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  1. 1. How about added costum item scroll to the donator store? 1500 ep?(only 1 buy ea player) No, Already available when messaging Lation or splash privately 2. and make the corruption aura from harbinger usefull, 40%or 50% less kc needed to pass the Magical barrier.(5 kc/6kc to enter) Also No, Its a cosmetic item. Same as fiery corruption and is not intended to have a use. 3. Add zulrah to slayer master boss task.(gives zulrah more love) Yes, Big support on this one. 4. Lower the droprate for zulrah items.(never see this happen but would be cool) No. Just no. 5. Make Trident 1 tick faster and lower the damage alittle. Storm of armadyl must still be bis. Why doe 6. Lower zulrah Magic defence on range/melee phase to 100 Magic defence instead of +300. Zulrah is easy asf already, Doesnt need a nerf.
  2. Black mask Not all barrows items are on log
  3. Currently Ironmen cannot attack an npc that has been touched by any other player. While I feel they should be able to duo with anyone I see the benefits of allowing so in a cheating manner. However id like to suggest that Ironmen can duo with other Ironmen to allow us irons to work together and take on bosses such as nex, duo xrul and etc etc etc How would it benefit players? It wont benefit players at all, However anyone who plays ironman mode will be able to take on some tougher bosses with their friends.
  4. Get fuckkkkkkkkkkkked. Gz u lucky bastard
  5. Big no from me, Makes my custom irrelevant lol
  6. Updated with some extra 99's and pets.
  7. Definitely dont support the use of extra XP, thats not the wildy slayer goal. However, adding special drops like coin caskets (extra coin drops) or mysterous emblems that can be traded in for slayer points or cash would be interesting, Also some wildy slayer point rewards in the slay shop would be cool. No support for XP, But wildy slayer would be awesome
  8. I guess announcing it would be cool, Quite useless item doe

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