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  1. Hello, This thread is a documentation of the loot received from killing 1,500 Tormented Hatchlings. Starting Killcount: 682 Finishing Killcount: 2,186 I received a General Grisis' Tome at kill 844. Bank Tab Estimated Value* = 1,401,340,000 gp (maybe? idk) *based on price guide average
  2. I feel like associating Skilling Outfit pieces with the Diary pieces is a little too confusing and would be very difficult to explain to players when they ask questions. For this reason, in my opinion I think it's best to keep the Bonus XP sets completely separate from any Diary sets. If bank space is an issue for people who want to own all sets, that's what we have a costume room for in PoH. (when it's finally developed and added in) However, I do like the idea of this achievement diary set being incorporated into gameplay somehow - whether that be via an elite set of skilling achie
  3. We have Rule 13 - Item Lending for this very reason. It's up to the player to record their own proof, I can't speak for all staff but I certainly do not want to have the responsibility of someone else's items just because they want X to borrow them for a period of time. We very rarely have to deal with any scamming as a result of item lending so I can't even see their being a demand for this sort of system to be put in place. Not to mention that a middleman system would almost certainly end up with players trying to get in on it, regardless of staff being seen as 'official middlemen'
  4. I can't see any harm in this being changed to floor completion. I've had 4 forlorn drops and only missed 1, so to be honest it's not that difficult to remember to stay for the boss drop. Nonetheless I still support this change.
  5. I too will have to agree with Luke on this one, I don't really see a need for this to be implemented in any hurry. Even if this went ahead in the future, I still wouldn't lend my items out so it's not going to make any difference to me either way. It's not that difficult to just play the game and earn the items themselves, so the need to "test" items out seems very small in my opinion.
  6. Negative. Every other NPC in ::tele hell is single-way combat. (A cannon can attack everything, but combat with the player still remains single way) I'm not overly sure if they all attack at once in the Slayer Tower but it definitely happens in ::tele hell.
  7. Hi, Needles can not be withdrew from the Bank, this is a health and safety concern. also farming post count xox
  8. I'd go for Option 1 as it keeps some form of 'Open World' content and not keeping everything confined to one area. As for option 3, thats a reasonable ask to match the empty vials already available. Support. Love, Goddess

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