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Patch Notes LVII (#57) Ironman Rework & Ely Share

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Ironman Rework
12.26.46-13.09.20.png 12.26.52-13.09.20.png 12.26.57-13.09.20.png


The highly anticipated Ironman rework is finally here! This update fundamentally changes the way
our entire Ironman mode lineup's work.
We've worked with many of you to determine the best
way to work out this mode to keep it true to its purpose.

First & foremost, there is a brand new HiScores Leaderboard for IM/HCIM/UIM!
For anyone that has played the IM modes previously, you will now find your progress under
"Legacy Ironman", "Legacy Hardcore Ironman" & "Legacy Ultimate Ironman."

With this update comes fresh leaderboards for everyone to compete on.
Due to that, we are now officially running a competition for the most dedicated!


Yes, this competition only applies for players on DEFAULT (x50) XP rate.

Look below for the official list of changes made to this game mode:

Removed Ironmen getting Insta-Kill Darts from rewards - this includes donator benefits.
Restricted from using the Training Zone.
Removed XP Boost & Drop rate boost from Well of Goodwill benefits.
Converted every existing Ironman account to "Legacy Ironman / Hardcore / UIM"

Removed Vote tickets being claimable on Ironman accounts.
Ironmen now have a separate loot table from the Crystal Chest.
Range Store - Removed Dragon darts, Rune bolts, Magic shortbow, Dark bow, Rune crossbow & all Dragonhide armors.
Magic Store - Removed Mystic and Dagon'hai
General Store - Removed Amulet of Glory
Consumable Store - Removed Monkfish, all potions, added regular Strength, Attack & Defence potions.
Voting Rewards - Removed XP Lamps, Skilling boxes, & Infinity robes.

Forlorn Primal Weapons now available

This change applies to all game modes: Fornlorn Primal Weapons now drop from Dungeoneering Bosses!
When training Dungeoneering, there is a 1/1000 chance you'll receive a Forlorn Primal weapon drop.
This includes: Forlorn Primal Longsword, Rapier, Maul, Hatchet & Pickaxe.

These Forlorn Primal's match their Primal counterparts exactly. However, they are untradable & degradable.
You will have to repair these Forlorn weapons the same way you would a Chaotic weapon.

We are extremely excited to bring this reworked Ironman mode to all of you!
Thanks to everyone who helped make decisions for this along the way, and we hope you enjoy!
Best of luck during the Competition!


Introducing: Ely Share

We are bringing a brand new sharing feature built directly into your client!
You may have seen the recent addition of the Screenshot capture button on your client in the top right in v3.
The icon on the far right is your Screenshot capture button. By default, the new Ely Share feature will be enabled.
What this does is, whenever an achievement has been accomplished you will receive a notification in-game
to click on your World Map to share. This will automatically upload the screenshot from your client into a new
Discord channel named "#ely-share"

See it in action below!



This feature will make it really easy to capture important moments, good drops or whatever it may be.
Simply click the Screenshot button & it is instantly available to view for everyone in our Discord!


Fishing Guild & Misc.

For the first time, the Fishing Guild is now fully functional!
With the introduction of this Fishing Guild we have made Rocktail fishing free-to-play!
Rocktails no longer require you to be a donor!

In order to get into the Fishing Guild, you will need 99 14.23.20-13.09.20.png.
A Bank Chest is available on the Dock & the General Store is accessible within the Guild.



Chaotics & Forlorns no longer are usable after they've degraded (broken/uncharged)


Matt is back home

Many of you already know @Matt & have seen him recently working around Ely again.
For those who don't, Matt is the original Founder of Ely with me & is back again as our main Developer.
After some time being preoccupied with life & other projects you will start seeing him again.

This update today is Matt's introduction back into the swing of development at Ely!
Be sure to provide some feedback & give us your thoughts below!

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This update is huge for the future of Ely.

Iron rework has been a long time coming and has been worth the wait - Thank you all involved for making this possible.

Nice to see Rocktails being available for all players.

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So I get removing some of the dono perks like the unlimited potion effect but the unlimited run and auto charm pick up can this get added back in? Or can there be ironman specific perks added in as a donator?

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So far 2/3 rewards have been claimed!

@200m was first to 200M XP in a Skill, Fishing! Won $25, congrats!
& @Kemi was the first to max his account! Won $50, congrats big cutie.

Waiting to see who will complete the Completionist requirement's first for $100 🤔

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