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  1. So divination was released Aug 20 2013, and kalphite king was released January 14th 2013, araxor was released July 28th 2014, as for Akrisae the Doomed he was released as Sept 14th 2011, Vorago was released in July 3rd 2013. Now understandable Gwd 2 was in 2016 and invention and archeology are way newer than that so those understandable. But as for the bosses these are within the same spectrum of the "2012-ish era" you have said the server is based out of. So like stated it's food for thought and I think the community would enjoy different bosses that are more of a c
  2. Hello everyone again! Is there any chance we could get the divination, invention and possibly archeology skills added in? I know it would be a bit of work to code them in but I feel everyone would really enjoy some newer skills to grind out and can than stimulate the economy a bit so not everyone is sitting on 500b gold (exaggerated number except the select few) and as with invention it would make it another skill that needs to be 120. Now for bosses since we have queen black dragon.... it's there any chance that some of the newer bosses could be added in I.E. ka
  3. That comment in bold and underlined is telling someone to f off because you dont like their suggestion.
  4. Word last I knew this was a place for discussion not to get told to f off by an admin, I am not the only person who seems to think this. I am just the only person to say something.
  5. Hello is there a way you guys can remove needing 99 fishing for the fishing guild really defeats the purpose of the guild itself, the requirement should still be the same as normal osrs which is level 68 fishing, because by the time you get to 99 you either are going to fish for rock tails at lrc or have been a dono already and honestly most people stop at 99 fishing till they want to go to do 200m and rocktails are not the fastest way to get to 200m. So the fishing guild has become useless due to the needing of 99 fishing. Thanks hope this can get changed!
  6. So I get removing some of the dono perks like the unlimited potion effect but the unlimited run and auto charm pick up can this get added back in? Or can there be ironman specific perks added in as a donator?
  7. Hello everyone! This is my first guide being made here so hopefully it is good! So I noticed that there was no guide for Soulgazer's so I wanted to make one. First thing to notate about this mini boss is that you do need 99 slayer in order to attack them! ::tele soul So I find that melee is the best way to kill them, but some can argue that range would be good as well. Soulgazer's attack with magic that hits fairly decent and for a decent amount. (depending on gear) For Melee setup here are the tiers: Welfare: (Pray Protect Mage and your best offe
  8. Hello All, Is there any chance we can add red chinchompa's to the range store and also make it so red chins do what they are supposed to which is go boom in an AoE, because you can mass train mage with ancients and barrage and red chins are the way to do it for range but 1. you have to hunt them which takes forever as there is only 5 in feldip and 2. they do not go boom like they are supposed too. Please support this idea and maybe get it added!
  9. Hello, So I am 99% sure that I have discovered a bug as my ironman does not get the permanent ava's accumulator effect (actually even the ava's accumulator does not work on the ironman). I brought this up to Goddess and I went through and tested other weapons and ammo types and in different locations. When i noticed this was happening I was at Tormented Hatchlings using a CCB and Diamond Bolts (E), than when testing I went to training area with a Dark Bow and Dragon Arrows and was still losing ammo each shot, I also went and put my ava's alerter on my back in hopes of maybe it just bugged
  10. Support 100% to all QOL changes

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