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New Group Boss for players of all levels, live now! Bork-ini featuring drops such as: Mystery Boxes, tons of Skilling supplies, limited-time cosmetics & more!


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  1. Question, Why tf you got 1b in bank and max in cp? Make a max token noob
  2. We miss you Gravity boi, Come back soon ❤️
  3. So uh, What happened to patron zone ;(

    1. Enzyme


      You gotta poo in the sink to get there

    2. Kari


      Was never a thing

  4. Welcome to the family my dude! 😄
  5. Post some of your longest dry streaks on Ely in here. Lets see who got the most destroyed 😉 Mine is 100% Abyssal Demons, With a dry streak of 724 kills (not to mention I didnt cannon 620 of the kills)
  6. We love you Enz, Server wouldnt be the same without you ❤️
  7. This is fucking awesome, Great work team
  8. Ill work on this, I believe I can be trusted to handle most prices
  9. Jokes on you I cant even grow a neckbeard
  10. I am a full-time ely streamer, Tough job its rough out here.
  11. I relate to this so much you have no idea, But we're glad you made it this far homie and lets make it another 20-30 at least ❤️

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