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  1. Wishing you and your arms the best of luck bby
  2. 24HR Kaotic Due to my recent account HC Kaotic maxing in 80 hours (the current record for a HCIM), I was challenged by @Jeremy to do it again. This time in 24 hours, So this Friday night til Saturday night. I will be doing a 24 hour livestream in an attempt to max a fresh HCIM in 24 hours playtime. Wish me luck, I hope to see you all in the stream at some point. If anyone has any tips or tricks for me that I might not know, feel free to comment them below. Thanks guys! 🙂 Streaming on Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/KaoticCS Starting @ 8:00:00pm AEST (Friday, 21/6/19)
  3. Ah my apologies, I looked under the wrong rule I was looking under the pk'ing rules. ^Dont do that
  4. Damn I never actually saw this before. But that shits dope af man. Wish you and your family all the best my man. ❤️
  5. Granted, but youre stuck as forum mod for eternity
  6. I agree with this, HOWEVER. There is not rule against killing your FRIEND (NOT YOUR MAIN THAT BAD) in the wildy, if necessary just do that. (I know it sounds wrong) but since we have 0 pk presence anyways I dont feel that this should be an issue (Just dont tell pvm where you are, He likes killing irons @Sparco)
  7. I support the magic cape requirement being removed (Not that its hard to 99 magic anyways but unnecessary), However, as to the AFK players I disagree. Showing us AFK'ing at spawn doesn't look great in a way, but it also gives them a look at players who have been here for a while and earned the items they're wearing. I personally thing that looks good for us, Showing our community comes and stays. Definitely thing if they all disappear we'll get accused of a fake player count (again)
  8. IttzKaotic

    Save the Date

    This whole post has become a shitfest, @Lation Literally nobody on the server cares about the nword

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