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  1. big support, hopefully it comes out at the same time i find enough friends to play with
  2. small suggestion to help you clear up some space
  3. Big support for new content, I'd want to see the harder barrows most of all, make it similar to rise of the six along with the shield rewards. None of them are a bad idea as long as there's rewards that make it useful to do them. Zombie waves was a pretty fun minigame that should be expanded along with the rewards for it. As long as there's people to do the minigames, there's no reason not to add more appeal to doing them.
  4. The idea behind the highest points per box cost is based around buffing the average loot from it, while making the boss drops rarer. More items are coming into the game from the PvM boxes than from actually bossing. They essentially are gamble boxes and should be treated as such.
  5. Title says it all boys, lowercase iso back at ya with another sleep deprived, energy drink fueled shitpost. PvM Boxes: Increase cost to 20-50k PvM points (based on how the below suggestions are weighted) Increase possible loot rolls from 1 to 1-3 (like clue scrolls) Increase overall common/uncommon loot to match the point cost Move Cerb crystals/Nex armors/Zenytes to ultra rare table Make GWD armors a tier rarer Add random potions/food drops similar to the deadman mode drops on osrs (brews/restores/super sets/spec restores/misc food) PvP Armors: Make them repairable, increase duration to 2 hours Weighted repair cost based on how armors/weapons compare to current high tier gear; 10m per armor piece, 20m per weapon for full 100% charge Remove PvP armor drops from chaos elemental, replace them with tyrannical ring/ring of the gods, as there is no boss that drops them Increase overall drop table of revenants, similar to osrs, increase the rarity of PvP armors for low level revenants Remove unlimited ammunition donor perk from ranged PvP weapons (I would also remove it for onyx bolts e too) Special attacks with PvP weapons drain total charges by 0.5% Kiln Capes: Add range and mage variants, adjust stats to be best in slot of each combat style, no avas effect on range variant K that's it. Thanks for reading. Unless you don't know how to read, then wait for the pictures only version to come out. Which kind of makes the first part of the sentence pointless. Because if you can't read then why would I make a disclaimer about you not knowing how to read. This feels like every essay I've written for school. Just adding more words to make it seem like there's more there. Let's face it, if you're still here after kiln cape part then it's really your fault. You have poor time management skills. I bet you stay up until 2am watching videos on how to make things you'll never make in your life. It's not an attack on you, but maybe we all need to reflect on the things we've done at 2am. Sometimes I just stay up thinking about how everyone I met in life has a different version of me in their head. I bet most of them are good, but I'm a pretty weird fella. I just wrote 13 sentences after I finished this post just to make it look like I did more than I really did. Go ahead and count them out, the number was 13. I only did that because one of you is gonna read up to there and point out that in fact there wasn't really 13 sentences before I said that. I bet you're one of those poor time management people.
  6. One of the greatest underdog stories of all time. Definitely deserves that vet rank for completing the game, but if that's too optimistic, maybe just start him off as an admin. Huge gz, thanks for behind my favorite water-based vehicle on the server. Also welcome Dec
  7. listen up you dumb stupid idiots because i'm only gonna say this once. i didn't read a word of what you guys said but all i know is i've had 3 panic attacks trying to read all the numbers posted here. if you think doing math on a rsps is cool then clearly you've never met my 2 time ping pong state champion grandfather. i could teach my dog how to open pvm boxes better than you, and he has type c and simplex 2 diabetes. not to brag or anything but i don't remember anything before 6th grade. people have found jesus in a burger king drive thru and still can't download windows 8. touchdown lakers
  8. Iso

    HC Pearleem

    +1 for hc pearleem mac ban
  9. There's this nifty lil spell for all you mega hoarders out there with too many items in your bank One by one watch your overcapacity banks slowly dwindle down to a number that a normal person would have
  10. Little care package for my boy Love you all, Merry Christmas everyone

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