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  1. Sorry to flex on you all but here goes; Main tab;
  2. Name: Kaotic Rules Broken (if any): Third Party Software / Botting / Mouse keys Time Punished: N/A Punishment Length & Type: Permanent Ban Staff Member who issued the punishment: Lation Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation: First off I will not be denying the fact I was using a third party software. Did I have any intentions of taking it beyond what I could do myself? No. I simply used this in order to help make things easier for me to do to watch Game of Thrones. As embarrassed as I am to be writing this today, I believe the punishment is deserving but seek to be forgiven of my stupid mistake. I've always tried to be a somewhat good member of the community, posting guides, helping players and even helping Lation behind the scenes. I do understand the severity of what I had been doing last night, And given the opportunity to play again I would never even think to attempt it again. I do apologise immensely for breaking the rules, and most importantly breaking your trust. Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: Although I do not believe I should be unbanned, I come to ask for forgiveness and a second chance. Regardless of the fact I am not deserving of it. I promise to be better, This was a stupid mistake I made at late night that has cost me more than it was worth. I wish for the hours I poured into "Kaotic" to not have gone to waste over a mistake. Pictures/Videos: My setup -
  3. Hi, I'm new to Ely and have no idea what im doing. I heard theres this info kiosk but I cant seem to find it? Pretty useless if you ask me.. Anyway, Server looks great! Cant wait to make my mark on the server 🙂 Id love for someone to show me round and give me a nice warm welcome to Ely. Thanks guys! ❤️ *edit, this is TOOOOOOOOOTALLY not to up my post count psshhh*
  4. Did I just spend a max on cannonballs? Yes Do I regret it? Possibly
  5. Granted... Plz people I put a phat on the line for this smh
  6. Pfft, Only 96k cannonballs? Rookie numbers..
  7. I agree with Lation on the fact as everything I know ive taught myself. I believe knowledge and experience come with actually doing what you're trying to learn. I may be different than most to some degree but I find it nearly impossible to learn something by writing it or reading it, I really need to just watch and do it for it to stick. As for the debt side of it; I find it completely ridiculous that the government even allows people to go in debt TO LEARN something. They sit back and watch the billions of dollars they will make from those who tried to better their lives, Truly disgusting. I also agree with Kari, School is not for everyone. Some excel in it, others do not. Its personal preference really.

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