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  1. I also think that after prestiging you should still be able to wear 99 200m max and comp capes
  2. I think it's a good idea but have it so you can prestige one skill at a time and maybe reduce the xp you gain with each prestige, and for rewards the items you get from doing diaries in osrs would be good to see in it
  3. trait


    Username (ingame):Trait Suggestion (short description):Allow charms to be sold in the general store for gold to increase the gold in the economy and give them a use after 99/200m summoning Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): it will increase gold in the economy and allow another way for new players to gain gold to buy items Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): Allow charms to be sold in the general store for gold to increase the gold in the economy and give them a use after 99/200m summoning, this will give new players a way to make money and help improve the gold in the economy to help sell/buy items more often and will give a use to charms after players reach 99 summoning or 200m if they are going for it
  4. This is my loot log for Opening 463 Crystal keys, I started with 463 and by the end had gained 54 keys from rewards and got 15 keys from the achievement totalling in 532 keys, with the Armadyl Donor perk of a 50% chance to receive double rewards the final key count was 1062! Now the loot 23,043,430 Coins 6 saradomin bows 57809 saradomin arrows 7 zamorak bows 56841 zamorak arrows 10 guthix bows 64114 guthix arrows 7 crystal bows 18 crystal shields 25 Dragon 2H'S 269 Mahogny planks 455 teak planks 1108 green dhide 398 Red D'Hide 18600 Pure Essence 409 Palm tree seeds 337 Calquat tree seeds 359 Papaya tree seeds 234 Dragonstones 441 Dragon bones 1012 Baby Dragon Bones 1047 Big Bones 294 Rune Bars 1Easy Clue Scroll 1 Medium Clue Scroll 1 Hard Clue Scroll Now the broadcasts (Rares) 4 Chaotic Recharge Tokens 4 Golden Hammers 6 Rubber chickens 2 Bunny Ears 1 Web Cloak The final GP count after alching and selling is 462.5m, averageing 432k per key.
  5. Yeah they should be the alch value of them should be increased too
  6. Ive found with krill tsutsaroh you can replace the anti poisons for a poison purge aura

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