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    What do you really think of Ely in its current state? I haven't played in while but the times that I have been on even for an hour or so I belive Ely is in the worst state so far. Player count is down to its lowest and the people that are on are either bankstanding or afking at home. Updates seem to be on a back burner even just bi-weekly updates like the small update we just had. boxes seem to be playing a huge part of Ely's survival atm but looking on the store and still seeing some monthly boxes remaining shows to me that the boxes aren't doing as well as they once where. What makes you come back to play everyday? N/A cos I'm MIA What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I would like to see a OSRS version of Ely and I know that was under construction a long time ago but seemed to have died off. I would love to see the streams again like before when FPSMerk came on Ely and I believe that would also help revive Ely as player count was hitting all times highs of 50+ and the server was popping. Some type of mass boss or Minigame events. I remember we did have a few Minigames events at Castle Wars (still No.1 CWars players BTW) and even all the way back when Ely was a new server Alot of us would camp corp beast. Now there doesn't seem to be any real interaction between players other then new players asking where something is. Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? The turn around of players on Ely has always been a concern of mine. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? Having something more to do. I know the collection log came out awhile ago and that could be something I could be working towards but I never really got into doing it. One thing that I know will bring me back is the Comp cape (T) its been in discussion of this server for a long time and a very controversial topic within the player base at to what should be part of it and shouldn't as its to much of a grind to do certain suggestions but now it seems to have become a grind just waiting on the release of it. Everytime a OSRS boss has been added into Ely I've returned for a little while but not for as long as I hoped. Seeing more OSRS content will defo keep me coming back. What made you part ways from playing Ely? Tbh I basiclly did everything I wanted to. I achieved 200m exp in all stats and Got my Comp cape but even after that I still stayed and got my alt to 4bil total exp. I think with alot of other OG's leaving Ely and the server once active community full of players bossing together and standing at home but actually talking it seems to be gone. before I stopped playing it turned into a place full of charecters just afking and even the few times I have logged back onto Ely its the same thing I may to one or two people saying Hi but thats about it. I hope that one day I do just wake up and find that spark that I once had to play Ely every day and I hope that others to do but I feel like alot of OG's have drifted to far away now and to anyone that reads this even though yes im english im retarded and there is probs spelling mistakes everywhere. so enjoy.
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    What do you think of Ely in it's current state: Ely in its current state has gone down a lot since i joined like almost 2 years ago? The Eco has been completely fucked from these monthly boxes and you can buy basically everything in game in the shop with real money so no point in even grinding things anymore for most people which makes half the content useless. What makes you come back to play everyday: Currently nothing at all is bringing me back to play ely everyday, But when i did play the community was basically the only thing that brought me to log in everyday. What would you like to see in the future: weekly/bi-weekly updates like were told we would be getting since the beginning would be nice to see. More care for the community in a way and maybe listen to them sometimes instead of muting when you don't feel like hearing it anymore (not saying names or pointing anyone in particular out). Maybe some more community events to bring people together and have a bit of fun. What made you part ways from Ely: Ely just isn't like how it used to be and i stopped enjoying logging in everyday because of it. Will i ever come back probably not. poorly written will update add to later and sorry i know im not the nicest player in game
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    What do you think of Ely in it's current state: Ely has been on the decline for quite some time. As hard as it is to say that it is a fact. The regulars have nothing to do and the new players just aren't staying. Whether that be an issue linked to Player Counts, Content, or just not a fan of how we act as a community is something we just don't know. Whilst there is a complete understanding of the real life scenarios involved with Developers (and anybody in general) having full time jobs, without consistency of content Ely will not bounce back. We're currently being kept alive by the regulars and the Monthly Exclusive Boxes, but that is not a business model that will continue to thrive and keep Ely going. As noticed with some of the recent Boxes (January especially) the Boxes are staying in there for quite some time. Ely has been my home since it first started; following Lation across sources and watching this source grow has been fantastic. But in the current state of things and the limited desire for any players to actually play the game, I can't see it lasting for much longer. What makes you come back to play everyday: Truthfully, nothing. Even as a Moderator and as a regular, Ely is rapidly becoming a last resort to fill my boredom. As others have noticed, maybe its repetitive habit, addiction, the thrill of calling Kemi a nerd on a daily basis? As somebody who would never usually AFK, I spend all my time on Ely doing it now because of lack of interest which is sad. Any time I spend in-game is talking to friends I have here, but it is becoming more difficult to see when anybody is online nowadays. What would you like to see in the future: There's plenty of things that Ely could do that would motivate a lot of players. Me personally, a fresh start. Whether this be in the form of an OSRS variant, a complete reset of the Economy and Levels or a subsidiary server that's focused more on developing a more realistic Runescape-esque game (Quests, Minigames, DnDs, Adventurers Log etc). I think what Ely truly needs is content to motivate and link it's sectors. Right now, it is far too easy to complete and becomes a repetitive task. Any comments or issues that are currently concerning: Whilst I understand that everybody is busy with real life and that Matt and Lation have some things planned to revitalise Ely, it's concerning that it may be a bit too late. It does get joked about quite a lot but Ely is incredibly limited with the Updates that actually occur (and whether or not they're even wanted in-game). It is rather concerning that it has taken this long to realise that another Developer is required given how long Ely has been going on for. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again: Take this from someone who was here from day 1, left and came back. I initially returned to Ely because not only did my time free up, but I noticed in my absence that a couple of new updates released. The main thing that brought me back was seeing all of the old familiar faces from the beginning and the warm welcome home, but many of those faces have left and I don't actually know if anything could bring me back to playing full-time again. What made you part ways from Ely: Initially, it was a timing issue. My schedule was too busy and I didn't have the time to log in and grind all night. That is slowly becoming the case again but it is moreso down to the lack of motivation to actually do anything in-game. Any time I spend in-game now is just stockpiling gold for no reason other than I'm bored. Quite a long read but hopefully you'll have got something useful from it. Ely will always be a home for most of us, but with no considerable change very soon I truthfully see it's decline speeding up.
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    Kutanaga/Owl here. I don't know the last time I actually PLAYED Ely. It's been months. I stopped playing for a few reasons. The main two reasons are that I had started a new job and it was crazy busy during holidays. I was working 12-14hrs basically every day. By time I get home, I'm just exhausted. The other reason is just lack of stuff to do in game. I've achieved all goals I wanted to a long time ago. The main things I did in game was skilling and merching. Skilling basically stopped when I maxed and got a lot of 200m's on skills I wanted. I'd log in once a day sometimes to check the GE and see if anything bought or sold and that was basically it. Now it's been so long that I stopped checking the GE regularly. I love this server overall and have been playing a long time. I couldn't say when I first joined but I know it's at least been over a year or even years. Whenever I'd get bored and run out of stuff to do on Ely, I'd just make a new account and do more skilling and such. I loved it. But having made a million new accounts only to either get bored and quit playing on an account or achieving all the goals on the account I wanted, I stopped doing it. I don't know what would bring me back to playing regularly. I honestly don't think there is anything that would, as much as that saddens me to think. A lot of updates don't usually bring me back, mostly because a lot of them are new bosses or whatnot. I don't boss so it doesn't really apply to me. Since I'm basically just a skiller, there really isn't anything that could change that I can think that would allow me to continue that. I made a post on the forums a long time ago about an idea to make a prestige system where you could reset a level to 1 but keep your hard work still, somehow. Allowing you to continue skilling and keep gaining experience on top of what you already made. Some people liked the idea but either way, in the end, nothing happened with it. I miss playing.
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    So after a very long time playing Ely, i cant help but notice the change of the server and how things are going at the minute. A lot of oldies no longer play and everyone just seems so distance from what once was an amazing server to play. In my opinion Ely really just doesn't feel the same anymore and I want to find out what everyone thinks of this. Please no memes or shit talk, i just want a complete honest truth from everyone about what they think of the server/how its run etc. Please answer these if you have time What do you really think of Ely in its current state? What makes you come back to play everyday? What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? More for the oldies that have parted with Ely - What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? What made you part ways from playing Ely? I just really dont want to see Ely go into the ground, a lot of people have put a huge amount of time into the game because they love the game and people within it. However at the rate its going its just being forgotten about more each day. I dont see anyone really wanting to do anything in-game, as it lacks the enthusiasm like it had beforehand. I really hope things will change.
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    What do you really think of Ely in its current state? As a new player of Ely I feel like this server has a lot of potential but in its current state it lacks a lot of things. As a hardcore ironman my goal was to get the completionist Cape without dying which I have recently achieved. Throughout my journey there I have noticed that the majority of players online are afk or just stand at home talking as they have nothing to do. Since reaching my goal I no longer feel that motivated to play as I feel I have covered the majority of the content and that difficult content such as grinding nex does not appeal to me as I have had no struggle with the current bosses with my current gear and the time and effort it would take to get one kill for a chance at a drop just isn't worth it. I also don't feel like getting 5b xp as once I achieve it I will be in the same position I am in now. What makes you come back to play everyday? The players who currently play the server. This server has a real family feel to it where all the players I have spoken to are really friendly and welcoming. I also liked the idea of having a hardcore ironman with endgame gear which I have achieved some of that already but even with these two things it is difficult to come back every day sometimes. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I think doing polls for updates would be an amazing idea as this will make the players feel more involved in the server and this will attract new players to stay if they feel like the owner acknowledges what they want. I think advertising is also a big thing and it would be nice to see more content put out there to make the server more known. I also agree with the fact that everything that is obtainable by donating should be available in game as this sucks for an ironman and can be demotivating.
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    Here just to repost what I've said in the forums: Just to buzz in. I haven't played this server for any long time, but what I have noticed in the last 10 years of playing a shit ton of rsps is that: -rs3 based servers are not worth it and all the same -718/rs2 based servers are slowly becoming less populair, outside of onyx which has almost 100% old school content with a nice twist to it and exora, which got a lot of well implemented custom content. -since osrs released, the os rsps are the biggest and most played source out there at this moment. With the 500+ ugly customs one with these not logical high donator prices untill the ones like ikov or atlas, which both have a lot of real osrs content in them. I think that a server needs to be well balanced between pvm, skilling and even maybe a bit of pvp. What I felt the day I started playing was that a lot of people are afk or bank standing and the game does not really feel very different from most other rsps I have played over the last years. It will probably feel a bit unique in the end game with some custom items. Besides this, there is a big focus on these custom monthly mystery boxes with the 'special' items and too less of a focus on updating, changing and evolving with time
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    Just looking to get some input from the community as a whole.. and got a few questions. 1. Where did you find Ely? TopG Not completely certain as it is a long time ago. but this comes to mind 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Community thats for Sure. And Quality 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? pvm bossing is not my fortee i am more into skilling And finally.. 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? skilling content as this is all i do in ely. examples are:skiller competition cape(Can be ely own custom skiller comp cape.). (combat lock for skillers)special tools locations ETC. the possibilities are endless. Use the imagination
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    Fk that's a lot of snowy knights for me Ty tho
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    Mannnnn did I need this the other day. Thanks for posting this and thanks to all the people in the server who helped me a couple of days ago ---- 3 Combat
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    What do you really think of Ely in its current state? As of lately, I find Ely to be in some kind of slumber, Average Online player Count slowly but steadily Decreasing, Most of OG's are gone and it is for a reason. I hear a lot of players complaining somewhat about the Supposed "Lack"of updates, I'm not completely disagreeing with them But I'm also not agreeing. It is somewhat true that we lack updates in the past month or so, But the Almost fully maxed comped mains running around most of the time with no goals and feeling like they completed the game plays a huge rule in bringing down the server morale as a whole. I feel like in the current state of Ely, if it stays this way, I'm not seeing a very bright future. But as Matt mentioned above, Him and Lation have some kind of vision for the server in the near future, and only they know what they have hidden for us updates wise and content wise. What makes you come back to play everyday? It is true that Ely is very unique in it's content and many of our bosses/items are manually coded and not just copied off some Sources, which I find comforting and shows me that the Developers invest time and effort to try and perfect every update before release, I mainly come back everyday to maintain the friendships I made overtime here and Just to go and aim harder towards completing as much as I can from the collection log. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? What I would really like to see in the near future a steady Updates schedule and a full time developer. I'm not blaming anyone for the lack of updating schedule or for the long time it takes to work in updates. I know that it is hard working with 2 completely different time zones, plus we are not some young dumb teenagers like we once were getting on runescape after school and just spending hours on hours on it and have loads of free time to spare. Developers do have real life jobs that require effort and time and takes most of their days. I really respect them for dedicating time to work on updates from their free time, but it is just simply barely enough to maintain a server, let alone let it grow. So hiring a developer to be mainly focused on helping bringing us new content should be top priority in the near future in my opinion. Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? I think I've already addressed some of my concerns about the server's stability above, I'd very much hate for Ely to start drifting off. It is true that I haven't been here for a long time (8 months ) In comparison to many other people on here, but from my time here I've learnt and grown a lot and would love for the server to grow and keep growing. I've accepted the staff role for one reason only, and it is to give back to the server that gave me a lot to look forward to everyday when I was simply feeling down or just bored. I'd like to thank all the people that helped make the server great, and Help show new players that this server is a great one. Sorry for the long post, but the current situation of the server has been weighing off on me lately and had to get some stuff out for people to read. Have a good read and a good day everyone
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    What do you really think of Ely in its current state? Personally i think its crippling drastically and the developers/owners need a good step back and just look at what everything is like in game wise. The community is key to an rsps and thats what makes the game what it is. If anything was good to come from this, id like to suggest something on the lines of what the osrs team does with their updates and fixes etc. This is polling any content and problems with the game and letting the community decide what they'd like to see come into the game. For example: The bots that got added were something that no one had no idea about, and myself and load of others didn't really see the point in those. Don't get me wrong they're a cool idea which can have a good outcome, but are they really necessary to what Ely REALLY needs. What makes you come back to play everyday? I've been around since 2012 and I've always come back for the friendships I've made, It's always great playing together and going for collection logs, racing towards milestones etc. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I would really like to see weekly, even every other week updates/bug fixes/events. This is someone that keeps players active, motivated and always looking forward to something to do within the game. Id also like to see something done about the economy of the server and the way donations/boxes are done (since these are a huge factor of a messed up eco). Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? Currently i dont like the way some gear items are only are from donations, this is something that should never happen within an rsps (pay2win) People love to play the game legitimately and without donating anything, and this is hard when most of the top tier items aren't even obtainable. For instance, iron men are a huge thing in rs nowadays and with ely every one of them hit this huge wall that stops that. Nex is another one that i really think needs looking into, i know this is a very controversial thing and ive discussed it before, however this is an rsps and people would love it so much more if it would be easier to do that boss, no player wants to spend 45 minutes (with basic mid tier gear) fighting nex, its simply not worth it. Thank you.
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    you will reach me. as i always listen and read topics. i can anwer your question does giving wealth demotivate and the answer is depends. my journey on this server is very hard. even more so when people expect you to put in ridiculous amounts of money as a skiller like 10 million gp for a magic seed despite this i have plenty of them like about 30 of them. yes i have been gifted the bunny ears. and the infernal edze and the infernal pickaxe and hatchet upgrades i got as well. this has actually motivated me as for Skillers there is not much diverse Methods of really good cash. despide this my account is 1,5 years old with about 6 months leave due to boredom. i must admit it has not at all been a easy task keeping my self motivated at this time but i do the best i can. i earned about 330 million gp as a skiller most of it came selling vote tickets.(best source of income for skiller.) i really hoped that more skiller friendly content get introduced but lation has told me this will never happen and i am content with this (this is why i am so doubtful sending what i want to see added to ely but since this is what is asked i shell mention it here as i know the owners dont want a skillers server. tho skillers there may be. they want it pvm and so it is. for 718 skiller server there are better servers out there for skillers who name i wont mention and i have been there. they offer completionist cape for skillers max cape for skillers and more. a 10 phase prestige system where you earn a boost with when earned 200m exp in 1 skill this seems to work great.) i worked to p9 on that server so 9x 200m exp on there hardest mode and the server hold about 16-40 people daily. other words it was fun but they are what they are and so is ely. but hee if you ask a skiller what they want the answer is evident. hope this satisfy
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    I am probably not the target audience of this post- but I post nonetheless. What do you really think of Ely in its current state? I feel as though it is on the downswing, as most other private servers do. I do also think the generosity of players is hurting the new player base. A new player, on easy mode, joins and on multiple occasions I have seen a rich boi give them some mid-high tier gear. They have nothing to work towards, and they max in 5 hours- or get bored- and quit. What makes you come back to play everyday? The community is fun, and I know I can bullshit with most of the people. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I think it is a good server, I myself am just sick of this source. I do not feel like I need to do anything on it. So this question is not really for me. Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? Monthly boxes are such an interesting thing. They are very nice in terms of getting a boost in donations every month- something I understand is very necessary. But it has flooded the eco with high tier items. In an already low player base, this has had a dramatic affect. Also, with how OP they were right away players got used to it. Now that you are trying to wane off of that a little, players feel as though they aren't worth it. What does Ely need for you to come back and play again? For me, it would need to be a new source. Preferably an OS server. That is probably the only thing that would make me play all out again What made you part ways from playing Ely? As I mentioned before, I have just done this source so much. It doesn't feel like a challenge, I know exactly what to do and when to do it. And things like legend mode aren't a challenge, just more time because I would still be doing all the same things. That's pretty much all I have to say. Ty for reading
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    What do you really think of Ely in its current state? Well, the current state of ely seems to be diminishing in terms of active players, as when I first joined about a year ago. I do worry about the longevity of the server and getting more and more players onto this server to make it more active. Thing is, when new people do join, probably less than 10-15 players are even online which seems to deter a lot of newcomers which is the cold hard truth of it. To add onto this, most players that are online refrain from even trying to help the new meat when they need help. Which leads to maybe one or two people actually showing interest and aid in showing them the ropes of the server. What makes you come back to play everyday? Honestly, I'm not sure at this point as to why... addicted maybe, filling a void of boredom; At this point, I've already achieved everything I've wanted to so logging in just helps me pass some time when I can I guess. I do enjoy logging in and trying to help players as much as possible, seeing what other players are up too and how active the server is. What would you really like to see in the future of Ely? I'd like to see the server grow and have upwards of 30+ concurrent active players at a time and people actually enjoying there stay, as well as, putting in the time and effort on all this new content being brought into the game. In terms of changing how things work to getting more players or improving game quality, I have no opinion. Not sure what to even suggest or what could be done Any comments of issues you think are currently concerning? I know there has been times where there was loads of people online but I think a lot of new people or old like to move onto better things ie: new servers, jobs, LIFE! Also, this ties into the last part, being burnt out from the server in general, not striving for new goals or whatever it may be. It's really unfortunate that the dev team do such a great job and put so much effort into new content such as : gorillas, ruins of grae, ZULRAH etc... and all of these updates are dead content. I've scarcely seen anyone grinding any of these 3 at all. I think there has to be changes to these bosses, whether it be changes to the hp/mechanics or evne drop rates ( but then again we don't to have a influx of drops that are worthless and no market for them) keeping the bosses somewhat relevant and alive. Most people who try to do any of these complain of the difficulty of these or how long it takes to kill and basically give up and move on. There is only a handful of players who actually will do this content and the ones that do dont have max gear so this is in part of the difficulty situation.

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