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  1. New Additions Spectrum Partyhat added at 4-5b The Fancy Tux (Tux, Pants, Tie) added at 300-350M Per Piece Purple Ankou added at 800M-1B Per Piece Horns (Ethereal, Fae, Twisted, Devilish) added at 100M Each Price Updates Black Partyhat from 8-10B TO 3-5B Rainbow Partyhat from 5-7B TO 3-5B Fiery Partyhat from 10-15B TO 5-10B Rainbow Santa Hat from TBD TO 3-5B Red Ankou from 100M TO 250-300M Per Piece Any issues or queries about the above changes, please drop me a PM on Discord or Forums. If you'd like to suggest a price change, please PM me on Discord or Forums.
  2. I support this, it'll be fun to grind them and see small bursts of activity at these respective minigames. Anything to increase the collection log totals.
  3. Support for this to happen. Effigies are so much better as they offer more XP over 4 skills and then you get a Dragonkin lamp at the end that can be used in ANY skill.
  4. Support for this part of the suggestion. Let's just have the flasks stay in the inventory when emptied, allowing them to be recycled.
  5. Hi, When teleporting to Dagannoth Kings (::tele dks) the ladder is not functioning when left OR right clicked. You can still access the Kings via an instance. Furthermore, if you have a familiar out (such as steel titan) there isn't enough space for it to appear at ::tele dks. So when you enter an instance, the familiar does not spawn with the player and there is no option to call the familiar via the summoning orb.
  6. It's a very interesting idea that isn't too dissimilar to a suggestion I made not too long ago which revolved around Voting instead. I do feel there could be negative implications with this idea as it almost passively creates an idea of donating being a 'must-do' kind of thing. An outsider looking in could see this as a money grabbing idea, with players basically having to pay to earn the reward of a well of goodwill.
  7. Well done on your current achievements.
  8. Personally I would like the existing Shooting Star and Evil Tree distractions to be changed to the way they work on RS. Evil Tree It's currently missing the roots that you have to chop and then kindling that the player burns to assist in killing the tree. It always spawns at Tier 90, lets have some randomised variation and allow it to be anything from 10-90. Adjust it so that it doesn't end once 50 total kindling between all players has been obtained, let the Tree have health that the players have to diminish. Change the spawn timer to 1-2 hours so it spawns mor
  9. Support, as this is how it's supposed to be anyway.
  10. UPDATES: Added two new sections which cover the variety of Amulets & Rings we have available on Ely. Please feel free to suggest any ideas of how this guide can be expanded as well as any amendments or further additions I could add to the already existing content.
  11. Very nice to see the Referral system up and working! I do like some of the bug fixes/changes too, some of them much needed.
  12. Support. The new pets would be nice for added variation as well as changing the Rocky model to a much better looking one. I think you mention this in your post but if that's not the case, I would also like to suggest changing it so that any skilling action can reward the pet. Rather than it being based on XP drops. Currently it's bias towards Easy and Default accounts who naturally get big XP drops.
  13. Support for it to be made tradeable while imbued. As far as I'm aware, most if not all of the 'override' items can be traded while imbued (Sirenic/Reaper for example). This was probably just overlooked.
  14. Support this suggestion in general for a bit of TLC to the fishing skill. We need more variety in the fishing spots, we have the fishing guild that currently requires 99 fishing to enter - this needs to be lowered to a more suitable level. Then the guild can be the 'hub' for all fishing spots.
  15. Definitely support this! The more the merrier when it comes to tracking and recording highscores for all different activities, not just bossing.

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