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  1. This is potentially related to the use of 'F' keys to switch tabs. We've had reports in the past of clients freezing with this being the potential cause. @Charlie @Lation
  2. New Additions Hexmoon Cultist Set Scorching Feather Expeditionists Satchel Zulrah's Scales Price Updates Due to a change in examine value for the Grae gear, the price has been updated to match. Grae Casque from 500-600M TO 1B Grae Platebody from 650-800M TO 1B Grae Striders from 650-800M TO 1B Dragonbone Necklace from TBD TO 50-100M Sword of Helios from TBD TO 1-2B Sliske's Prized Staff from TBD TO 1-2B Blueberry SP of the Gods from TBD TO 4-6B Sunglasses from TBD TO 500M-1B Each Dragon Bones from 100K TO 50-100K Superior Dragon Bones from TBD TO 600-750K
  3. You're basing your whole opinion on the Legend game mode and I've highlighted in red a key part of your argument. What you're saying is that because it takes longer to level up skills on Legend mode that they should get a free pass when it comes to comp requirements. You've said yourself that if you were any other XP rate that you would try to comp because it's "easy" to get the stats. As I've said before if you get to 1,500 total you will go to regular ironman, no progress lost. If the highscores didn't exist there wouldn't be a case for this change to be made as it seems this argument is also based on being ranked with the HC status. Comp has been achieved by HCIM's before, it has been done. To me that would automatically make them better at the gamemode as they've overcome that challenge.
  4. Great to see you having a good time with us. Plenty more good days to come I hope, keep having a positive experience!
  5. I understand what you're saying but it won't change my stance on the suggestion. HCIM only need 1,500 total level and they will be reverted to a regular Ironman upon death, so not all progress will be lost. Wilderness is meant to be dangerous and the Completionist Cape is best in slot for all styles, it needs to have requirements which pose a challenge to the player.
  6. I don't think it should be removed based solely on the fact that it carries extra risk for HCIM accounts. We've had HCIM's comp before so it's entirely possible to do. The wilderness as it stands is rather dead, at least this requirement adds a tiny bit of life.
  7. You mention needing X amount of resources for levelling up but this brings about a little confusion. For example in legend mode you mention needing 6,517 runite ore and 26,069 coal to make the 6,517 rune bars. Have you accounted for the XP we earn from smelting those 6,517 bars? Have you only calculated the XP we earn from smithing those 6,517 bars into items? You've gave us the Base XP we can expect per bar when smithing, leaving us to do the rest of the calculations on which items to actually smith. In my own experience, I've found smithing 3 bar items when using rune bars has proven to be more efficient than platebodies in the long run. However, with adamant, I found the XP difference to be negligible and the difference between 3 bar and 5 bar XP was around 5k in the long run when using ~30k bars. With that information, it could mean even less bars are required. Any chance you could look into that and include it on your guide? There is also only the Blacksmith Mask & Apron - we do not have the full outfit and it can be obtained via Skilling Mystery Boxes in the Vote Shop or via trading other players. Overall it's a nice guide, well set out but potentially lacking some detail.
  8. Goddess


    Welcome to the forums! You seem to be doing well for yourself in-game, never hesitate to ask questions even if they feel silly.
  9. Goddess


    Oi Nelly Nice to meet you
  10. New Additions Promethium Rapier Promethium Longsword Promethium Warhammer Promethium Battleaxe All added at 75-125M. Price Updates Armadyl Runes from 30K TO 50-60K Each
  11. Goddess

    Jar of Swamp

    This item has been added to the collection log as of 16th July 2020. Closing this thread.
  12. Very interesting to see statistics such as this. Thanks @Matt
  13. New Additions Dragonfire Ward Dragonbone Necklace Superior Dragon Bones
  14. This has been a long time coming and is a very much appreciated update! I would like to thank @Charlie for working so hard on this, and the everyone involved within the process to get this update rolled out. Very good looking patch notes too, alongside this!
  15. This is brilliant. Thank you for the laughs @dragoncin

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