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  1. Wanted to make a thread on what everyone's child hood memories were with games. Here is my list of games going into order on how much I played them. Halo 3 - My most Cherishable game that has so many memories and met so many friends on there, only sad thing is don't know what happend to them. Runescape - First MMORPG game I played and got me into PC gaming. ANY Open World Games - OG Oblivion, Fallout etc. (P.S I love Bethesda). CS:GO - This is a love hate relationship not much to say.. :s I'm mostly a PC gamer now but, I love all genres of games but these are my top games, Let me hear yours! ^- ^
  2. You will be missed Chippy. Please take some time and come back if you ever see this post.
  3. See you guys on the flip side
  4. What's your game mode? Just curious. Difficulty also takes factor on how "easy" it is. Only person I know that's maxed for Legend is ISO. If your ISO it's not that easy just for the fact that only one person has a max cape Dami was close but not sure what happened to him. And if you are ISO just means you have more time on your hands than others. If I was any other gamemode then yeah I would try it because it's easy to get those stats. Plus you also have to factor in your 30% increase boost. But it's to risky for legends to try to achieve comp. And I'm not trying to change your opinion just trying to explain.
  5. I disagree. And of course it is a big accomplishment but you are not in our position so you wouldn't know. And it's not a really hard requirement. It's just not right that you have to risk going in 5 times. And what is hard is trying to acquire "Good" gear to prepare for it because you don't want to get pkd each trip. Lol. You got your opinion and I respect it. And I'm going with Luke on this one to not completely remove it at least kill WW once. That seems fair enough to me.
  6. Love the profile background. :3

    1. Chippy


      Was so fun... We'll have to organise to do that again some time 🙂

  7. I'm going to edit it, Reduce the number of kills to 1. My bad. And people say it's easy because you don't play "Legend". Getting items like starting gear in shops is what makes it easy in the beginning but past that no one wants to try Legend and go into the wildy. I would love to try to go for comp but going into wildy 5 times to risk it all. . Now that's silly. (And when I say risk it all I mean HCIM status). Please take this into consideration and view how the top highscore HCIM's view this. I guarantee the top 10 HCIM (Legends) would say the same thing. And it's not "Comp cape isn't made for everyone" It's just people don't want to risk all there progress five times in a row that are top of the leaderboards. There are many risks for HCIM. Disconnects, Bossing, PVM'ing and already going into wildy if they wanted to do wildy agility course and possibly clue scrolls in wildy.
  8. Kramzie


    Welcome to Ely, If you have any questions feel free to ask! ^- ^
  9. Chippy is friend Chippy is life, Give potato to Chippy he now friend. @Chippy Very good friend.
  10. Or even like what Luke said reduce it to at least 1. That's a lot better than 5 times.
  11. I can understand that. And I would just like to know in the revamp is there going to be more Wildy content for HCIM? And I knew that there was going to be a revamp was not sure if it was going to affect the "Legacy" Ironmans, And a whole completely new gamemode for the Ironmans. But since I don't think this will go any where you may close this thread. Thank you. - J E N
  12. I understand that but when you have hours upon hours doing Legend and you can lose it all in a second based on someone in wildy cause you were trying to get one comp completion is not right. That's my opinion and even if it's dead that risk is still there for you to lose all your progress. I would rather die from a boss that was my mistake than a player. Please understand that.
  13. I love the idea of bossing together with hcim's. I also support that 100% +1 EDIT: Plus on RS3 currently you can boss with other ironmans.
  14. Hello I would like to make a suggestion to reduce the number of kills to 1 for WildyWyrms .. Mostly because that forces us HCIM's to go into wildy and I feel as that isn't right, I can understand other bosses but not that one. I don't think there is any other Wildy bosses/achievements but that one spotted my eye. I don't know if you can remove it just for HCIM's but let me know what you think. Thank you! EDIT 7/29/20 12:16 : One more thing it also gets announced in chat when it spawns and that's an easy way for a pker to check to see if someone is there I know there are people out there that main to just pk and It's just way to sketchy. - J E N

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