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  1. Very well done Thank you for this
  2. Well I was thinking it wouldn't contribute a whole lot to well, maybe like 10m - 50m depending on how many people are participating, but I get what you're saying, thanks for your input!
  3. Hello, for those who have not met me I am Funk in game! I have a few ideas for some player ran events that I think would be fun, and then some suggestions for new server events that could be implemented if they get enough support and are possible. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hide and go Seek Event So I have already started doing this for the last week or so, but essentially I will hide somewhere on the map that is accessible to all players regardless of level, donator status, or difficulty. I then use a ::yell command to give out hints as to where I am. The first person(s) to find me will receive a reward! Either some good items, a modest amount of GP, or some cool cosmetics that I have collected. I usually give out a new hint every 5-10 minutes, each hint getting easier each time, until someone finds me. I started doing this to make up for some of the downtime inbetween wells and boss events, something that anyone could have fun doing. Rules for Funk's Hide and Seek I cannot hide anywhere dangerous such as the wilderness or anywhere that a lower level skilling player could get killed. This makes it fair for everyone. You cannot use alt accounts to claim a prize if you already won. For example, someone who came in 1st place cannot also claim the 2nd or 3rd place prizes. You must absolutely have fun. This is essential. Battle Royale - Community Pot I have yet to try this one out yet, but I think it would definitely be fun. I will start the pot with 500m~ or something of high value, then anyone can add to the pot by trading me (minimum entry should be around 25-50m~) Basically once you've entered, you would wait for the Battle Royale to start. The game would play out the same as usual, but whoever wins gets the entire pot! This is a good way for people to have fun, stake some gold for those betting itches, and make some money if they win! For those that don't know about the Battle Royale mode, you teleport there using the ::tele royale command and you'll be prompted to "Ready Up". After 6 people have entered, the Battle Royale will commence after a 60 second waiting period. You'll then be dropped in Varrock with no weapons or armour and you must scavenge to find equipment. You can also sell and buy better equipment from the console in your inventory. You also won't have to worry about your combat level as everyone is made equal in this minigame. You have to run around, collecting items, and defeating players to win. The map size decreases ever so often so make sure you don't get stuck outside of it! Rules for Battle Royale - Community Pot No alt accounts allowed if you're entering the pot. This makes it unfair for others. In order to win the prize, you must have contributed to it. If you don't enter the pot, you cannot win the pot. You can still play without entering of course, but the pot will just build until someone wins who has paid into it. Once again, have fun. This is also essential. Drop Party - Challenge Mode This one is a new idea, but essentially all participants will gather in a player owned home. The Participants will be assigned a certain item to gather. The owner will then drop specific item and the participants will have to collect their item. First person to collect the required amount wins the prize! Simple in theory, but I'm not sure how to execute this one yet. Give me time and I will figure it out. Let me know what you think of these ideas! They're not perfect yet, but with some feedback I am sure to make them better with your help. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next up, these are my ideas for server events that Staff can run or that could be implemented into the game. Are you a new player? Are you broke? Do you want to help reach Well of Goodwill tiers but you don't have the gold for it? Well, introducing the Well of Hostility It works very much the same way that Evil Trees work where you work together to burn it, chop it, and kill it. Each % of the evil tree you kill your reward increases. The Evil Well will essentially be the same, except you will earn a % toward the well bonus! Once the Well of Hostility spawns, players can work together to slay it for the glory of the Well of Goodwill! You could light it on fire for Firemaking XP, Mine the rocks for Mining XP, Chop the wood for Woodcutting XP, and earn well tiers for everyone! This idea is still very new and needs quite a bit of work. I also don't know if this is possible to implement but I really like the idea. The sole purpose of the Well of Hostility is to allow everyone server wide to help contribute to the well, no matter their financial position. It also gives players waiting for the next well tier something to do, instead of being afk they could push for a well! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all I have for now, please comment your thoughts on these, I would love some feedback! I will try to update this thread when I come up with more ideas. Thanks!
  4. I like this idea, good post!
  5. Can Legacy Ironman accounts be changed into the new version, or will we have to create a new account all together? Any option to reset an account to keep the username if that is the case? Thanks for the info
  6. Riley

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Got in touch with me when I had a payment error and corrected it with ease, 10/10 Matt - I think I saw his avatar in game once, was a good experience. 10/10 Developer Splash / Hardcore - Gave me tons of information about custom item orders and is a pretty swell guy. 10/10 Administrators Kari - Laughed at a pun I made. 10/10 Server Moderator Nelly - Helped me slay Graetoriax once when I was doing it without weapons or armour. 10/10 Event Manager Sadly not applicable since there currently is no one maintaining this role. 9/10 Support Rahamies - Have not spoken to him, I like the strong silent type. 10/10 Will - Have seen his name before, but unsure if he really exists. 10/10 Goddess - Info Maiden Goddess is just fantastic. 10/10 super helpful Overall Feedback: I have been having a lot of fun on this server, but I found after I maxed out a lot of my skills I was left with nothing to do (or little incentive to do it) Even if it is not bossing, I would love to see more events. Whether that be boosts for certain mini-games, daily login bonuses, scavenger hunts, hide and go seek games, Hunters vs Prey PVP game type, or something like global challenges (First to gather X amount of X wins bonus reward) would make up for a lot of downtime between game updates, well boosts, and point bonuses. Those are my two cents, thanks for reading.
  7. This is awesome dude! Good luck!
  8. ALRIGHT, here is my list of jobs in the last 5 years Cell Phone Sales (sucked) -Awful Customers, lovely commission -Awful Management, removed commission over time -Only job I ever worked where the longer I worked there the less I made -Had phones thrown at me, had a kid poop on my desk, had people show me their nudes and other kinks so they could get off to it later I assume, got threatened to be stabbed a few times -Kept my discount after I left and they still forgot to remove it 3 years later ^_^ Airport Security (was fun, hours sucked) -Easy job, worked with a lot of old ladies, saw a lot of dildos -Had to explain why a dildo looked like an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) to my 70 year old boss -Had a guy piss himself after he got caught stealing another passengers wallet Swamper for a VAC Company (literally sucked) - Also sucked up septic tanks and repaired and cleaned porta-potties, cleaned up septic spills and car accident victims (neat?) - Also delivered garbage bins and porta-potties, picked up dead animals from farms, etc. Fun times. Wasn't paid enough - Once worked a 36 hour shift on a cementing job at an Oil Rig site. Had a pipe explode from pressure 10 feet behind me when we were working with nitrogen. Scariest moment of my life. - Hardest job I have ever worked physically, holding 4" hoses that are shooting out cement/mud at 2lbs/sec is brutal - Ask me about the time I accidentally drove over a horses head in front of my boss Rigger for a construction company -Basically I helped drive piles in the ground for rural oil and gas sites, did this for 2 weeks until COVID shut us down, now I haven't worked in almost 3 months! That's about it, thanks for coming to my TED Talk
  9. IAMAREALGAMER Thanks guys
  10. Anyone interested in doing group boss runs with lootshare on? Or Boss challenges? Boss Challenges could be a few of us running at Graetoriax with full bronze until he dies, or something equally as dumb. Just for fun of course! Hit me up if you ever wanna do something silly
  11. What monster are you trying to spec? I usually won't have issues speccing unless it's dancing under the monster. As I said above, try recalling it and set your left click option on the Summoner Icon to "Special Attack". These are what works for me
  12. Right click the summoner icon and if you select "Call Summoner" it usually fixes it, unless they teleport under the monster again. Hopefully this helps a bit

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