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  1. I assume this means custom content? Please don't add this yet. Let us start with traditional RuneScape equipment and use our own skills to upgrade. Part of the start to ironman life is utilising all skills and knowledge of the game to improve ones self. Yes to this, but please don't nerf it right into the ground where they're completely useless. Skilling supplies, ranging from low tier, mid tier and high tier (with high being rare, obviously) - in completely random amounts (random number gen with a cap maybe?). This would need to be carefully balanced, so it ISN'T the best method to obtain supplies. Keep crystal bow and shield - rare chance. Maybe make the "rare" items dragon equipment? Med helm, plate legs, longsword etc. Dark totem pieces but make them way less common. Remove clues, let us obtain them from killing npcs. Keep these 3 stores to the absolute basics, to get irons started. Magic Store - Keep a set quantity of runes as a daily limit per ironman account. Maybe just elementals, mind and chaos runes. Allowing irons to runecraft any cosmic, nature, death, blood and soul runes. Remove armours, replace staves with the basic elemental staves. Either keep ancient staff or add a method to obtain it. Range Store - Keep up to mithril arrows/bolts as well as the corresponding weapon to use mithril ammo. (Willow bow / Mithril Crossbow) Take all other items out of here. Fix leather crafting, so irons can create leather chaps/body etc. Add a way to obtain ava's devices, or just keep them in? Melee Store - Reduce this down to iron/steel armour maybe? To be honest, this shop could be removed entirely if the starter pack has melee equipment? (Iron armour) Keep lobsters, replace the super pots with basic pots. Keep a limited quantity of prayer potions (not super restores). Keep the rock cakes. Yes to this, allowing irons a way to obtain bis weaponry without harming the economy if they de-iron is a positive. Perhaps a chaotic weapon could be consumed as well as a bunch of DG tokens in order to create the forlorn primal weapon? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So that's my thoughts on some of the above points. I will now expand on some other ideas. Remove essentials store for irons. Currently it has damaged god books for sale, let us get the four pages from clue scrolls and then the book will be created when using the pages on each other. Starter pack can include darklight, unless it can be obtained through regular gameplay somehow. Skilling Store - This should have all basic tools for skilling (Pickaxe/Hatchet up to STEEL only?), make the vials of water/spirit shard packs limited quantity or a daily limit. Make Bob just a repair NPC and remove his shop altogether for everyone (Lol, has useless items in it anyway) Keep sanfew's secondary supplies but make them limited quantity or a daily limit. Secondaries will be a nuance to obtain, so this is a fair ask on a private server. Pikkiupstix secondary summoning shop to be kept - again limited quantity or daily limit maybe? Same point as above, private server. It's a fair ask. Skilling Rewards Shop - So this is an interesting one, because it should be fair for ironman accounts to be able to obtain these outfits. Agile Top/Bottom - Obtained by running a set number of laps (cumulative) on ANY agility course? Rather than being locked behind the level 85 and 90 requirements like it is on RS. Lumberjack - Add temple trekking OR when Woodcutting, obtain "something" that can be used to unlock or create ONE outfit piece? OR just make the whole piece a random chance drop from obtaining logs. Black Ibis - Add pyramid plunder, make it obtainable by chance when completing a set number of rooms (Chests in the middle giving chance at pieces?) Golden Mining - Same as Lumberjacks, maybe obtained through mining ores successfully. Maybe a random event scenario with a chance to obtain a piece. Fishing Waders - Same as wc/mining but with fishing - again maybe a random event scenario? Cooking/Goldsmith gaunts - Successfully cook so many pieces of food for the gloves / Smelt so many gold bars for the gloves. Firemaking gloves/Ring/Inferno Adze - Fire Spirits (Rare chance at adze) Watering Can / Magic Secateurs - Growing herbs/trees successfully or allotments successfully, anything like that really. Yaktwee Stick - Successful hunter catches in a row or set amount of catches in general. Maybe an item to be obtained and can then be used on a regular butterfly net? PVM Rewards - Remove everything as long as overloads/prayer renewals work in Herblore correctly. Elite Void can be added to pest control for irons to unlock? Achievements system will need looking into as it gives GOOD rewards across the board which are fundamentally breaking ironman play. Either disable it for irons for now or change the rewards accordingly to be more suited for the game mode. (While still rewarding their efforts) Slayer Points Store - Keep as is, it's rewarding for irons and cannon can't be obtained anywhere else. If you want to change the amount of points to obtain, that could be a possibility. After all, we have to make our own cannonballs if they're removed from pvm store (like they should be) Remove SOF for ironman accounts - it's very good for skilling supplies in it's current state which is very bad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will add more as time goes on. DISCLAIMER: These are just my opinions/ideas and everything in this post is up for discussion.
  2. Another great edition, Ninja. I'm sure June's will be jam packed now that you're back with us.
  3. Definitely should be available to all players, perhaps just add a GP fee for turning them into the unfinished potions. (the same way tanning dhides takes GP from the money pouch) While we're showing support for this, how about the NPC at home who decants potion to be fixed so we can decant into (3) dose pots. Majority of pots can be made at (4) but overloads can not, they need be made at (3). So either decanting needs to work or let us make overloads in (4) dose. Support for this idea.
  4. Goddess

    Boss Instances

    I am a dumbass.
  5. Okay, so then let's talk about instances instead. Currently most of them are not safe deaths (exception being Zulrah) and everything is lost on death. Would you be supportive of changes being made to how instances work? E.g. Gravestone implementations, Removing the price completely, allowing some form of safety net for dying. This will give everyone the incentive to use instances, regular and ironman players alike. Thus, removing the need for this thread in the first place.
  6. And that same argument can be applied to a regular account camping the boss all day? If they get first hit, we won't be able to attack. That makes that argument null and void because it can be used both ways. We use instances, we're not against them. But when we've made progress on a kill and we're actively engaged in it, why should it be taken away from us the same way thanos clicks his finger in infinity war. Just going to leave this here again: The difference being that when you crash that regular account, they can CONTINUE killing the NPC. It's fair game as both players can still engage in combat. It's got nothing to do with being part of the "gamemode", we accept that we can't kill bosses with other people. We accept that if an Ironman is stood with a regular player at a boss then they can compete to click it first, that's fair game. BUT when the ironman is already in the MIDDLE of a kill a regular player can just come attack it and the ironman suddenly STOPS engaging in combat and it's stolen away from them.
  7. It's not about us buying an instance or being a "cheap ass". Using Grae as an example due to his high HP and length of time it takes to kill: Ironman account is 4 minutes into a Grae kill, they've taken 20k HP off him. Regular player teleports in, attacks Grae. Ironman account STOPS engaging in combat and they can't attack any more. Regular player is able to finish the kill. OTHER WAY AROUND: Regular player is attacking Grae 4 minutes in taken 20k HP. Ironman account teleports in, we can't engage in combat. We can't take that kill off him. Fair enough, we use instance. We're not saying we wouldn't use them. --------------------------- Do you see the difference here? The kill can be completely STOLEN off the ironman. It's about making it fair for everyone. Regular players can still multi attack the boss to their hearts content. We're asking that if an Ironman is already engaged in that combat, why should it be taken off us? The same thing can be applied to every boss essentially, grae is just a good example to use due to high health and length of time it takes to kill.
  8. The difference being that when you crash that regular account, they can CONTINUE killing the NPC. It's fair game as both players can still engage in combat. It's got nothing to do with being part of the "gamemode", we accept that we can't kill bosses with other people. We accept that if an Ironman is stood with a regular player at a boss then they can compete to click it first, that's fair game. BUT when the ironman is already in the MIDDLE of a kill a regular player can just come attack it and the ironman suddenly STOPS engaging in combat and it's stolen away from them. To quote Boats from the post before: As of right now this has nothing to do with ping at all. An ironman can have better ping and click attack first but that doesn't STOP a regular player from engaging in combat. The difference being if the ironman account has better ping and attacks first, the regular player can STILL attack the NPC and steal the kill off us anyway. But the other way around, we can't engage in the combat (fair enough, they attacked it first). The change we're asking for is that if we're already attacking something, that we're able to kill it without a regular player clicking it once and taking it off us completely. If this change is made, both game modes have a FAIR chance of clicking attack on the boss first.
  9. I respect your opinion and input into this discussion and understand where you are coming from. But what's your stance on regular players crashing ironman accounts? Would it just be for the irons to go into instance? Does that seem fair if they're already mid-kill?
  10. Personally I think number 3 is the only viable option to this that still allows us to boss the same as everyone else without using an instance. (Why should we be forced to risk losing everything on death for every boss?) It's a very fair thing to ask for, we're already attacking the NPC so it's not like it's going to hurt the game or ruin any integrity of the game mode by stopping other players attacking and taking the kill. Much the same way that we can't attack something that a regular player is attacking (which is absolutely correct, don't get me wrong). It only seems fair that they can't attack what we're attacking either.
  11. It's sad to see you go but you have your reasons so, good luck with everything. Be sure to say hi from time to time in discord!
  12. Awesome to see your bank and logs! You had a very good run, and you're actually happy about it all. Have fun playing Ely without any stress!
  13. Welcome to Ely, Glad you're enjoying yourself and getting some of those childhood feels from this game.
  14. Awesome, love lots of QOL and small changes like this. Really makes the players feel like the developers care about the small details.
  15. Thanks for yet another guide, Zelda. This will be very helpful, and runs nicely alongside the other guides for GWD bosses.

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