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  1. Thank you for using RS Wiki and copy/pasting all the information from there into this thread.
  2. This change needs to be applied to all NPCs which can be pickpocketed. Man/Woman Rogues Master Farmers Guards Knights Paladins Heroes Dwarf Trader Support for this to happen.
  3. Welcome to Ely! It's great to hear and see that you're already enjoying your time with us, even after 2 days! Looking forward to seeing you around in-game.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions @Chimpamzee, I've added them to the main post!
  5. Welcome back, but also Welcome to Ely! Hope your time spent with us will create more of those fond memories.
  6. Main post is up-to-date from this point. Thank you all for the continued reporting on the Achievements System.
  7. Support for all of these EXCEPT the aura. I don't think auras should give stats directly, I feel it would be better to keep the theme of passive bonuses instead. (For example - Sharpshooter/Runic Accuracy) As an example: One such passive bonus for the aura mentioned could be less summoning points used per spec.
  8. Support these changes to be made. Perhaps the spawn timer could be lowered down to 2 hours or alternatively made more frequent on weekends (friday-sunday) in an attempt to encourage more activity.
  9. I support this change to be made and I agree with Kari, 200 should be reasonable enough. Points are very quick to come by due to the bonus points on a streak of 10.
  10. Great update, loving the short but sweet miscellaneous fixes & changes. Shoutout to @Winterfor another EPIC quest.
  11. Welcome to Ely! Hope you enjoy your time with us
  12. We could just incorporate it into the player examine info? Somehow feed the ::kills interface to a tab within that?
  13. Support. It's just the same as having a Rune Pouch or a Herb Bag.
  14. I think these titles should require completion of that specific bosses Collection Log as well as attaining a certain kill count (Perhaps utilise the new achievement system, referencing the 'Elite Tasks' for the kill counts.
  15. I fully support this as long as the cape remains purely cosmetic and has 0 stats. It could be seen as a humble brag to some but to others, it's a way to show off their hard work and determination.

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