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  1. Happily vouch for masoud, Good kid will get it done fast.
  2. I mean, theres tons of situations that platinum would help. Perhaps maybe giving the option of both?
  3. IttzKaotic


    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Does afk'ing count as playing?
  4. Oi nah, first post was the rules this some bullshiet 3 (edit: wait I make the rules, kao no ban)
  5. Great update boys, Good to see we're getting back on track 🙂 RIP Cannon doe ;(
  6. The title pretty much says it all, Lets get counting! Rules are as follows; - 1. You cannot reply until someone else has (No two posts in a row) - 2. Dont skip numbers or cheat, or youll be disqualified - 3. Get fkn counting Prize: 3rd Age Melee Set (3B Value) (edit: like the post im a rep whore ty)
  7. Username: Kaotic Suggestion: Adding Platinum Tokens to replace max stack tokens Why (how will it benefit players overall): It will benefit plays when trading large amounts of cash, staking, or fp'ing and help to reduce the number of bugs and glitches when gambling and having stacks disappear. How this can be implemented is simply using the coin pouch, allowing the limit on the cp to change and on right click giving the option to withdraw in either regular gp or platinum tokens. Platinum tokens can help with making a cleaner eco and nice looking banks Rather have 25 max tokens or a 56m stack of platinum tokens 😉
  8. THE GAINZ, KEEP IT UP BOI (also why is maxed orange I dun understands)
  9. Not quite, Basically beta testers

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