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  1. Yes mate, leaving a clan Vexillum at home would be helpful for anyone looking for a specific clan. +1 Support
  2. Is it sad for me to be friends with myself? x] Thx Jen, you're awesome ^_^
  3. Love the profile background. :3

    1. Chippy


      Was so fun... We'll have to organise to do that again some time 🙂

  4. First post from me, nothing significant. I've been on Ely for a week now, and it's been great. Prior to Ely I use to hop around servers, gamble hundreds of dollars, and leave. Quite sad really. After making a HCIM account, it feels like I've rediscovered the game. The people on here are fantastic, and I've had a lot of fun (more than I thought possible for a rsps, or rs at all for that matter). I'm looking forward to see what the future holds (hopefully not a death from lag) and can't wait to continue forward with you all. Below are some picture of a group run with Coco, Tare, Jen, a
  5. +1 support. Creating a sticking with a HC account is hard enough as it is. Removing this task would actually make comp cape achievable without the risk of losing the account/status to players within wildy. Another option up for discussion is Ironman or HC ironman teams, so that we could boss together. I haven't done much pvm, and the thought of having to solo every boss, simply isn't possible with the limited gear on an iron-man account. I hope Lation considers these options. The risk is also raised if you happen to be a player with high ping (Australians play with 300-350 ping), whi
  6. Liquor up the front, poker in the back

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