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Our first 2020 Jan. Exclusive boxes are now in stock! We are starting the year off with an improved Store & improved boxes! The highest rare rates yet! Buy now by clicking here!


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  1. Sites a nice fake copy paste, get outta ere
  2. As you all know, I have been dry on ckeys for about 32 years. Today that changed and finally my journey is over. (thank god) Heres some cool shit you can see about ckeys, How many ive opened and the loot! TOTAL IT TOOK TO OBTAIN A BLACK HWEEN: 19,080 Cool shit, I know. I honestly believed it was impossible and my acc was broken. (for obvious reasons) NOW THE PART YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR Loot Saved from 9,912 Keys: Estimated Value: 13.04B Breakdown of Prices (ROUGH ESTIMATES) Black Hween - 4B Cash - 430m Coal - 386m (10k ea) Rune Bars - 440M Addy Bars - 325M Big & Baby dragon bones - 420M (25k ea) Dragon Bones - 144M Dag Bones - 419M Rune Ess - 1110M (10k ea) Dragonstones - 309M Magic Seeds - 940M Calquat Seed - 65M Palm Tree - 321M Papaya Tree - 113M Green Dhide - 12M Red Dhide - 8M Teak Plank - 45M Mahog Plank - 84M Dragon 2H - 363M Crystal Shield - 58M Crystal Bow - 70M Zamorak Bow - 192M Guthix Bow - 117M Saradomin Bow - 174M Zamaroak Arrows - 705M Guthix Arrows - 710M Saradomin Arrows - 607M Web Cloak - 100M Bunny Ears - 70M Chickens - 360M Totems - 540M (1m ea) TOTAL - 13.04B
  3. Aint nothin wrong with ezscape +1
  4. Great work Nelly, This is huge.
  6. Been an awesome year, Keep it up guys 🙂
  7. 5/01/2020 - Updated - Added DWH to PG
  8. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we've had to repost the price guide. I have done my best to put together the prices from what im aware of under short notice. If you see something that isn't right, Please send me a message on discord or let me know in-game and ill fix it right away. Thank you for understanding. Lots of Love, Kao ❤️ EXCLUSIVES COSMETICS SCROLLS AND BOXES SUMMER SHOP NEX ITEMS GRAETORIAN ARMOUR RUINS OF GRAETORIA ZENYTE JEWEWLERY THIRD-AGE SETS SPIRIT SHIELDS GODWARS ITEMS GLACORS ITEMS MISC COMBAT ITEMS DAGANNOTH RINGS CERB DROPS ZULRAH ITEMS BARROWS ITEMS PVP ARMOUR SKILLING TOOLS SKILLING ITEMS CRYSTAL KEY REWARDS SOF REWARDS CLUE SCROLL REWARDS SEASONAL ITEMS
  9. IttzKaotic

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    +1 this is kinda cool

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