unable to get gear or because the ease of getting a chaotic is the only grind they'll do. Dominion tower cutscenes should be removed. Make it faster but add some different boss scenarios in to add some difficulty. Time to complete should be based on the player and how they handle the waves, not how much time it takes them to watch the same cutscene over and over. Timers for potions go away when you get a levelup message. They should also have a warning in chat before they are about to run out, which should also appear if game chat is filtered. This server doesn't have to be a mirrored image osrs/rs3 and there needs to be some variety in training skills or obtaining items. Fully coded or making a carbon copy doesn't necessarily improve the enjoyment of someone playing the content. There should be an equal amount of attention spent catering to the server that's already there as much as there is for additions.

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