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  1. https://prnt.sc/1fas4jk pic is self explanatory
  2. Just read the description in the video to learn how to enter the giveaway! Huge shoutout to "Ewan" for sponsoring!
  3. Thank you everyone for the comments! They mean a lot
  4. Hope you guys enjoy! As always, please leave any feedback (positive or negative) so that I may grow and improve.
  5. Thank you! The video and sound quality are gonna be 100x better!
  6. That's a solid question! I would leave NPC betting in the game. I'm actually gonna add that into the poll. Thanks for suggesting it!
  7. Hey guys, so I wanted to put this out there and gather everyone's thoughts and opinions. Gambling; it can either make or break a server. From my experiences, the servers that allowed players to host (instead of NPC"s) seem to thrive a bit more, and have a more active community. My suggestion/idea is simple; allow players to host games of chance themselves. Of course I'm all for a "trusted member" system. People that have earned their rank and trust through verification by the community, and then the staff. I would also like to have a "trusted middleman" rank added into the game as well. I'm basing this system off of a very popular RSPS we all knew as "SoulSplit". I'd love to hear everyone's opinion, and maybe have this implemented into the game!
  8. Thank you! Yes I have downloaded OBS and will be using it in the future. As for a series, I am planning one out currently
  9. Hey guys! Sir Ruben here with my first video for our beautiful server! It would be absolutely awesome to hear your guys' feedback (both good and bad). Of course, leave a like and a sub on my channel! Yes I am using a Camtasia free trial while looking for something with a higher level of quality for future videos

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